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Episode 12 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats from Episode 12!

Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Tribal Council

  • Chelsea was voted out 5-3.
    • Chelsea is the first female this season to be voted out with 5 votes against her.
      • Jacob and Brendan both were voted out with 5 votes.
  • Wendell only received votes from Naviti women in this episode.
    • The only remaining Malolo female voted for Chelsea.
  • This was the first tribal council this season in which only original Naviti members received votes against them and no original Malolo members received votes.
    • Episode 1 – Gonzalez, Donathan
    • Episode 2 – Jacob, James, Michael
    • Episode 3 – Libby
    • Episode 4 – Brendan
    • Episode 5 – Stephanie
    • Episode 6 – James
    • Episode 7 – Libby
    • Episode 8 – Libby
    • Episode 9 – Libby and Michael
    • Episode 10 – Michael
    • Episode 11 – Jenna, Donathan, Michael, Laurel
  • At this point, the jury is an even 3-3 split between original Malolo and original Naviti.
    • Jenna, Libby, & Michael – Malolo
    • Chelsea, Chris, & Desiree – Naviti
      • There’s also an even 2-2-2 split between the swapped Malolo, Naviti and Yanuya tribes.
        • Michael & Desiree – Malolo
        • Libby & Chelsea – Naviti
        • Chris & Jenna – Yanuya
  • Every time this season when Wendell received a vote, he voted for a person that also voted for him.
    • Episode 9 & 11 – Michael and Wendell voted for each other
    • Episode 12 – Chelsea and Wendell voted for each other
  • After this episode, nobody has a perfect voting record.
  • Both players named Chelsea (Meissner & Townsend) that were on Survivor won 9 challenges in their season.
  • Domenick is the only person to not receive any votes yet this season.
  • Eight people this season have received their first votes at the tribal council in which they were eliminated.
    • Gonzalez
    • Jacob
    • Morgan
    • Brendan
    • Stephanie
    • Chris
    • Jenna
    • Chelsea

Ghost Island/ Advantage

  • Laurel and Sebastian are the only Yanuya members to not go to Ghost Island yet this season.
    • Chris, Jenna and Wendell all have gone to Ghost Island.
  • Wendell is the first person to receive a challenge advantage at Ghost Island as opposed to an idol or voting advantage.
    • He received Malcolm’s immunity challenge advantage from Philippines.


  • Kellyn had the most confessionals again this episode with 6.
    • Kellyn is the only remaining player who has had at least 1 confessional every week.
      • The only time she got 0 confessionals was during the second half of the premiere.
  • Angela and Sebastian had 0 confessionals this episode.
  • Chelsea got her first and only post-merge confessional in this episode.
    • The only person to have less confessionals than Chelsea was Gonzalez, who was voted out in the first episode.
  • Chelsea’s only had four confessionals in 12 episodes, which is currently tied for the record for the lowest confessional percentage, with Hope Driskill in Caramoan.
    • Chelsea Townsend – 0.33 (4 confessionals in 12 episodes)
    • Hope Driskill – 0.33 (1 confessional in 3 episodes)

Reward Challenge – “A Quick Affair”

  • This challenge was previously used in Nicaragua and South Pacific.
  • This was the first post-merge reward that Chelsea didn’t participate in.
    • This is also the first post-merge reward in which none of the females participated in.

Immunity Challenge – “The Ball Drop”

  • This challenge was previously used in Micronesia and Philippines.
  • This is the first time this challenge wasn’t used as a final immunity challenge.
    • This is also the first season with all new players in which this challenge was used.
  • Both people to have the advantage for this challenge (Malcolm and Wendell) lost the challenge, despite being able to continue after their first ball drop.
  • Domenick is the second person this season to win individual immunity more than once.
    • As Chelsea was the other one, and was voted out, Domenick is the only remaining player with two individual immunity wins.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “A Giant Game of Bumper Cars” was said by Chelsea at Tribal Council.

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