Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings Round 4

Survivor: Kaôh Rōng is underway and so are the Inside Survivor Power Rankings. Each week, I (Martin “Redmond” Holmes) will test my mettle against Survivor veterans Jeff Varner and Kelley Wentworth.

In Round 3, Kelley took the win with 15 points for ranking Liz in 15th place and also gaining 10 bonus points for Jason finding the idol, giving her an impressive total of 25 points. Martin came in second with a total of 23 points (Liz in 13th place and 10 bonus points for Tai’s idol), and Jeff was trailing with only 6 points.

The Rules

Each week the three power rankers will create separate rankings based on least likely to most likely to be eliminated. The ranking of the player who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three rankers will earn. For example, if Aubry was voted out in Episode 4, Jeff would receive 2 points, Kelley would receive 11 points and Martin would receive 8 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings Champion.


If the player ranked in 1st place finds an idol you gain 10 points.
If the player ranked in last place isn’t eliminated but receives a vote(s) against them you gain 5 points.
If the player ranked in 1st place wins individual immunity you gain 10 points (post-merge).

Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings Round 4

Disclaimer: According to the episode synopsis and preview there will be a medical evacuation this episode. However, our rankings have not taken this into account and are written as if this were a regular boot episode. No points will be awarded for a medevac. If there is no regular elimination then no points will be gained this round (apart from bonuses where applicable).

JeffPic KelleyPic MartinPic
Score: 14
Score: 32
Score: 36
AnnaPic TaiPic JasonPic
1. “Million Dollar Baby:” Each gets a movie title this week and this one’s appropriate for the strategy leader of her alliance. Very strong, continuing to make all the right moves. 1. *Due to vacation, tequila, and what looks to be a physically brutal episode this Wednesday, I have decided to take a simple approach this week. I’ve chosen to provide everyone with a name and rank in my HEALTH-R-US alliance. Starting with Tai… The Believer 1. Thinks he’s Jason Bourne. Comes across more Jason Voorhees. Just needs the hockey mask. Deadly.
AubryPic JasonPic TaiPic
2. “The Social Network:” When you talk emotional intelligence, you’re talking endgame. 2. The Commander 2. Now that he has the idol does that mean no more worries for the rest of his days? #HakunaMaTaita
MichelePic AnnaPic AnnaPic
3. “American Beauty:” There’s something happening in her house none of the neighbors know about yet. 3. The Influencer 3. Carefully selecting her man like a high school prom date.
NealPic MichelePic MichelePic
4. “Clambake:” Providing is never a bad thing. 4. The Strong & Steady 4. I’ll just be chilling under this tree until you need me.
JuliaPic JuliaPic JuliaPic
5. “The Unborn:” Edits hint she’s the baby who’ll eventually play a role in something significant. We’ve yet to meet Julia, the player. 5. The Silence(r) 5. Hey Michele, can I join you under that tree?
TaiPic DebbiePic CalebPic
6. “Little Miss Sunshine:” Survivor contestants don’t come much brighter. The star of the show. 6. The Exterminator 6. Yes Caleb, you will go to the ball, Anna said so.
JasonPic CalebPic NealPic
7. “Fast and Furious:” Hit the ground running. His dash of evil has a shiny new idol everybody knows about. He’ll need to be careful. 7. The Diplomat 7. Is that a snake in your pants or just an ice-cream cone?
CydneyPic ScotPic AubryPic
8. “Beauty and the Beast:” Both strong and attractive, she’s playing the middle in that way that could catch up to her before she realizes. 8. The Tag Along 8. I bet she really loves her grandparents. Hanging with the oldies.
CalebPic CydneyPic DebbiePic
9. “Brokeback Mountain:” This cowboy is getting in touch with his sensitive side. 9. The Mediator 9. Debbie turning out to be a secret super strategist was like finding out your grandma listens to Drake. #TotalBlindside
DebbiePic NealPic ScotPic
10. “One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest:” She escaped the asylum last week and did very well. But it’s med time, so she’ll return to the madness soon. 10. The Silent Assassin 10. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. “False. All objects fall at the same rate regardless of mass.” Shut up Neal, who invited you into this ranking?
JoePic AubryPic CydneyPic
11. “No Country for Old Men:” Grumpy old Joe will likely soon go. 11. The Observer 11. Like cat s**t in a litter tray, she should have covered that idol-box better.
ScotPic JoePic JoePic
12. “How to Train Your Dragon:” Jason holds the whip and has this pet well within control. 12. The Negotiator 12. Age is nothing but a number. And comments and silences are more important than numbers.
AleciaPic AleciaPic NickPic
13. “Gigli:” Pretty but not very good. 13. The Wildcat 13. He’s never met a mirror he didn’t like.
PeterPic NickPic AleciaPic
14. “Dead Man Walking:” Should’ve gone last week. 14. The Douche 14. Finally had a clue. Back to clueless.
NickPic PeterPic PeterPic
15. “The Departed:” His fake is on display. He’ll soon make his exit and with very little screen time. 15. The Egotist 15. Wow, Obama’s Trump impersonation was spot on!

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Written by

Martin Holmes

Martin is a freelance writer from England. He’s represented by Berlin Associates for comedy writing and writes about TV and entertainment, currently for TV Insider and Vulture, previously Digital Spy, ET Canada, and Yahoo. A finalist for the Shortlist Sitcom Search in 2012 for “Siblings,” Martin received his BA in English with Creative Writing from The University of Hull. Martin is the owner and editor-in-chief of Insider Survivor.

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  1. “All objects fall at the same rate …” Say what?

    Drop a feather and a brick off a roof and see if mass makes a dif.

    Otherwise, great list.

  2. In your disclaimer you need to correct a grammar error. ‘were applicable’ should be changed to ‘where applicable’

  3. Disagree, since this episode will be some girldownfall as we saw on spoilers from the previous :V

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