Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Cast Assessment – Brawn Tribe

Breaking down the Brawn tribe.

On Saturday, the Inside Survivor team sat down to discuss the eighteen Kaôh Rōng castaways and give our first impressions and early predictions. Our opinions are based off the CBS bios and short meet the cast videos. These are our thoughts.

Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Cast Assessment – Brawn Tribe


Martin: Right, let’s move on to the Brawn tribe aka Totang. First up we have Alecia Holden, the realtor from Dallas.

Shawn: Ugh.

Martin: Nothing screams Brawn more than real estate.

Jacob: Yeah, I don’t like her.

Shawn: Literally the only person on the Brawn tribe I dont like. Well, I just don’t like her the most out of all of them.

Rob: I literally don’t care about her.

Martin: I think she’ll be confrontational.

Shawn: Her dad’s a boxing promoter so that makes her physical right…

Jacob: I think she’s trying to fit a character mold that doesn’t come naturally. She says she’s all about good vibes, she doesn’t like liars, but then she compares herself to Kass.

Martin: And that was pre-Kumbaya Kass from Cambodia.

Rob: I think she’ll try to be confrontational but she’ll just come off as whiny and nobody is gonna want to put up with it.

Shawn: She’ll be great for drama and confrontation. Can’t wait for her and Storm to go head to head.

Martin: One of her pet peeves is “people who lie and can’t be straight up.” Welcome to Survivor, Alecia.

Rob: Welcome to Survivor.

Martin: Snap! Also, the three things she’d want on the island: a camera, a cellphone and pizza. Sounds like a reward sponsored by Sprint.

Shawn: What kind of pizza? Nevermind, doesn’t change my opinion on her.

Rob: tigerone

Rob: The Totang tiger is bored.

Martin: What about the Debbie tiger?

Rob: Tigertwo

Martin: Haha. Alecia could surprise us though right? Maybe?

Rob: I don’t see her surprising me at all.

Jacob: The only surprise would be if she ended up as a persona non grata rather than a confrontational problem.

Rob: I hate to be so negative on her but I just don’t care about her at all. Purple Kelly award.

Martin: Is she going to be like Lindsey from Cagayan? On the wrong tribe to begin with and not really sure she belongs out there at all?

Rob: Who’s her Skeletor? Jennifer?

Jacob: I get more a Jenn vibe, but that’s just me.

Shawn: DebbieTiger

Jacob: Oh man haha.

Martin: Ha! The gift that keeps on giving. Predictions on Alecia’s placement?

Rob: I don’t care about her so she’ll probably go far and be boring.

Shawn: Alecia is screwed the second Brawn loses. Which might be a while fortunately for her.

Jacob: Yeah I think she’s first boot from Brawn, if Brawn loses. If she makes it to a swap, she might be able to blend in.

Martin: I agree. I think Alecia is in trouble as soon as Brawn loses. But I don’t think she’ll be boring. I reckon she’ll cause some drama. But yes, early boot.


Shawn: Chaos is imminent with her.

Martin: Chaos Alecia doesnt have quite the same ring to it. Antagonistic Alecia?

Rob: Apathetic Alecia.

Shawn: Either way, her nickname definitely doesnt look like it will be Athletic Alecia.

Rob: I don’t think this Brawn tribe is gonna be as brawny as the Cagayan one.

Shawn: I actually think this Brawn tribe is stronger than the last one.

Jacob: This tribe appears stronger, but I don’t know if all the challenges are going to play to their strengths. Like, can you see Kyle and Scot in a balancing challenge of any sort?

Shawn: Not a chance. Another reason why Trish was such an underrated player.

Rob: I love Trish so much. It helps that she’s from Boston. But she’s great besides that fact.

Martin: Okay lets move on before we just start discussing the Cagayan cast again, god love them.

Rob: Okay back to Cagayan Lite.

Martin: Let’s talk about the professional bodybuilder. Storm aka Cydney Gillon.

Rob: Aka Rebecca.

Martin: Forget looking like Joe, I wanna look like Cydney. She’s ripped!

Shawn: Actually really like her. Could see her and Jennifer being BFFs.

Rob: She seems like she’s gonna be fun.

Martin: Yeah I like her too.

Shawn: And it seems like she has a decent head on her shoulders too. Not just muscles.

