Survivor Contestants To Appear On CBS’ Candy Crush?

Survivor castaways attempt to outwit, outplay and outlast Candy Crush?

Last week, production started on CBS’ newest game show, Candy Crush, based on the popular mobile game that keeps you distracted from work and family members. Filming at studios in Los Angeles, California, the new live-action show will see teams of two compete in various levels, attempting to defeat obstacles, including giant interactive game boards, in hopes of being crowned the Candy Crush champions. Applications for the show are open to members of the public, but Inside Survivor understands that former CBS reality stars could also be entering the Candy Kingdom.

In the latest episode of News AF, a podcast hosted by Rob Cesternino on the RHAP network, former Survivor winner Tyson Apostol mentioned that CBS casting had contacted him to participate in the new candy-inspired game show. “A while ago I got invited from the casting of this new CBS show that’s gonna be based on the game Candy Crush Saga,” he told Rob. He went on to say that casting told him to play the mobile version of Candy Crush so that he could get a feel for the show. While it seems Tyson did indeed get a feel for crushing candy, he confirmed that he wouldn’t be a part of the TV version, with casting eventually telling him “they’re going in a different direction.”

However, with or without Tyson, Inside Survivor is confident that Candy Crush is recording (or recorded) a reality-tv special this week. Former Survivor and Big Brother contestants have recently posted photos together on social media which show them to be in a Los Angeles hotel. Big Brother‘s Frankie Grande, Caleb Reynolds (also Survivor), and Nicole Franzel have been accounted for as well as Survivor‘s Joe Anglim who shared an Instagram story featuring himself and Frankie.

Candy Crush, created and executive produced by Matt Kunitz, is scheduled to premiere July 9 at 9 pm on CBS, which would air directly after the Sunday episode of Big Brother. It wouldn’t be the first time CBS has hosted reality-tv editions of one of their game shows; last year saw three Price Is Right specials, featuring contestants from Survivor, Big Brother, and The Amazing RaceCandy Crush will be produced by Pulse Creative, Lionsgate Television, King and CBS Television Studios and hosted by TV personality and actor Mario Lopez.

Stay tuned to Inside Survivor for further updates.

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