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Episode 13 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats!

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Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols.

Tribal Council 

  • Elaine was voted out 5-2.
    • The only players left in the game are the five that voted for Elaine this episode.
      • Dan and Elaine voted for Noura and they were both eliminated.
  • Both times Elaine received votes, Tommy and Lauren were one of them.
  • Dean is the highest-ranking Lairo member this season.
    • He’s the only person to not have a confessional in the premiere episode.
    • Everyone on Lairo who had at least one confessional in the premiere episode has been voted out.
  • Post-swap Lairo now outnumbers post-swap Vokai.
    • Post-swap Lairo – Dean, Janet, & Noura.
    • Post-swap Vokai – Lauren & Tommy.
  • Everyone who swapped from Lairo to Vokai has been voted out.
    • Aaron, Missy, Elizabeth, and Elaine swapped from Lairo to Vokai.
  • Just like in David vs. Goliath, the final five are made up of three women remaining from the purple tribe, and one man remaining from each starting tribe.
    • Goliath/Jabeni – Alison, Angelina, Kara.
    • Vokai – Janet, Lauren, Noura.
    • Goliath/Jabeni – Mike, David/Vuku – Nick.
    • Vokai – Tommy, Lairo – Dean.
  • Lauren is still the only remaining player who hasn’t yet been voted for.
  • Everyone that voted out Jason in episode 6 (Elaine, Elizabeth, Aaron, Missy) has been voted out.
  • Janet is the oldest woman to make it to the finale in a Survivor season.
    • The previous record was held by Scout Cloud-Lee in Vanuatu, who was also 59 at the time of playing, however, Janet is a few months older than Scout was when she played.
      • Coincidentally, both of them were on an orange tribe during their season and their season had the number 9.
        • Season 9 – Vanuatu.
        • Season 39 – Island of the Idols.
  • With Elaine being voted out, Jack (who is on the jury, but voted out before the merge) was on a tribe with everyone who is left in the game.
  • Tommy is the only remaining player who was in the split tribal group in which Missy was voted out.
    • Missy, Elizabeth, Karishma, and Elaine were voted out at the last four tribal councils.
  • Every Lairo woman that made it to the merge was voted out back-to-back.
    • Missy was voted out in episode 9.
    • Elizabeth was voted out in episode 10.
    • Karishma was voted out in episode 11.
    • Elaine was voted out in episode 12.
  • Dan is the only person to vote for Noura more than once this season.
  • Every time Noura received votes at tribal council, one of them was from the person who was voted out.
    • Molly voted for Noura when she went home.
    • Karishma voted for Noura when she went home.
    • Elaine voted for Noura when she went home..
      • Also, Dan voted for Noura in this episode and he was ejected from the game.
  • Missy is the only Lairo player who has less than five votes against her this season.
    • Ronnie – 7
    • Vince – 7
    • Chelsea – 6
    • Tom – 6
    • Aaron – 5
    • Missy – 3*
    • Elizabeth – 8
    • Karishma – 22
    • Elaine – 8
    • Dean – 5
  • This is the third episode this season where two people were eliminated.
    • Episode 8 – Kelle & Jamal voted out.
    • Episode 9 – Aaron & Missy voted out.
    • Episode 12 – Elaine voted out, Dan ejected.
      • This was the first episode where the two players weren’t on the same starting tribe.
        • However, when two people were eliminated in the same episode, they came from the same swapped tribe.
          • Kellee & Jamal – post swap Lairo.
          • Aaron & Missy – post swap Vokai.
          • Elaine & Dan – post swap Vokai.


  • Dan is the first player to be ejected from the game due to inappropriate behavior.
  • He’s the first person to be eliminated during the jury phase and not be a member of the jury at any point in the season.
  • He’s the second player to be eliminated during the jury phase and not be a member of the jury.
    • The first was Neal Gottlieb, who was initially a jury member but was removed from the jury by Michele who won the jury removal advantage in Kaoh Rong.
  • Dan is the only post-swap Vokai who was originally on Vokai to be eliminated after the merge.
    • Tommy and Lauren are still in the game.
  • Tommy is the highest-ranking Vokai male this season.
  • Four people have been eliminated without being able to cast a vote.
    • Jason had his vote taken away by Elaine in episode 6.
    • Jamal lost his vote in episode 8.
    • Elizabeth was unable to vote after the tied vote in episode 10.
    • Dan was ejected without a vote taking place.


