Survivor: Game Changers

Fourth Elimination

Who was the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Game Changers?

Nuku tribe member Malcolm Freberg has become the fourth castaway to be voted out of Survivor: Game Changers.

The 29-year-old former two-time Survivor player was eliminated in a shocking twist which saw two tribes attend tribal council at the same time. In a never before seen twist, the two losing tribes at the immunity challenge, Mana and Nuku, had to attend tribal council together but only voted out one person. It meant that we had a stand-off between the two tribes, with castaways trying to second guess who the other tribe was voting. Things were further thrown into confusion when Tai found a hidden immunity idol.

Malcolm and the Nuku tribe planned to plant all their votes on Sierra, but when JT decided to get up out of his seat and go whisper in Brad’s ear, it set in motion a chaotic scene where everybody started whispering and passing information back and forth. With JT promising Brad that he was safe and that the vote was going on Sierra, it allowed the Mana tribe to utilize Tai’s idol, playing it on the targeted Sierra. All of the Nuku tribe’s votes against Sierra were void, and Mana’s five votes on Malcolm sent him packing in a jaw-dropping tribal council.


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12 responses to “Fourth Elimination”

  1. I watched this two and a half hours ago and my brain is still recovering. Wow… just… #wow…

  2. “Malcolm will win Survivor: Game Changers”
    Well, I don’t think so… Out of the joke I’m sad because he was one of my favorites of the season 🙁

  3. I can’t believe Malcolm is gone, I did not see that coming. So sad, one of my favorite players to ever play the game, hope he has a chance to redeem himself in the future.
    Why wasn’t michaela instead of Varner, why??

    • That what I thought when that guy lost the game for themwhy didn’t michaela do the last one so they could win I am in shock Malcom is gone I hope tia Gose next he sent Malcom home won’t be watching anyone more this season the only reason I watch this season was Malcom was on and now he is gone so I am I

  4. It was a cool play, but I would have rather seen Sierra go… Malcolm seemed to be doing a good job again and I think he had a huge shot this time of actually winning…

    This idol play messed up original mana’s chance at having majority and eliminating a Nuku. At this point it seems like they will be screwed when the merge comes. I predict Sandra will continue to dominate the Nuku tribe, but she will have more trouble at the merge because original Nuku will target her. Regardless I’m impressed that she has managed to evade a target this long

  5. This caught me off guard. I thought they were going to target Sandra. The keep on leaving her on, next thing you know, she’ll be sitting in the final three.

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