Survivor: Game Changers

PETE’s Fantasy ‘Game Changer’ Picks make their fantasy picks for Survivor: Game Changers.

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Survivor is back with a cast full of returnees, a.k.a. Game Changers! Despite the fact that I’ve seen these players before, drafting my fantasy team is still a difficult task – I have no idea how they’ll operate in this new dynamic, especially considering their reputations could paint targets on their backs. With that said, here are the draft picks I’ve settled on:

  1. MICHAELA was probably the most entertaining person in her season with her blunt and hilarious commentary. She was eliminated before the merge because she was such a threat in challenges, and also showed a good mind for strategy. These two qualities – combined with the fact that she’ll likely try to fly a bit more under the radar this time around – make her a promising pick.
  2. This will be OZZY’s fourth time playing, and he’s always come in 9th place or above in his other seasons. Needless to say, he’s a very strong competitor who is aware that his biggest weakness has been his social game.
  3. SANDRA has played Survivor twice and won BOTH times. The fact that she overcame the odds against her on her second time around is insane. Do I think that she can beat the odds again to win a third time? Not likely, but I do think she’ll go far in the game – not just because she’s a great player, but also because she’s a very attractive alliance member. Other players might want to attach themselves to her, thinking that if they make it to the final three, there’s no way in hell anyone would give her a million bucks a third time.
  4. CALEB had huge potential on his season of Survivor, but his time was cut short when he was evacuated for medical reasons. From what we did get to see, though, he is super strong in challenges and also incredibly charming (who could ever forget his epic bromance with Tai?). I expect he’ll go far this season.

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