Survivor Inside Big Brother 25 (Week 10)

How are Cirie and the other Survivor-related players doing?

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To anyone wondering how Survivor legend Cirie Fields is doing on Big Brother season 25, as well as her son Jared Fields and Cory Wurtenberger (Survivor 42 Zach Wurtenberger’s brother), this is the place for you! 

This will be a time-pending cover of how Cirie, Jared, and Cory are doing in the show as long as they remain in it. These articles will also be significantly helped by Taran Armstrong’s entire season’s coverings, which can be viewed or listened to on the Rob Has a Podcast website and YouTube channel.

COVERING DATES: Late October 4th – Early October 11th, 2023


  • As neither Mecole nor Felicia worked to keep Jared in the house, Cirie doesn’t mind which of them leaves next. Cirie continues building her social relations with both to keep working with the one that stayed. 
  • Cirie and Mecole discuss targeting Jag, Cameron, and Cory due to them being physical threats. Though Matt is the biggest physical threat overall, Cirie also wants to protect Matt as he’s been looking out after her as well. 
  • On day 56, the vote flips, and Mecole is evicted unanimously. The jury phase of the game officially begins, and Cirie is amongst the final nine. 
  • Bowie Jane wins the next HOH against Felicia, later nominating her and Cirie on day 57. Bowie Jane tells Cirie she’s the pawn this week, which Cirie doesn’t fully believe.
  • For the first time this season, Cirie plays for the veto against Bowie Jane, Felicia, Matt, Jag, and America. Jag later wins the veto, and Cirie wants him to use it on Felicia for her to have a chance to decompress from continuously being on the block. 
  • Jag uses the veto on Felicia, and Bowie Jane nominates Cameron for eviction. Everyone in the house is on board to vote out Cameron.
  • Cirie and Felicia realise Jag and Matt have an onion alliance and are in control of the house. Cirie considers keeping Cory safe as a number against Matt/Jag.
  • Cameron keeps making the other guests uncomfortable/angry with his antics, which works perfectly for Cirie. 
  • The Bye Bye Bitches alliance is reawakened, and Cirie, Felicia, and Bowie Jane want to work together moving forward against the physical threats remaining in the house. 
  • Cirie warns Blue against throwing the HOH and to win it to target Matt/Jag instead of Cory, as Blue has been targeting Cory the most for the past few weeks. 
  • Cirie’s alliances so far:
  1. The Fields trio: Cirie, Jared, Izzy (extinct alliance)
  2. Brown Sugar Babes: Jared, Cirie, Felicia, Mecole. (extinct alliance)
  3. Bye-Bye Bitches: Cirie, Felicia, Mecole, Izzy, Bowie. (extinct alliance)
  4. Felirie/The Bookends: Cirie and Felicia (renewed alliance)
  5. The Professors: Cirie, Felicia, Mecole, Jared, Izzy, Bowie, Hisam, Red. (extinct alliance)
  6. The Crossroads: final four with Jared, Cory, and Izzie. (extinct alliance)
  7. The Seven Deadly Sins (formerly the Savage Seven): Cirie, Jag, Blue, Matt, Izzy, Felicia, and Jared. (fake/extinct alliance)
  8. Legend 25: Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, Red, Cameron, Mecole, Matt, and Bowie. (fake/extinct alliance)
  9. For Real For Real alliance: Cirie, Jared, Cory, Mecole, America, Felicia, and Izzy. (extinct alliance)
  10. Final two with Blue
  11. Bye Bye Bitches 2.0: Cirie, Felicia, and Bowie Jane.


  • As Mecole refuses to work with Cory, Cory wants a flip vote to happen. Cory should want to protect Mecole over Felicia, especially after the post-veto ceremony blow-up, but Cory and America think they can easily beat Felicia. 
  • Cory loses game agency after the flip does happen, but primarily thanks to Jag and Matt, as the pair think Felicia would vote for either of them at the end over Cory. 
  • Before Mecole leaves the house, she tells the other houseguests to watch out for Cory and America. 
  • Cory makes the jury phase as part of the final nine players of the season. 
  • Several players, including Cirie, Blue, and Cameron, repeatedly push Cory to be nominated/backdoored this week. However, Bowie Jane wants Cameron backdoored after getting incriminating information about him. 
  • Cory and America make their relationship official. 
  • Cory wants to get rid of Cameron for various reasons, including Cameron’s previous targeting of him and his continuous sexist remarks and behaviour towards America. Though Cameron campaigns for Cory’s vote, Cory tells him he doesn’t see them working together.
  • Cory remains alert against Matt/Jag for keeping information from him during the previous week and has even had talks with Cirie about potentially working together against them. 
  • Cory’s alliances so far:
  1. Family Style: Jared, Matt, Reilly, Blue, Cameron, America, Cory, Jag. (extinct alliance) 
  2. Mecory: has a deal with Mecole to look out for one another. (extinct alliance)
  3. The Crossroads: final four with Jared, Cory, and Izzy. (extinct alliance)
  4. Final two with Jared: Cory doesn’t plan to uphold it. (extinct alliance)
  5. Final two/Showmance with America: real deal for Cory 
  6. For Real For Real alliance: Cirie, Jared, Cory, Mecole, America, Felicia, and Izzy. (extinct alliance)
  7. 3-Way/The Reliable Rats: Cory, America, and Matt. (Matt doesn’t like America)
  8. Working with Felicia and America (extinct alliance)
  9. Belgium alliance: Cory, America, Jag, and Matt want a final four. 

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Mariana Loizaga

Mariana is a lawyer and a writer from Mexico City, Mexico. She has a masters degree in International Relations from the University of Surrey. Her hobbies include reading, blogging, and of course watching Survivor. The first season of Survivor she ever saw was Survivor: Philippines and she became so fascinated with the game and its many layers that she went back through the archives and watched every single previous season.

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