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Episode 8 & 9 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats!

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Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols.

Tribal Council #1

  • Kellee was voted out 8-5.
    • This was the first 8-5 vote in Survivor history.
  • Dan got votes from only post-swap Lairo members, Dean being the only exception, while post-swap Vokai (plus Dean) all voted for Kellee.
  • After this tribal council, there is an even amount of original Lairo and original Vokai members remaining.

Tribal Council #2

  • Jamal was voted out 6-3-0.
    • Janet used a hidden immunity idol, negating 2 votes against her.
  • Janet is the only original Vokai member whose name starts with “J” that is still in the game.
    • Jason, Jack, and Jamal have been voted out.
  • Nobody this season has a perfect voting record.
  • Karishma had a perfect voting record through episode 5, but hasn’t voted correctly since.
  • Jamal is the second person to be voted out this season while being unable to vote.
    • Jason was the first in episode 6.
      • Jamal is the third person this has happened to after Jason earlier this season and Chris Noble in Ghost Island.
  • The jury currently consists of only original Vokai members.
  • Aaron, Elizabeth, Lauren, Missy, and Tommy are the only players left without any votes against them.
  • With Jamal being eliminated, this is the first time this season where original Lairo members outnumber original Vokai members.
  • Lauren has only voted for women so far this season, while Jamal only voted for men.
  • All three jury members are post-swap Lairo members who voted for Dean in episode 7.
  • Nobody from post-swap Vokai has been voted out since Jason in episode 6.


  • Janet is the oldest woman since Scout in Vanuatu to make it to the merge.
    • Both women were 59 when they made the merge.
  • This is the sixth season to merge with 13 players remaining. The others are as follows:
    • Cambodia, Millennials vs. Gen X, Game Changers, Ghost Island, David vs. Goliath, and Edge of Extinction.
  • Lumuwaku is the 24th blue tribe in Survivor history.
    • It’s the fifth blue merged tribe.
  • There were more men than women voted out pre-merge this season.
  • This is the first season since Game Changers where 8 women made it to the merge.
    • This is only the second time where 8 women have made it to the merge.
  • Island of the Idols holds the record for the least amount of women eliminated pre-merge in an all-newbie season with two.
  • Game Changers and Island of the Idols are the only two Survivor seasons where fewer than three women were eliminated before the merge.
  • In 8 seasons of Survivor filmed in Fiji, there have only been two men that were the merge boot, Chris Noble in Ghost Island and Joe Anglim in Edge of Extinction.
  • 17 women have been the first merge boot, while 22 men have been the first merge boot.
    • Hali Ford is the only player to be the first jury member in two different seasons, but only be the merge boot in one of them.
  • Every woman of color made it to the merge this season.
  • This is the first season where four African-American players made it to the merge.
  • This is the first season since San Juan del Sur to not have three tribes pre-merge.
    • Coincidentally, San Juan de Sur was exactly 10 seasons ago.
  • This is the first season since tribe expansions were introduced (in Cambodia) to not have a tribe expansion (only counting seasons with two starting tribes).
  • This is the first season since Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers to not have a green tribe at any point during the season.
    • Only 4/10 of the 30s seasons didn’t have a green tribe.
      • Worlds Apart, Kaoh Rong, Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, and Island of the Idols.
    • Island of the Idols is the only season set in Fiji where there was an orange and purple tribe but there was no green tribe.
      • Fiji, Millennials vs. Gen X, Ghost Island, & David vs. Goliath all had orange, purple, and green tribes.
  •  Ghost Island is the most recent season to not have a blue tribe.
    • Only three seasons in the 30s didn’t have a blue tribe, they are as follows:

      • Cambodia, Millennials vs. Gen X, and Ghost Island.
  • This season has the same starting tribe/merge tribe color scheme as David vs. Goliath.
    • Orange and purple starting tribes with a blue merged tribe.
  • The merge tribe name, Lumuwaku, was proposed by Jack as a tribute to his father who passed away. His father would use the phrase “Lumuwaku” when he went away for deployment. The phrase stands for “Love you miss you wanna kiss you”.
    • Janet and Jamal suggested it as the merge tribe name, despite Jack being voted out at the previous tribal council.


