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Episode 11 – The Edit Bay

What is the edit telling us after Episode 11?


Hello all, welcome back to the Edit Bay! This weekly feature takes a dive into the edit of the latest Survivor episode, analyzing the key stories, main characters, and top winner contenders.

For those new to The Edit Bay, it is a condensed version of Edgic, highlighting some of the stand-out story beats from the most recent episode. It also includes my weekly Edgic ratings for each castaway at the end of the article.


With just two episodes left to go, I think Episode 11 of Survivor 46 laid the groundwork for the season’s final act. It is still very much between Charlie and Kenzie for Sole Survivor, and I believe this episode heavily foreshadowed why one of them might lose against the other.

Outside of Charlie and Kenzie’s edits, we had the end of Venus’ story. Even up until last week, I felt like her narrative was heading towards Final Tribal Council, where she’d fill that spot of the “person who can’t win because their personality doesn’t mesh with this group.”

But even though Venus won’t be facing the jury, her story across the season still represents that theme. She was never able to gain traction due to her social game. Her fellow tribemates just didn’t vibe with her. That played out in this episode; even when Venus genuinely offered help, others didn’t trust her enough to commit.


Meanwhile, Maria’s edit continued on its downturn despite her having control over the game right now. Last week, we talked about how her blindside on Tiffany could make her a big target, and it did, though she managed to protect herself by winning immunity. However, while she’s in the driver’s seat, the edit repeatedly shows us how she is losing the respect of her tribemates. This is specifically focused on her relationship with Q, particularly the way she brought him on reward.

Maria’s relationship with Q is also affecting Charlie and could play a key role in how his story ultimately ends.

The Charlie Conundrum

Even with all the Maria backlash, Q drama, and reward pick shenanigans, Charlie was the major focus of this episode. The action was mostly filtered through his point of view, and it was about how other people’s decisions affected Charlie.

The key talking point here was how Charlie needed to approach this final stretch of the game. He outlined his potential paths to the final four, detailing which options would benefit him the most. On more than one occasion, he told us how his ideal final four was with Kenzie, Liz, and Venus and how he needed to break up the Maria and Q duo.

“At this point in the game, I want the burners turned up on everyone but me. So, if I can hide for this vote when I don’t have the necklace, and all of a sudden all of the eyes are on Q and Maria, this is great,” he said after the pizza reward scene.

This was a great explanation of his current game, and it went some way in explaining his UTR edit last week. We know that Charlie is intentionally playing in the background while letting others take the heat as the game’s biggest targets. But Charlie also recognizes that he will need to make a big move sooner or later to have a shot at winning.

But Charlie’s dilemma isn’t just the timing of when to make a move. His issue is with perceptions and how making the wrong move could reflect poorly on him in the eyes of the jury. And this is where I believe the endgame narrative was spelled out.


“The way people are talking about Q and Maria, working with them could taint my image,” Charlie said in confessional. “Right now, I know I’m a little bit of a threat, but people are not mad at me. After tonight’s vote, my main concern is, can I pull people that I’ve burned back into a position that benefits me?”

If that wasn’t enough, he hammered it home further when he said, “I don’t know if I can do that if I burn people who are so dead-set on getting Q out tonight. It might be the last straw, and I might be enemy number one for stringing them along. So, it’s really really tricky where I am right now.”

As we know, Charlie didn’t vote for Q; instead, he went back on his word and voted with Maria and Q to take out Venus. Now, we were given justification for this switch, as we saw Charlie get spooked when Venus made vague hints about having an idol. Still, he made a move that he recognized could irreparably taint his image.

This will surely be Charlie’s story over the remaining two episodes. How does he overcome his association with Maria and Q? Will he finally make a move against them and win back support from the jury? Or has he waited too long already and severely damaged his chances of winning?

Based on the overall edit, I would say the latter is more likely. Compared to Kenzie’s overall edit, I don’t think Charlie stacks up, especially in the pre-merge. He’s had this late-game surge, which is great, but Kenzie’s presence has felt more consistent throughout the season (though, of course, a part of that is Yanu’s multiple visits to Tribal Council).

