Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Episode 14 – Stats and Figures

Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode.

Tribal Council #1

  • This is the 6th time that there has been a final 4 fire making tiebreaker challenge.
    • There was a fire making challenge in Survivor: Palau, but it was due to Ulong losing the immunity challenge, and Stephenie and Bobby Jon being the only remaining tribe members.
  • With Cydney being voted out, there are no remaining Totang members.
  • Aubry has correctly voted at every tribal council this season.
    • Her first tribal, she voted for Peter, but it was part of a successful vote split plan.
  • Every time Aubry received votes this season, she got 2 votes.
    • Aubry and Alecia are tied for most votes cast against them this season with 8.

Final Tribal Council

  • Neal is the first person ever to be removed from the jury.
    • This is the only time his name was written down this season.
    • Caleb is the only person this season to not have his name written down at all.
  • Brains is the only starting tribe to not produce a winner in both BvBvB seasons.
  • This is the first season since Survivor: Tocantins in which the jury had only 7 members.
  • This is the first time that a three-tribe season has had a runner-up and 3rd place finisher.

Winner – Michele Fitzgerald

  • Michele is the 3rd winner from New Jersey.
    • Tony and Natalie Anderson are the other two. All 3 have won within the past 5 seasons.
  • Michele is tied with Natalie Anderson for most challenge wins for a female winner, both had 13 during their seasons (tribal and individual).
  • Michele is the first Survivor winner that was born in the 90’s.
    • She’s the youngest winner by birth date.
  • Michele now holds the record for least tribal councils attended by a winner with 6.
    • Tom Westman previously held this record with 8 tribals attended in Palau.
  • Michele is the only winner to not attend a tribal council during the pre-merge phase.


  • During the entire merge phase of the game, no two people from the same starting tribe were voted out/eliminated back-to-back.
    • This is the first time this has ever happened.
  • The final 3 of Survivor: Cagayan was also 2 from one original starting tribe and 1 from another.
    • Woo, Tony – Brawn, Kass – Brains
    • Michele, Tai – Beauty, Aubry – Brains
  • Both BvBvB seasons have had an original Brain member in the F3
    • Kass was not in the final tribal council because Cagayan was a F2.

Reward Challenge #1– The Home Stretch

  • This is the first individual challenge that Aubry won this season.

Immunity Challenge #1- Gimme Three Steps

  • Michele is the only person to win 2 individual immunity challenges this season.

Reward Challenge #2- Dexterity

  • This challenge was the unused “dexterity” portion of the first immunity challenge this season.
  • Michele is the first person to win the advantage of removing a jury member.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “Not Going Down Without a Fight” was said by Aubry, as she was unsure if Tai would be on her side in the final 4 vote.


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Rob Brodeur

Rob hails from Boston, MA. He studied Architectural Engineering at college and has been following Survivor since the first season. Rob is married and has a dog named Snoopy. He also used to host Survivor ORGs (Online Reality Games) on Facebook. Rob writes Inside Survivor’s weekly Survivor Stats feature.

6 responses to “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Episode 14 – Stats and Figures”

  1. Michele holds the record for fewest tribals in which she was eligible for elimination out of the female winners at 4 tribals (Tom holds the record for males at 3). For comparison, Mike was eligible at 5, Denise was eligible at 13, and Micronesia Parvati was eligible at 8.

  2. During the entire merge phase of the game, no two people from the same starting tribe were voted out/eliminated back-to-back.
    – This is the first time this has ever happened.

    Second part is wrong. It happened in San Juan del Sur too, I believe

    • I forgot to add that the finishing placements of the final 3 follows this pattern as well. San Juan Del Sur had Keith and Missy (both were Hunahpu) finish back to back.

  3. One could also say that this was the most diverse Final 4 in terms of demographics (one Italian-American, one African-American, one Irish-American and one Vietnamese-American).

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