  • This is the second time a producer is heard talking during a confessional (while talking to Kellee).
    • The first time was in David vs. Goliath during one of Natalie’s confessionals, where a producer told her it was time to pack up as the cast was being evacuated for the cyclone.
  • Kellee had the most confessionals in episode 8 with 12.
  • Janet had the most confessionals in episode 9 with 6.
  • Elaine didn’t have a confessional in either episode.
  • Dan is the player with the least amount of confessionals this season.
  • Aaron and Missy are the only remaining players who have had a confessional in every episode.

Hidden Immunity Idols/Advantage

  • Janet found a hidden immunity idol.
    • She’s the oldest woman, and the oldest person in U.S. Survivor history, to find a hidden immunity idol.
    • Janet is the only player to find (or receive from Island of the Idols) a hidden immunity idol and not be voted out this season so far.
      • Chelsea, Vince, Kellee, and Jamal have been voted out.
  • Kellee found two hidden immunity idols in this episode.
    • She’s the second person in Survivor to do this.
      • The first was Tai in Game Changers.
    • She’s the first woman to find two idols in one episode.
    • She’s also the second person to be voted out with two hidden immunity idols in her possession.
      • The first was James Clement in China.
        • Kellee is the first person to be voted out with two idols she found herself, as James was given one by Todd Herzog, then found the other one himself.
    • She’s the 17th person to be voted out while in possession of a hidden immunity idol.
    • She’s the fifth woman to be voted out with a hidden immunity idol.
      • She’s the second newbie woman to be voted out with a hidden immunity idol.
        • The other was Chelsea, also from Island of the Idols.
    • She’s the first woman to be in possession of more than two idols in one season.
      • Rick Devens, Ben Driebergen, Tai Trang, Tony Vlachos, and Russell Hantz are the other players who had more than two idols in a season.
  • This season holds the record for most people voted out while in possession of hidden immunity idols with three.
    • Vince, Chelsea, and Kellee were all voted out with hidden immunity idols.
  • There have been seven idols present this season so far, but only one has been used correctly.
    • Four of them were never used as the idol holder was voted out while in possession of them (Vince, Chelsea, Kellee).
    • Two of them were played but the person that played them/they were played for didn’t have enough votes to go home (Jamal-> Noura, Janet).
    • The only correct idol play so far was the one that Kellee found and gave to Dean.
  • Vince and Jamal are the only men to originally possess hidden immunity idols this season, the rest were found or received by women.
  • Kelley Wentworth in Cambodia is the most recent woman to correctly play a hidden immunity idol at tribal council.
    • Coincidentally, Kelley was voted out while in possession of an idol in Edge of Extinction.
      • Both “Kellee/Kelley”s to have hidden immunity idols were voted out while in possession of them.

Island of the Idols

  • Kellee is the first woman to go to Island of the Idols and be voted out
    • Elizabeth, Noura, Elaine, and Janet are still in the game
  • Both men who have gone to Island of the Idols (Vince & Jamal) were voted out in the same episode they went to the IOI.
  • Jamal is the first person to be sent to the IOI and not have a test or game to play when he got there, as he pretty much lost his vote the second he grabbed the note from the tree.
  • Jack is currently the only jury member who never went to the IOI.
    • Both players voted out from the merged tribe (Kellee & Jamal) have previously gone to IOI.
  • The tribe swap episode and the first part of the merge episode are the only time nobody was sent to the IOI this season.

Immunity Challenge #1 – “Pegs Over Easy”

  • Similar versions of this challenge have been previously used in Redemption Island, One World, San Juan del Sur, Cambodia, Kaôh Rōng, Ghost Island, and David vs. Goliath.

Immunity Challenge #2 – “I Hold On”

  • Similar versions of this challenge have been previously used in Nicaragua, One World, Caramoan, Blood vs. Water, and Worlds Apart.
    • Aaron is the only man to win the challenge.
    • Missy continues the trend of women winning the challenge though, as both her and Aaron won the challenge.
  • Aaron won both immunity challenges in this episode.
  • Only original Lairo members won individual immunity in this episode, while only original Vokai members were voted out.


  • The eighth/ninth episodes received 6.07 million viewers and 1.1/6 in the Adults 18-49 Rating/Share.

Episode Title

  • The episode title “We Made It to the Merge!” was said by Jamal when he received the note about the merge from treemail.

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  1. Add-on trivia: Both players that played/gave away idols in the previous episode (Kellee & Jamal) were voted out by the players that they played/gave their idols to. (Dean voted out Kellee, while Noura voted out Jamal)

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