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Episode 4 Press Photos

Check out the press photos from the upcoming episode of Survivor: Game Changers.

Survivor: Game Changers continued last night as the tribes were swapped and another player had their torch snuffed. After the two tribes had switched to three, Caleb found himself outnumbered on the new Mana tribe with only Hali joining him from their original tribe. Even though he ended up with two former Kaoh Rong castmates, his close friendship with Tai was a cause of concern for the other members of new Mana, and after losing the immunity challenge, Caleb was sent packing.

The fourth episode, “The Tables Have Turned,” airs next Wednesday, March 22 at 8:00 pm (ET) on CBS.

View the gallery of Episode 4 press photos below:

Photo Credit: CBS Entertainment ©2017

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  1. Why is Nuku barely shown at the challenges? At both challenges, there’s a lot of pics of Mana and Tavua, but very few of Nuku. Wonder if that means anything…

  2. Looks like a reward challenge and an immunity challenge for the next episode? That combined with 2 tribal councils sounds like a lot to fit into one hour…

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