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Episode 7 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the Episode 7 stats!

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Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

Tribal Council

  • Elizabeth was voted out 12-1.
    • Elizabeth’s vote out broke the record for most votes cast against a single person at tribal council with 12 (not including re-votes).
      • The previous record holders were Erik Cardona in Samoa, Alina Wilson in Nicaragua, Jonas Otsuji in One World, and Chris Noble in Ghost Island with 10 votes each.
    • This was the largest vote margin in Survivor history, with 11 votes.
      • The previous record holders were Jonny Fairplay in Micronesia, Erik Cardona in Samoa, Sugar Kiper & Randy Bailey in Heroes vs. Villains, Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff & Alina Wilson in Nicaragua, Jonas Otsuji in One World, Ciera Eastin in Game Changers, Chris Noble in Ghost Island, and Jeremy Crawford in David vs. Goliath with an 8 vote margin.
    • Elizabeth also received the highest percentage of votes at any tribal council, with 92.3%.
    • She’s the first person to be unanimously voted out at the merge vote.
  • Davie and Jeremy are the only men to receive any votes so far this season.
  • There are double the amount of men remaining (8) than there are women (4).
  • Elizabeth is the first person named “Elizabeth” to go by her full name on the show.
    • Elisabeth Filarski went by her full name in The Australian Outback, but her name is spelled differently.
    • Other Elizabeths include Elizabeth “Liz” Kim in Samoa and Elisabeth “Liz” Markham in Kaoh Rong.
      • Liz Markham is the only one to not be voted out by the person she voted for.
        • Elisabeth Filarski voted for Keith in The Australian Outback.
        • Liz Kim voted for Jaison in Samoa.
        • Elizabeth Olson voted for Angelina in David vs. Goliath.
  • Carl is the only remaining player from Texas, as Bi quit and Elizabeth was voted out.
  • Five of the twelve of the merged tribe members are from California.
    • Alec and Angelina are both from San Clemente, CA.
    • John and Mike are both from Los Angeles, CA.
      • Kara is the only person from a unique city, San Diego, CA.
  • Both times Angelina received votes, they were from the person who went home that episode.
    • Lyrsa voted for her in Episode 6 and went home.
    • Elizabeth voted for her in Episode 7 and went home.
  • Kara is the only person left in the game who voted against someone who is still in the game.
    • She voted for Davie in Episode 4.
  • Mike and Nick still have the most correct votes this season with four.
    • Coincidentally, they are also tied for most confessionals this season with 21.


  • The merged tribe name Kalokalo means “star” in Fijian, it was suggested by Elizabeth.
    • This is the first merged tribe name since Vinaka in Millennials vs. Gen X to not be a combination of starting tribe names.
      • Game ChangersMaku Maku.
      • Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers – Solewa.
      • Ghost Island – Lavita.
  • This is the third merged tribe name to have the same word repeated.
    • Fiji Bula Bula.
    • Game Changers – Maku Maku.
    • David vs. GoliathKalokalo.
      • Coincidentally, all three seasons were filmed in Fiji.
        • There are three other tribes to have repeating names, but all of them were starting tribes.
          • All-Stars – Mogo Mogo.
          • Cook Islands – Puka Puka.
          • Samoa – Foa Foa.
  • This is the third merged tribe name to be named using a Fijian word.
    • Fiji – Bula Bula means “hello hello” in Fijian.
    • Millennials vs. Gen X – Vinaka means “thank you” in Fijian.
      • This is the second merged tribe name to be named after the filming country’s word for “star.”
        • The first was Dara in Kaoh Rong, which means “star” in Khmer (the official language in Cambodia).
  • The Kalokalo tribe is on the former Tiva beach.
  • Kalokalo is the fifth tribe to consist of 13 members. The others are as follows:
    • Orkun in Cambodia.
    • Vinaka in Millennials vs. Gen X.
    • Maku Maku in Game Changers.
    • Lavita in Ghost Island.
  • This season tied with The Australian Outback for least amount of pre-merge tribal councils with five.
    • However, One World has the least amount of players voted out pre-merge with four, despite there being six tribal councils that season. (In the episodes where Kourtney and Colton were evacuated, a tribal council still took place.)
  • Gabby is the highest ranking female David tribe member.


  • Alec and Dan had the most confessionals this episode with 6.
  • Davie had the least amount of confessionals this episode with 0.
    • This was his first episode with 0 confessionals.

Immunity Challenge – “Ring Leader”

  • This is the first time this challenge has been used in a US Survivor season.
    • It was previously used as a reward challenge in Season 2 of Australian Survivor.
  • Both players to win this challenge were female doctors.
    • Tessa O’Halloran in Australian Survivor 2017, and Alison in David vs. Goliath.
  • The streak of women winning the first individual immunity challenge of the season has continued with Alison winning this challenge. (This doesn’t include seasons where the first individual immunity challenge had a male & female winner).
    • Game ChangersAndrea Boehlke.
    • Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers – Desi Williams.
    • Ghost Island – Kellyn Bechtold.
    • David vs. Goliath – Alison Raybould.
      • Kellyn set the new record last season as the third woman in a row to win the first individual immunity challenge.
        • The previous record holder was two in a row with Teresa Cooper in Africa and Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien in Marquesas.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “There’s Gonna Be Tears Shed” was said by Alec in a confessional about how he thought the merge would play out.
    • So far, Christian is the only David to have any episode titles, and Natalie is the only female to have an episode title.

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