Survivor: Game Changers Dream Tribe Game

The entries are revealed for the Inside Survivor Dream Tribe Game for Survivor: Game Changers.

Back in June 2016, we launched the brand new Inside Survivor Dream Tribe Game, where fans could pick a team of four castaways they thought would perform well in the upcoming Survivor: Game Changers. Fans will earn points throughout the season based on how the four castaways in their Dream Tribe perform, and at the end of the season, the top three highest point getters will receive a great prize courtesy of PlanetBuff! All entries were accepted while filming was in progress in an effort to avoid spoilers.

All the accepted entries are posted in the spreadsheet below, which will be updated after each episode with the latest scores. We received over 1000 entries! Those who didn’t enter with a full name and/or an email address had their entries disqualified, as well as those that entered multiple times. Check below the spreadsheet for a reminder of the point system and prizes.

UPDATE: You can now scroll to the right of the sheet and see the overall leader board.

Updated Scores after Episode 14:



  • 50 points – if one of your Dream Tribe wins the season.
  • 25 points – if one of your Dream Tribe finishes as runner-up.
  • 20 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that make the merge.
  • 15 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that finds an idol.
  • 15 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that finds/gains a game advantage (excluding idols).
  • 10 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that survive a Tribal Council.
  • 10 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that wins immunity or reward (tribal and individual).
  • 5 points – for each of your Dream Tribe that receives more than five confessionals in an episode.


  • There will be three prize winners: 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place.
  • The winner will be the person at the end of the season with the most points.
  • If multiple users tie for the most points, the winner(s) will be chosen by random draw out of those eligible.
  • The winners will be revealed after the season on Inside Survivor and will be provided with an email address to contact for prize details. Identification may be asked for to verify user.


  • 1st Place:  Complete set of Survivor: Game Changers Buffs.
  • 2nd Place: Your choice of one Survivor: Game Changers Buff and a 30th Anniversary Buff.
  • 3rd Place:  Your choice of one Survivor: Game Changers Buff.
  • All prizes provided by

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  • Carlos Gaona

    I taught I submitted my information correctly. But I don’t see my name or email on the spreadsheet.

  • george luminario

    This is the Most Picked Survivor DreamTribe
    1 Malcolm 468 my pick
    2 Aubry 351
    3 Hali 336
    4 Caleb 329
    5 Andrea 318 my pick
    6 J.T. 301
    7 Cirie 262
    8 Tony 227
    9 Ciera 220
    10 Sierra 209 my pick
    11 Sarah 199 my pick
    12 Michaela 183
    13 Jeff 180
    14 Sandra 176
    15 Zeke 140
    16 Ozzy 137
    17 Tai 100
    18 Debbie 72
    19 Troyzan 63
    20 Brad 37

    • Red

      Thank you

    • Marionete

      Malcolm with a huge lead? Are people morons, or is this an unexpectedly casual-ridden site?

      • He was one of my picks too. Plus I think people like Rob C and Josh Wigler have said they think he has one of the best shots. So I don’t think it’s all casual based.

      • James Thomason Iler

        Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Malcolm went home before the merge!? So many people would be so far behind after losing him and would need a miracle to get back into the running!

        • Alexa

          well he did go pre merge lol

  • Joseph Padilla

    Hopefully he’s learned from his mistakes from his last few times around.

  • James Thomason Iler

    Why are there four people missing from the original 1,077? Who were they? And Who did they have on their team?

    • I realised four people had cheated by choosing the same person in their team multiple times, so they were disqualified as it was stated each pick must be different. 🙂

  • Disqualified due to picking the same person multiple times. I originally missed them. 🙂

  • James Thomason Iler

    This is the UPDATED Most Picked Survivor Dream Tribe

    1 Malcolm 468
    2 Aubry 350 my pick
    3 Hali 335
    4 Caleb 328 my pick
    5 Andrea 318
    6 J.T. 301
    7 Cirie 262
    8 Tony 227
    9 Ciera 220
    10 Sierra 209 my pick
    11 Sarah 197
    12 Michaela 183
    13 Jeff 180 my pick
    14 Sandra 175
    15 Zeke 139
    16 Ozzy 136
    17 Tai 94
    18 Debbie 72
    19 Troyzan 61
    20 Brad 37

  • Jonatan Quinto

    One question, does the last score (13) only includes andrea elimination or michaela is also part of it?