  • Tommy had the most confessionals in this episode with 9.
  • Noura and Dan had the least amount of confessionals with 1.
  • Dan is the only player who made it to the merge and didn’t have more than 20 confessionals.
  • As of this episode, Tommy now has the most confessionals this season with 35.

Hidden Immunity Idols/Advantage

  • Janet found another hidden immunity idol.
    • She’s the 20th person to find multiple idols in the same season.
      • James Clement in China.
      • Russell Hantz in Samoa & Heroes vs. Villains.
      • Malcolm Freberg & Reynold Toepfer in Caramoan.
      • Tyson Apostol in Blood vs. Water.
      • Tony Vlachos in Cagayan.
      • Jon Misch in San Juan del Sur.
      • Kelley Wentworth & Jeremy Collins in Cambodia.
      • David Wright & Adam Klein in Millennials vs. Gen X.
      • Tai Trang in Game Changers.
      • Joe Mena & Ben Driebergen in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.
      • Michael Yerger in Ghost Island.
      • Dan Rengering & Davie Rickenbacker in David vs. Goliath.
      • Rick Devens in Edge of Extinction.
      • Kellee Kim in Island of the Idols.
    • Janet is the oldest person to possess more than one hidden immunity idol in a season.
    • She’s the third woman to find more than one idol in a season.
      • Kelley Wentworth and Kellee Kim are the other two.
        • Janet is the only woman not named “Kelley/Kellee” to find more than one idol in a season.
  • Jamal is the only man so far this season who has found a hidden immunity idol, as Vince won his during the test on Island of the Idols.
  • Karishma, Jamal, and Elaine were voted out in the episode after they used their hidden immunity idols.
    • You could also include Kellee in this, but she didn’t play her idol, she gave it to Dean who played it for himself.
    • Jamal wasn’t voted out at the following tribal council, but as the merge episode was a double episode, he was voted out in the next episode after he played his idol.
  • Ever since Angelina found an idol in David vs. Goliath (and mentioned that women don’t find idols as much as men), the number of women to find idols has almost doubled.
    • Including Angelina, 13 women have found or won idols since then, which brings the number up to 30 idols found by women.
  • Nine idols this season were found/won by women, this continues to be the highest amount of idols that were possessed by women in a season.
  • There have been 11 idols present this season.
    • This season holds the record previously held by Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers for most idols present with 9.
    • However, all the idols in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers were found by someone while only 8/11 of the idols present in Island of the Idols were found, as three were given as rewards for winning the IoI test.
    • Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers still holds the record for most idols found with 9.

Island of the Idols

  • Dean is the first man since Jamal to go to the Island of the Idols.
  • He won the test at the IOI and was able to choose his reward, he chose the idol nullifier.
    • Both players to possess the idol nullifier were men from an orange starting tribe.
      • Carl from the David tribe in David vs. Goliath was the first to possess it.
  • Dean is the first player to go to the IOI and win individual immunity in the same episode.
    • He’s the second person to be unable to be voted out at the same tribal council where he visited the IOI after Noura in episode 4.
      • Noura’s tribe won the immunity challenge in the same episode where she went to the IOI.
  • Dean is the first man to go to the IOI and not be voted out in the same episode.
    • Vince went to the IOI in episode 3 and was voted out.
    • Jamal went to the IOI in episode 8 and was voted out.
  • Tommy is the only player left who hasn’t yet gone to the IOI.

Immunity Challenge – “Dizzy Miss Lizzy”

  • The challenge is named after a song by Larry Williams.
  • Dean won the immunity challenge.
    • He’s the only man to win individual immunity this season other than Aaron.
    • Both male Lairo members who made it to the merge won individual immunity.
  • Karishma and Elizabeth are the only original Lairo members who made it to the merge but didn’t win any individual immunity challenges.


  • The thirteenth episode received 6.2 million viewers and 1.2/7 in the Adults 18-49 Rating/Share.

Episode Title

  • The episode title “Just Go For It” was said by Elaine during the immunity challenge.
    • This is the third episode title said by Elaine after “Plan Z” and “Suck it Up Buttercup.”

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