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Episode 14 Stats

Rob Brodeur brings a supersize edition of stats for the season finale!

Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Tribal Council #1

  • Sebastian was voted out 4-1-1.
  • He is the highest ranking member of the first swapped Malolo tribe.
  • Ashley Nolan from Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and Sebastian are both from Satellite Beach, FL and both got 6th place.
  • The extra vote advantage has only been used successfully in a majority vote in Game Changers. Both Debbie and Sarah successfully used their extra vote advantage to vote out Ozzy and Michaela, respectively.
    • In Worlds Apart and Cambodia the person who used the extra vote was voted out at that tribal council.
      • Dan used it to vote for Carolyn and was voted out.
      • Stephen used it to vote for Joe & Abi-Maria and he was voted out.
    • In Kaoh Rong, Tai used it to vote for Michele, but they both stayed in the game.
    • In Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, Lauren was voted out before she could use it.
    • In Ghost Island, it wasn’t successfully used to vote someone out.
      • Kellyn used it to vote twice for Laurel as part of a split-vote plan, but Michael was voted out instead.
      • Sebastian was voted out without using it.

Tribal Council #2

  • Donathan was voted out 4-0.
    • Wendell used his immunity idol on Laurel, negating one vote against her.
  • The Final 5 were all on the first swapped Naviti tribe together.
  • Donathan is the second person to get a donation from Sia at the reunion.
    • Tai was the first in Kaoh Rong.
      • Unlike the Kaoh Rong reunion, Sia didn’t appear on screen at the Ghost Island reunion.
  • Donathan is the only person in the Final 5 to not win individual immunity.

Tribal Council #3

  • Angela lost the fire making challenge against Wendell in the Final 4 fire making twist.
    • She’s the third person to be eliminated from the game (outside of a quit or medevac) without a vote taking place at all.
      • Bobby Jon in Palau was the first and Devon in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers was the second.
        • Angela, Devon and Bobby Jon were eliminated due to a fire making challenge.
    • Ian Rosenberger in Palau, Brandon Hantz in Caramoan and Jeff Varner in Game Changers were eliminated without a formal vote taking place, but were still voted out.
  • Angela is the tenth castaway to be eliminated without being voted out, quitting, or being medically evacuated. The others are as follows:
    • Paschal English in Marquesas – Rock draw.
    • Jonathan Libby & Wanda Shirk in Palau – not chosen for a tribe in Episode 1.
    • Bobby Jon Drinkard in Palau – Fire making challenge with only two tribe members remaining.
    • Rupert Boneham in Blood vs. Water – swapped places with Laura after she was voted out.
    • Katie Collins in Blood vs. Water– Rock draw.
    • Jessica Lewis in Millennials vs. Gen X– Rock draw.
    • Cirie Fields in Game Changers – Didn’t receive any votes, but was the only person eligible to be eliminated due to idols and advantages being played.
    • Devon Pinto in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers – Lost the fire making challenge twist.
  • Angela is the first person to win the gross food eating challenge when it was played as an individual immunity challenge, but not make it to Final Tribal Council.
  • Wendell is the eighth person to win a firemaking challenge at Final 4. The others are as follows:
    • Ian Rosenberger in Palau.
    • Danielle DiLorenzo in Panama.
    • Becky Lee in Cook Islands.
    • Bob Crowley in Gabon.
    • Carolyn Rivera in Worlds Apart.
    • Aubry Bracco in Kaoh Rong.
    • Ben Driebergen in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.
      • Bob, Ben and Wendell are the only winners to take part in a fire making challenge at Final 4 and win the title of Sole Survivor.
        • Bob is the only winner to be involved in a tie-vote at Final 4 to win the fire making challenge as part of a tiebreaker.
          • Ian is the only male to win a fire making challenge, but not win the game, while no females that have won the fire making challenge have won the game.

Final Tribal Council – Wendell (Winner)

