Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Player of the Week – Episode 12 (Fan Poll)

Each week here on Inside Survivor we will be running a fan poll to determine the Player of the Week. Readers can vote for the player that impressed them the most with their strategic gameplay, social skills and overall performance. The winner of the poll will be announced the following day.

In Episode 12 of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng – Brains vs Beauty vs Brawn, we saw the elimination of Kyle Jason, the 31-year-old Bounty Hunter from Detroit, MI.

Vote below on who you think was Player of the Week in Episode 11 of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.


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  • Marcos

    This one was easy! I voted for Cydney, but Michele desserves too because she was amazing at the tribal council

    • Peter

      Jason was amazing at tribal too… like at previous tribal.

    • Abc

      I agree, great tribal performance by Michelle

  • Matthew Hecht

    Everyone vote Joe for a laugh.

  • Carlos

    I am voting Michele

    I can’t believe they didn’t try to blindside Tai they basically garuantee him Final 4. I am glad Michele called him out in front of the whole jury.

  • Mat

    Gotta gove that one to Michele… Sorry Tai, but you messed this one up.

  • Malcolm Reid

    Im voted for Cydney, she was very impressive on that immunity challenge, she refuses to let others dictate to her who she is voting out. And she is the last Brawn standing. 🙂

  • shihomt