Jacob: The fact that she’s three years older than me makes me sad about myself but anyways, I agree with Shawn, I think she’s gonna get along really well with Jennifer and Darnell and probably Scot too.

Martin: But not Alecia?

Rob: Who?

Jacob: Nah, Alecia is all free-spirited and Cydney seems like she’s all about work ethic.

Shawn: Their blowup is going to be great.

Rob: Kimmi/Alicia 2.0.

Shawn: I will be popping popcorn.

Martin: My only worry for Cydney is that she doesnt seem very familiar with the show. Take her Tony comment for example.

Jacob: Yeah, the Tony comment…

Martin: “Tony, because his loyalty to those who really mattered was unwavering.” If Cydney thought Tony displayed loyalty then god knows what disloyatly looks like to her.

Shawn: Really nobody on the Brawn tribe seems that familiar with Survivor though? Except for Jennifer being friends with Master Jonas.

Martin: Kyle Jason is a HUGE fan.

Jacob: Kyle for sure.

Shawn: Nice. Didn’t do as much research on him.

Rob: I’m conflicted with him.

Martin: We’ll get to Kyle Jason, hold up!

Rob: Oh. Haha.


Shawn: But Cydney. She’s a ride or die type person. Will she hold Abi style grudges?! You F with Cydney, Storm will end you in the night. And then Rebecca will apologize later.

Martin: Haha. Possibly but she seems a little more chill than Abi.

Jacob: Opinionated is her first word to describe herself with. She’s gonna have to keep herself in check, but I think she’ll pick up on that .

Martin: I liked this line in her bio: “You can’t walk around looking like someone killed your dog all day.”

Rob: Like Lill.

Martin: Haha. Yes, like Lill.

Shawn: Lill1

Shawn: This is Lill’s happy face.

Martin: Haha. Predictions on Cydney’s placement?

Rob: Definitely merge. And if she’s a threat to win immunity she could go if she loses.

Shawn: Definitely Merge. Could go really far. I think I’ll actually make her my winner pick.

Martin: I think she’s going far. F8.

Jacob: I’m gonna say mid merge, for sure.

Martin: Okay next we have King Darnell Hamilton! As people are already calling him.

Martin: I love this man. He referenced Sean Rector. Instantly won my affection.

Rob: Yes! He’s awesome.

Shawn: Am I crazy for not getting the hype?

Rob: He’s got a great sense of humor too.

Martin: Get out Shawn.

Shawn: Sure he’s a cool dude, but I don’t know how well he’ll do…. K, bye.

Jacob: Yeah, I didn’t get the immediate hype. I appreciate the references though, and I love that he called himself an anomaly in his bio.

Martin: I just thought he came off very natural and likable. Although he did have the same thing as Alecia with his pet peeves: “People who talk too much and habitual liars.” Again, welcome to Survivor.

Rob: Yeah definitely natural. Nothing seems forced about him.

Shawn: Is he the first postal worker we’ve had since Diane from Africa?

Rob: Umm.

Martin: Guys, I know we dont want to remember Dan Foley but unfortunately he was a thing that happened.

Shawn: Exactly.


Rob: Shaint

Shawn: I unremeber Foley just like Redemption Island didn’t happen. And the Avatar movie.

Jacob: Is Darnell a smoker? He said he wants a pack of cigarettes as one of his three items?

Martin: Smokers are great on Survivor. Shane, Zane… anyone whose name ends in “-ane”.

Shawn: PG!

Martin: Peih-Gee was a smoker?

Shawn: Big one apparently. Said so on a Reddit AMA or something.

Martin: Man, she had nicotine withdrawls AND Abi-Maria to deal with?

Jacob: I had no idea about that. But for Darnell it’s possible he won’t be so funny and likable to his tribemates with withdrawal symptoms.

Martin: What do you mean? Shane was a hoot for his tribemates…! But yeah, that’s a good point Jacob. I have big hopes for Darnell though. I think he is one of those people that doesn’t have to talk about how he can “charm and persuade” people, I think he can just naturally do that because of how he is.

Shawn: It makes him even more vulnerable though. People will see exactly who he is.

Jacob: I’ve got high hopes for him!


Rob: He’s obviously the least physical of the male Brawns.

Jacob: In some ways yeah, but I think he’s built better for a lot of Survivor challenges than other Brawn folks. Balance, moving through mazes/obstacle courses. Even running really.

