Survivor: Game Changers Third Elimination

Who was the third person voted out of Survivor: Game Changers?

Mana tribe member Caleb Reynolds has become the third castaway to be voted out of Survivor: Game Changers.

The 28-year-old former Survivor: Kaoh Rong player was eliminated from the new Mana tribe after they lost the first post-swap immunity challenge. After the tribes had swapped from two tribes to three, Caleb was joined on Mana by Brad Culpepper, Sierra Dawn-Thomas, Hali Ford, Debbie Wanner, and his former Kaoh Rong tribe mate Tai Trang. As the only original Mana members, Caleb and Hali immediately found themselves on the outs.

After losing the immunity challenge, the former Nuku members weighed the options for getting rid of Caleb or Hali. While Caleb provided strength in challenges, Brad and Sierra were worried about his friendship with Tai, and also the fact that with Debbie there was three former Kaoh Rongers together. Tai was reluctant to vote out his friend Caleb because he viewed it as a personal betrayal. At tribal council, Caleb and Hali argued their case, but in the end, the tribe voted out Caleb 5-1. Caleb voted for Hali.


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  • JP Lee

    This is sad :(. Both times Caleb got off on Day 9. He truly deserves another shot without any tribe swaps or medical evac screwing him over.

    • Marionete

      wtf, lay him to rest already

  • Jesus

    I really loved this episode except for Troyzan’s confessional on Andrea. My winner pick isn’t looking too great right now. ):

  • Marcos Gouvêa

    Ciera’s wishes came true and both Tony and Caleb were voted out after her

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  • Donnie Johnson

    felt bad for Caleb, but he left like a true gentleman. Much Respect. DUMB moove by Mana. NOW they get to loose again next week.

    • Joseph Padilla

      You do realize that challenges aren’t the be-all and end-all of things, right? All the more when you’re in a returnee season, where there are more high-priority threats around whose games are known by this time.

  • yeltra

    I actually thought Sandra had a shot at being a 3 time winner until this episode. Wanting to kill the goat was not a good look for her. Even JT who raises cattle for slaughter, knew that killing a cute goat on national TV wasn’t a good idea. The editors would never have shown this dark side of Sandra if she were the winner. Too bad, I thought it would be cool to see a 3 time winner. Troyzan finding an idol clue, while everyone was talking about keeping an eye on him, SO HE DOESN’T FIND ONE, was hilarious. Culpepper has game, who knew. What he did with Tai was pretty impressive, but maybe Tai knew by that point that his vote couldn’t have saved his bestie anyway, so best to just go with the majority.