Survivor: Game Changers Twelfth Elimination

Who was the twelfth person eliminated on Survivor: Game Changers?

Sierra Dawn-Thomas has become the twelfth castaway to be eliminated from Survivor: Game Changers.

The former Survivor: Worlds Apart player was eliminated in the fifth post-merge vote of the season. After winding up in the minority, Sierra was looking for a way to weasel her way back into the game, and so she decided to tell Sarah about her Legacy Advantage, hoping it would gain some trust. She even went so far as to tell Sarah she would will it to her if she ended up getting voted out before her. Initially, it seemed like this risky move had opened a door for Sierra.

The majority had planned to break up the Brad/Sierra pair, with Brad the primary target, but after he won immunity, the target moved to Sierra. However, Michaela and Tai, both feeling neglected by their respective allies, found themselves in the middle with a decision to make. They could stick with the majority and vote out Sierra, or join Brad, Sierra, and Troyzan in voting out Andrea. That seemed to be the way things were heading before Sarah decided to switch things up. Realizing that she could get rid of Sierra and potentially gain the Legacy Advantage, Sarah persuaded Michaela that Sierra was more of a threat. At tribal council, Sierra was voted out 6-3. In her final words, she willed the Legacy to Sarah (who had actually voted against her).

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  • Red

    There are 2 people going home next week right? OR are we getting a 7 person final episode?

    • I assume a double next week.

      • Red

        Just assume? No official confirmation?

        • It’s official now. It’s in the latest episode description. 🙂

          • Red


    • Andrew Ongais

      Andrea is playing a very similar game as she did in Survivor Brooklyn.
      She’s aggressive but knowingly putting her neck out… Only for the fooled to chop at.
      I have no idea how this game finalizes.
      3 people hold immunities and one extra vote that can not only save them, but flip the whole power structure of the game.
      At this point, only Tai and Michaela cannot win. Troyzan has done well to get deep in the game but still has no grounds to be a winner.

      • Red

        I don’t see Aubry winning either.

  • Marv-L

    Once again a good move by Sarah. Was she pretending to feel surprised after Sierra’s departure? Sierra hoping that Sarah didn’t vote her off was strange as Andrea got three votes (hers, Brad’s and Troy’s) meaning Sarah had to vote for her. I was afraid post-merge would be boring and predictable but players and editing manage to keep it good. Is next week double elimination as it is the penultimate episode before a final 6 final episode?

    • I believe Sarah was pretending to be surprised yes, to make Sierra believe she voted for Andrea. And I assume next week is a double yes.

    • Red

      Yeah Sarah was clearly pretending and Andrea picked up on that

  • Marcos Gouvêa

    Officer Sarah is killing it

  • Ishay

    Although she got voted out earlier, I think sierra improved her game a lot this time around. Great job.

    • Joseph Padilla

      Well, except for the part where she basically gave Sarah the sniper rifle to shoot her from afar. She plays decently when she’s in the majority, but once she gets plopped into the minority? Hoo boy!

  • Andrew Ongais

    Except… does any other player suspect Sarah, her game, or her hidden advantages?
    If Sarah exposes herself too soon, she could become a huge target.
    Cirie, Aubry, Troyzan, and Sarah all can’t hide in the shadows much longer.
    One thing we heard about but know nothing about is how Survivor is protecting the jury from coercion. Supposedly, nobody is to campaign for a winner once sent to Ponderosa.

    • Andy Pfeiffer

      I’m amazed Sarah hasn’t already exposed herself. Normally someone would notice how well-liked she is around now and conspire to vote her out. In fact, I expect that to happen soon and that her edit is a decoy.

      I think Survivor wants to mitigate the impact of jury groupthink. They don’t want unanimous wins, even though there have been two 10-0-0 victories recently. While a jury sharing an attitude is unavoidable since they’re living with each other, they don’t want every juror thinking the exact same way because it produces drama. I would be surprised if they were allowed to campaign for someone to win, simply because that can influence others to vote against their heart. Sarah has a favorable reputation in this jury, except for Debbie, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she won. It also wouldn’t surprise me if she was the runner-up because they felt she was “too” duplicitous.

      We’ll find out in less than two weeks.