  • Wendell won Ghost Island in a 6-5 vote after an initial 5-5-0 vote.
    • Ghost Island is the first season where a tie vote happened at Final Tribal Council.
  • The jury votes were split in half based on the placements of the jurors.
    • The first five jurors voted for Domenick.
      • Chris, Libby, Desiree, Michael & Jenna.
    • The final five jurors (plus Laurel) voted for Wendell.
      • Chelsea, Kellyn, Sebastian, Donathan & Angela
        • This happened in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers as well, where the first five jurors voted for Ben, the next two jurors voted for Chrissy, and the final juror voted for Ryan.
  • Every season that is a multiple of 9 has resulted in a male winner.
    • Vanuatuseason 9won by Chris Daugherty.
    • Tocantins – season 18 – won by JT Thomas.
    • Blood vs. Water – season 27 – won by Tyson Apostol.
    • Ghost Island – season 36 – won by Wendell.
  • Wendell is the fourth winner to have his first name come alphabetically last in the season’s cast.
    • The first was Tina Wesson in The Australian Outback, the second was Yul Kwon in Cook Islands and the third was Todd Herzog in China.
  • Both people that won the Final 4 fire making challenge twist went on to win the game.
    • Ben won the firemaking challenge in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and won the game.
    • Wendell won the firemaking challenge in Ghost Island and won the game.
      • Both times, the person that won the Final 4 immunity (Chrissy, Domenick) and got to choose who sat with them in the Final 3 (Ryan, Laurel) was beaten by the winner of the fire making challenge, and the person that they took to the Final 3 ended up in third place.
  • Wendell is the fourth African American winner of Survivor. The others are as follows:
    • Vecepia Towery in Marquesas.
    • Earl Cole in Fiji.
    • Jeremy Collins in Cambodia.
  • Every male African American winner of Survivor has sat in the Final 3 with an African American female in which the female received zero votes to win.
    • Earl Cole won Fiji, Cassandra Franklin got zero votes.
    • Jeremy Collins won Cambodia, Tasha Fox got zero votes.
    • Wendell Holland won Ghost Island, Laurel Johnson got zero votes.
      • Wendell is the only one that didn’t win unanimously.
  • This is the first season since Borneo in which the final votes were read on location at final tribal council.
    • Unlike Borneo, all votes weren’t revealed on location as Laurel’s tiebreaker vote was saved for the live reunion.
  • Wendell is the first person to be on a purple starting tribe and win their first season.
    • The only other people to start on a purple tribe and win the game are as follows:
      • Parvati Shallow in Micronesia
      • John Cochran in Caramoan.
        • Coincidentally both of these people won a Fans vs. Favorites season.
  • Each season with a purple vs. orange tribe has had the winner alternate between an orange tribe and purple tribe.
    • Thailand – Brian Heidik – Chuay Gahn (orange).
    • Micronesia – Parvati Shallow – Malakal (purple).
    • Redemption Island – Boston Rob – Ometepe (orange).
    • Caramoan – John Cochran – Bikal (purple).
    • Millennials vs. Gen X – Adam Klein – Vanua (orange).
    • Ghost IslandWendell – Naviti (purple).
  • Wendell is the first winner of a season with “Island” in the title to be on a purple starting tribe.
    • Pearl IslandsSandra Diaz-Twine – Drake (blue)
    • Vanuatu – Chris Daugherty – Lopevi (red).
    • Panama: Exile Island – Aras Baskauskas – Viveros (green).
    • Cook Islands – Yul Kwon – Puka Puka (green).
    • Redemption Island – Rob Mariano – Ometepe (orange).
    • Game Changers – Sarah Lacina – Nuku (blue).
  • Chris Noble is the only Survivor player whose first and only vote was cast at final tribal council.
    • He’s the first person to make it to the jury and cast only one vote the entire game.
    • In addition to this, his only vote in this season was for Domenick, who ended up losing to Wendell.
  • The urn used for voting during Ghost Island is the only voting urn to never contain any jury votes.
    • In addition to this, the voting urn from Cagayan is the only voting urn to contain votes from two separate seasons.
  • Every season with a 13 person merge has had a final tribal coucil with two representatives from one starting tribe and one representative from the other starting tribe, in which a person from the Final 3 majority always won.
    • Cambodia
      • Jeremy & Tasha – Bayon (Jeremy won).
      • Spencer – Ta Keo.
    • Millennials vs. Gen X
      • Adam & Hannah – Vanua (Adam won).
      • Ken – Takali.
    • Game Changers
      • Sarah & Brad – Nuku (Sarah won).
      • Troyzan – Mana.
    • Ghost Island
      • Wendel & Domenick – Naviti (Wendell won).
      • Laurel – Malolo.

