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Episode 4 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats from the fourth episode!

Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Tribal Council

  • Brendan was voted out 5-4.
  • Every male original Malolo member has received votes as of this episode.
    • Donathan received one vote at the first tribal council.
    • Jacob, James, and Michael received votes at the second tribal council.
    • Brendan received votes at the fourth tribal council.
      • The only tribal council so far this season where no male Malolo members received a vote was the third tribal council.
  • Chris is the only person not to attend a tribal council so far this season.
  • Bradley is the only male original Naviti member to receive votes so far this season.
    • A male original Naviti member is the only gender/starting tribe combination that hasn’t been voted out yet.
  • This was the first tribal council this season where people that received votes against them came solely from people that were on the opposite starting tribe.
    • All original Malolo members voted for Bradley, while all original Naviti members voted for Brendan.
  • Brendan is the first person to be voted out this season who had previously attended at least one tribal council.
  • Both players voted out post-swap so far stayed on their original tribe during the swap.
    • Morgan stayed on Naviti.
    • Brendan stayed on Malolo.

Ghost Island

  • Kellyn is the first female to be sent to Ghost Island.
  • She is also the first person to decline to participate in the advantage game.
  • Kellyn is the first person sent to Ghost Island but not be immune from tribal council.


  • Kellyn had the most confessionals this episode with 5.
  • Desiree, James, Jenna, and Libby had the least amount of confessionals with 0.
  • This is the first episode where Bradley and Chelsea had confessionals.
    • Everyone this season has now had at least 1 confessional.
  • This episode was the first one in which Sebastian didn’t mention candy during a confessional.

Hidden Immunity Idol/Advantage

  • Michael continued the curse of James’ idol by incorrectly playing it for Stephanie at tribal council.
  • A hidden immunity idol has been played at the fourth tribal council for four seasons in a row.
    • This is the first time since Kaoh Rong in which the fourth boot was not idoled out of the game.
      • Lucy was sent home during Millennials vs. Gen X when David played his idol on Jessica Lewis.
      • Malcolm was sent home in Game Changers when Tai played his idol on Sierra.
      • Alan was sent home in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers when Joe played an idol on himself.

Reward Challenge – “Water Slaughter”

  • Variations of this challenge have previously been seen in Palau, Panama, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Caramoan, and Millennials vs. Gen X.
    • Every time a purple and orange tribe have competed in this challenge, the purple team beat the orange tribe
  • This is the first time this reward challenge has been played in which the winners also went on to win the following immunity challenge.
    • In Palau, Ulong won this challenge but lost the following immunity challenge.
    • In Panama this challenge was used as an immunity challenge.
    • In Micronesia, Malakal won this challenge but lost the following immunity challenge.
    • In Heroes vs. Villains, the Heroes won this challenge but lost the following immunity challenge.
    • In Caramoan, Bikal won this challenge but lost the following immunity challenge.
    • In Millennials vs. Gen X, Takali won this challenge but lost the following immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge – “Cell Block Sea”

  • Variations of this challenge have previously been seen in Caramoan, Cagayan, and Game Changers.
    • Every time a purple tribe competed in this challenge, they won.
  • In the episode of Caramoan where this challenge was played, Hope Driskill was voted out at tribal council. In this episode of Ghost Island where the challenge was played Stephanie Johnson wrote “Hope” in the sand. (courtesy of Jeff Pitman of True Dork Times)
    • In both of these episodes, a person from the orange tribe was voted out with five votes against them. Three votes came from women, and two votes came from men.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “Trust Your Gut” was said by Kellyn while on Ghost Island when deciding whether or not to participate in the advantage luck draw.

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Rob Brodeur

Rob hails from Boston, MA. He studied Architectural Engineering at college and has been following Survivor since the first season. Rob is married and has a dog named Snoopy. He also used to host Survivor ORGs (Online Reality Games) on Facebook. Rob writes Inside Survivor’s weekly Survivor Stats feature.

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