Martin: He also knows CPR and seeing as this is the SEASON OF DEATH that might come in handy.

Rob: Haha right.

Martin: Predictions on placement for Darnell?

Rob: Late merge.

Shawn: I see him being early merge.

Jacob: I’ll put the guy in my top 5.

Rob: I could even see him making the end.

Martin: Merge at least I hope. Although I feel like I’ve put almost everyone at the merge so far.

Rob: We haven’t gotten to Beauty yet.

Martin: Good point.

Jacob: Haha oh man.

Shawn: I agree with late game possibility but worry that he might not be able to be cutthroat and successfully change loyalties.

Martin: Okay, moving on. Jennifer Lanzetti. The construction worker.

Rob: Jennifer is another favorite of mine.

Shawn: She lost so much of my faith when she said that her friend (Master Jonas) was on Season 22. But I do love her.

Rob: I laughed quite a bit during her CBS video. She has a natural charm about her.

Shawn: Brawn seems like they will be a no-nonsense type group and she definitely is a proponent of that.

Martin: She seems like a tough cookie.

Rob: I could see her being a really good leader.

Shawn: Wasn’t she the one that kicked a drug habit?

Jacob: Yeah, that was her.

Martin: Again, I can see clash city on the horizon with her and Alecia.

Shawn: I’d honestly be fine with everybody against Alecia. Just to watch the fireworks.

Rob: Bye Alecia.

Shawn: YES!

Jacob: I think this tribe’s dynamic leans more towards Jennifer than Alecia. Nice haha.

Shawn: My favorite line of this whole thing.



Shawn: I thought we stopped talking about Peter?

Martin: Why is Peter kicking that door in? Isn’t that Kyle Jason’s hobby?

Martin: Snap!

Rob: Oh you guys.

Martin: Oh, one thing about Jennifer, despite seeming like a badass, she said she doesn’t like the rain.

Shawn: I was worried about that too.

Jacob: This is true.

Martin: Luckily Season 32 was the hot season in Cambodia.

Jacob: “Luckily” haha.

Martin: I use the word “luckily” very very loosely.

Rob: People are gonna be dying of heat stroke, but at least they won’t be rained on!

Martin: Silver lining.

Shawn: Imagine if she was there during Second Chance. She would’ve Naonka’ed herself.

Martin: She also compares herself to Kim Spradlin. Big shoes to fill!

Jacob: In a season of Parvati wannabes, someone aspiring to be Kim Spradlin is refreshing.

Rob: Agreed.

Martin: Definitely.

Rob: And I can see it in her too.

Shawn: It totally fits her.

Rob: She’s got lots of potential.


Martin: I think she is in a good place on her starting tribe. A swap worries me for her.

Shawn: She needs to find a group that’s all about “iron sharpens iron”. If she lands down numbers on a swap she needs a fall-guy.

Jacob: Agreed, it’ll be interesting to see how things work out with the “meek” she seems to dislike.

Martin: Predictions on Jennifer’s placement?

Rob: I could see her easily making top 3 if she’s got a great alliance to work with.

Shawn: Very high. Final Tribal Council. Or just before.

Jacob: If she gets past a tribe swap, I think she can get to the top 5.

Martin: Whoa. You guys are very confident. Move over Debbie, the Jennifer train has arrived.

Shawn: Big prediction I know but I see a lot of paths to the end for her. Far fewer to an early boot.

Rob: If Jacob is the conductor of the Debbie train, I’ll be the conductor of the Jennifer train.

Shawn: No don’t leave me with the Beauty tribe.

Martin: I’m not quite as confident as you guys, I could see her being a Sarah style merge episode victim.

Shawn: I see her as being a lot more humble than Sarah though.

Jacob: Yeah, she doesn’t seem power hungry.

Shawn: But will likely face the same dilemma of conflicting loyalties from Brawn and swap alliances.

Martin: Yeah, not saying she is like Sarah personality wise but I could see her getting into a similar swing spot and that can often lead to a downfall.

Shawn: Well put.

Martin: Right let’s move on. Kyle Jason, the bounty hunter.

Martin: I believe he will be known as Jason on the actual show – they flash up “Jason” in the meet the cast video.

Rob: I don’t trust people with two first names. But despite that, I like him.

Jacob: Whatever he calls himself, he’s trying to play a Hantz-esque game.