Final Tribal Council – Domenick (Runner-up)

  • Domenick is the first runner-up to be involved in a tie vote at final tribal council.
  • He received the highest amount of jury votes out of any other runner-up with five votes.
    • He got more jury votes as a runner-up than the following Survivor winners:
      • Richard Hatch in Borneo (4 votes).
      • Tina Wesson in The Australian Outback (4 votes).
      • Vecepia Towery in Marquesas (4 votes).
      • Brian Heidik in Thailand (4 votes).
      • Amber Brkich in All-Stars (4 votes).
      • Todd Herzog in China (4 votes).
      • Bob Crowley in Gabon (4 votes).
  • This is the fourth season in a row where the winner of the Final 4 immunity challenge was runner-up for the final vote.
    • Ken McNickle in Millennials vs. Gen X.
    • Brad Culpepper in Game Changers.
    • Chrissy Hofbeck in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.
    • Domenick Abbate in Ghost Island.
  • He won the most individual immunity challenges this season with three.
  • Domenick is the first person in Survivor history to play a fake idol on themselves and not get eliminated at that tribal council. Other contestants to play fake idols are as follows:
    • Jamie Dugan in China.
    • Eliza Orlins in Micronesia.
    • Randy Bailey in Gabon.
    • Jay Starrett in Millennials vs. Gen X.

Final Tribal Council – Laurel (3rd Place)

  • With Laurel being placed on the jury after receiving zero votes, this makes the Ghost Island jury the largest jury in Survivor history with 11 jurors.
  • Laurel is the first person to cast a tiebreaker vote at final tribal council.
    • She’s the first person to be a member of the Final 3 at final tribal council and cast a jury vote.
  • She’s the highest ranking Malolo member and the highest ranking female in Ghost Island.
  • Laurel is the first person to not be officially be voted out of the game (who wasn’t medevaced or quit) but was still able to cast a jury vote.
  • Sabrina Thompson of One World is the only African American female to make it to a Final 3 and receive votes to win.
    • Cassandra Franklin in Fiji, Tasha Fox in Cambodia and Laurel Johnson in Ghost Island all received zero votes to win.

Ghost Island/ Advantage

  • Everyone on post-swap Yanuya went to Ghost Island at some point during this season.
  • This episode was the first time more than one person went to Ghost Island this season.
  • Both idols that were originally from Micronesia ended up being played and negated votes.
    • Ozzy’s “f***ing stick” was used by Michael to negate seven votes against him.
    • Erik’s individual immunity necklace was used by Wendell on Laurel to negate one vote against her.
      • Both times this necklace was used it was at Final 5 and it was transferred from a man to a woman.


  • Domenick had the most confessionals in the finale with 17.
    • This is the highest confessional count this season for an episode.
    • He has the most confessionals this season with 66.
  • Sebastian had the least amount of confessionals this episode with 2.
  • This was the first episode this season where everyone remaining in the game got at least one confessional.
  • Coincidentally, there were 39 confessionals in this episode, which is the same amount of days that a Survivor season lasts for.
  • Chris and Michael are the only people to make it to the merge and have a confessional in each episode they were in.
  • The Top 5 people to receive confessionals this season are as follows:
    • Domenick- 66
    • Kellyn – 41
    • Wendell – 38
    • Michael – 32
    • Donathan – 31

Immunity Challenge #1 – “Vin Skully”

  • The non-blindfolded maze challenge has previously been used in The Australian Outback, Marquesas, All-Stars, Vanuatu, Guatemala, Gabon, Redemption Island, Cagayan and Game Changers.
    • Everyone that has won this challenge as an individual immunity challenge, not including Rafe Judkins in Guatemala, has made it to the final tribal council.
      • Woo Hwang in Cagayan and Brad Culpepper in Game Changers are the only finalists to win this challenge and not win the season.
        • When it was used as a tribal challenge in The Australian Outback and Marquesas, that season’s winner was on the winning tribe.

Immunity Challenge #2 – “Pyramid Scheme”

  • Wendell is the third person to win back-to-back individual immunity challenges this season. The others are Chelsea and Domenick.

Immunity Challenge #3 – “Stacked Up”

  • This challenge was previously used in Kaoh Rong.
  • Both times it was used, it was the final challenge of the season.
    • This was the first time it was used as an immunity challenge.


  • The thirteenth episode received 7.31 million viewers and 1.4/6 in the Adults 18-49 Rating/Share. This is the lowest rated Survivor finale of all-time.

Episode Title

  • The episode title “It Is Game Time Kids” was said by Domenick about final tribal council.

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Rob Brodeur

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  1. The low viewership was probably due to the fact that everyone knew that either Domenick or Wendell were gonna win and that NOBODY tried to actually stop them!!! Also, not many people were really that excited about rooting for either of these two people!!

  2. Hopefully CBS learns from this. There’s a reason this was the lowest rated Survivor finale of all-time. They made it way too obvious who the final 3 were gonna be, and a lot of likable people got terrible edits because of it.

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