Regardless, if I had to put money on it right now, I think Charlie might have just explained why he won’t be able to win in the end.

Kenzie the Underdog

If the above is accurate, then Kenzie’s story must lead to victory, even if she doesn’t have the capital in the game right now. But her position makes perfect thematic sense with her arc across the season. She started out as an underdog as part of the Yanu disaster tribe and has persevered throughout to make it this far. How fitting for her story to end with one last underdog run to the finish.

Like Charlie, she’s had this late-game string of CP episodes, which is a trend with new era winners. She had a lot of focus in this episode, opening up about being left out of the Tiffany vote and having to use her social game to get back in with people. As we’ve been shown throughout the season, Kenzie is able to work her social magic to get people to trust her. Even if she didn’t get her way with the Q vote, we had no indication of people being against her or wanting to target her.


There were a couple of worrying moments. She dismissed Venus’ chances of finding the idol while we were literally shown Venus finding it. And she talked about how Venus going is bad for her game. She also ended up voting for Venus without a full explanation, though I put this down to Tribal Council suspense. We did see Charlie telling her he was backing out of the Q plan, so it made sense she’d follow suit. I suspect she will expand on this early in the next episode.

But where Kenzie’s edit stands out over Charlie’s is that she is the main proponent of anti-Q sentiment. She was the one pushing for the Q vote in this episode and calling out the others for being “babies” for not having the guts to go through with it. And, when we look back over the season, Kenzie has been positioned against Q from the start.

With how this narrative has played out, especially in the post-merge, I believe the winner will be whoever gets credit for taking out Q. Or, if Q ends up making it to the FTC, it will be whoever tried taking him out, similar to Sandra receiving the anti-Russell sentiment vote in Heroes vs. Villains. At this point, one has to believe that would be Kenzie.

The Others

As for the rest, I just don’t see a path to victory based on their edits across the season. As I mentioned earlier, Maria’s edit has had too much negativity lately. Ben has had some solid moments but is just way too UTR at this stage of the season. And Liz and Q are character edits, there for entertainment value and drama.



Name EP 1 EP 2 EP 3 EP 4 EP 5 EP 6 EP 7 EP 8 EP 9 EP 10 EP 11 EP 12 EP 13 EP 14
CharlieCharlie CP3 CPP4 UTR2 MOR3 CP4 MOR3 CP4 CP4 MOR3 UTR2 CP5      
KenzieKenzie CP4 CPM5 MORM4 MORM4 OTTP4 MOR3 CPP4 MOR2 CP4 MOR3 CP4      
TiffanyTiffany MOR4 MORP5 MOR4 MOR4 MORP3 MOR3 MOR3 CPN3 OTTN4 MOR3        
HunterHunter CP2 UTR1 CPP2 UTR1 CP5 MOR4 MOR2 MOR2 CPM3          
TevinTevin CP4 MOR2 UTR1 CPP3 UTR1 MOR3 CP3 MORN3            
SodaSoda MOR3 MORN3 INV MORM3 UTR1 UTR2 MOR3              
TimTim MOR2 UTR1 INV UTR1 MOR3 CPN4 MORN2              
MoriahMoriah MORP2 UTR1 UTR1 OTT3 MOR3 CP4                
JemJem MOR2 UTR1 MOR3 CP4 CPN5                  
BhanuBhanu MORP4 OTTN4 OTTM5 OTTM5                    
RandenRanden UTRN1 CP3 OTTP3                      
JessJess OTTM4 OTTM4                        
JelinskyJelinsky OTTN5                          

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Martin Holmes

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3 responses to “Episode 11 – The Edit Bay”

  1. The way I saw Charlie’s decision: Going with one side or the other would show his hand, so instead he used the Venus information to get EVERYBODY to vote for Venus, thereby keeping his middle status hidden for one more vote and nobody’s going to be mad on a unanimous vote. Thought it was pretty genius actually.

  2. Really hoping for a Maria – Charlie – Kenzie Final 3 but it would just be too good.

    I am sure Liz will make it to final 3 and be a zero vote finalist.

    Great episode ! was so worried for Charlie but I also knew with the insane amount of camera time he has gotten he has to be final 3

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