Rob: The only thing that I hate is his Hantz-like game he plans to play.

Martin: Yes, his Hantz quote is mind boggling.

Shawn: I really liked him until the whole Hantzian style.

Jacob: I don’t think he can get away with it.

Rob: It seems really out of place.

Martin: I like the reasons he wants the money though. I think he’s got heart.

Shawn: If he can keep his group solid, then I’m all for chaos elsewhere. I think the other Brawn people will get sick of those antics though.

Rob: He seems more self aware than Hantz. Like if his s**t isn’t working out, I can see him nixing it quickly.


Jacob: I think it’s funny that he doesn’t like “one-uppers”.

Martin: Haha yes. Let’s hope he and Neal meet.

Shawn: He could do really well for himself if he flips to a different group after a swap.

Martin: The best part of his bio… Hobbies: “Kicking in doors, getting tattoos and riding my motorcycle.” If You Could Have 3 Things on the Island What Would They Be?… “Hair ties.”

Rob: Ha.

Jacob: Haha.

Shawn: Three hair ties?

Martin: Well, he also wants energy drinks and a mini DVD player.

Rob: People that want to bring electronics make me laugh every time.

Shawn: Does anyone ever realize that there are no outlets at camp?


Martin: He could probably get a day’s use out of it…? Predictions on Kyle and/or Jason’s placement?

Jacob: I think he’s gonna find himself caught in a lie and be unable to recover from it. I can’t really tell how sociable he is from his bio. So I’m gonna go early merge.

Rob: I’m guessing pre merge or early merge.

Shawn: I have him at early merge too. Someone weaker is going to point a lot of fingers at him and then he won’t be able to hide.

Martin: I actually think he’ll do pretty well and I don’t think he’ll Hantz it up as much as he wants to. I’m going to say mid-merge.

Shawn: If he didn’t say the Hantz stuff I would have him going farther.

Martin: Maybe someone will burn his hair ties in the fire like Sandra did Russell’s hat?

Shawn: *cough* Alecia.

Rob: Sandra <3.

Martin: “I’m not going to tribal without my hair ties!”

Jacob: Haha.

Martin: Okay, last of the Brawns, Scot “Do drugs kids” Pollard. NBA champion.

Jacob: I think he’s taken one too many basketballs to the head.

Shawn: Taller than Uncle Spliffy.

Rob: I usually don’t care about professional athletes on Survivor, but I liked him from his video.

Shawn: I really like how candid he will be with his past. Made me think about my old article about the wealthy on Survivor.

Martin: Definitely! That stood out to me too. Very wise move for him I think. As I’m from England and know nothing about baseketball or any American sports for that matter (unless WWE counts?), how famous is this dude?

Shawn: You’d only really know him if you followed basketball. Not super famous, but not anonymous.

Rob: I’m from the US and I have zero idea about who he is. He’s no Lebron James.

Jacob: I personally didn’t know him, but I’m sure people who are basketball fans do.

Shawn: Which member of the Brawn tribe has the Scot Pollard trading card?

Martin: Darnell?

Jacob: Darnell?

Rob: Definitely. Will he be the Woo to Scot’s Cliff?

Martin: And will Jason be their Tony?

Rob: Possibly!

Martin: They really have just tried to recast Cagayan haven’t they?

Rob: Hence my Cagayan Lite comment earlier.

Jacob: Haha it feels that way doesn’t it?

Shawn: Never a bad thing.


Jacob: I think Scot is gonna follow Alecia out in terms of Brawn tribe eliminations.

Rob: Yeah I agree.

Martin: He’s not long for the game?

Rob: Pre merge, post swap.

Shawn: Early merge. Saved for sacrifice.

Jacob: Yeah, I don’t think he really gets the game too well. And the Brawn tribe is the only tribe I can see taking any real issue with his wealth.

Martin: I’m going to say pre-merge, seeing as I have lots making the merge already. But his chances seem better than the last pro athlete on Survivor, Mr Rocker.

Rob: Defintely. He’s not a t**t like Rocker was, is and will always be.

Martin: Nicely put, Rob.

Jacob: That I’ll agree with!

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  1. I agree with half and disagree with half. I switch Alicia and Jennifer. I think Alicia goes far and Jennifer goes early. Kyle and Scot go deep as meat shields. Darnell early merge, Cydney right before merge

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