Survivor: Game Changers

Sixth Elimination

Who was the sixth person voted out of Survivor: Game Changers?

Nuku tribe member Sandra Diaz-Twine has become the sixth castaway to be voted out of Survivor: Game Changers.

That’s right. It’s true. For the first time in Survivor history, the only two-time winner, Sandra Diaz-Twine, has had her torch snuffed. It all happened due to the second tribe swap of the season, where Sandra went from a majority position to on the outside of the numbers. She ended up on the newly shuffled Nuku tribe with only Jeff Varner as her former tribemate. The original Nukus, seemingly led by Zeke, immediately set their sights on Sandra, seeing her as the most dangerous player in the game.

After a shut out at the immunity challenge, Nuku saw themselves attending tribal council. The original Nukus made Tai the decoy vote, letting Sandra and Jeff believe that was where the vote was going. Despite Tai feeling paranoid and some last minute scrambling at tribal, Sandra received 5 votes to Tai’s 2, and became the latest person voted out of Survivor: Game Changers.

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  1. I thought she’d be gone earlier but I was rooting for her to keep defying the odds. That tribal council got my hopes up that things would get crazy. The sad thing is that everyone knows she’s a good player and that made them immune to what she was saying

    I was impressed with her change of gameplay this season, it was more aggressive, it’s cool to see that she’s very capable of that type of play

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