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Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats!

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Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor-related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor 44.

Immunity Challenge: “Eve 5”

  • This pairs twist and challenge were used in episode 9 of Survivor 43.
  • Lauren is the only woman to make it to the end portion of this challenge on both seasons it was used.
  • Lauren is the first Black woman to win immunity in the “new era.”
    • Coincidentally the most recent Black woman to win individual immunity was also named Lauren (in Island of the Idols).
  • The end portion of this challenge, known as “Chimney Sweep” was previously used in Fiji, Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains, Redemption Island, and Edge of Extinction.
    • Lauren is the only woman to win this challenge as an individual, as the Heroes vs. Villains version was a tribal challenge and only the female Villains competed (and won).
  • All the players in the end portion of the challenge were original Ratu members except for Danny.
  • According to @RobsFactChecker on Twitter, this challenge was in the top 4 of most time spent at one challenge in a single episode of Survivor.
    • #1 was Caleb’s medevac in episode 4 of Kaoh Rong – 22 minutes, 9 seconds
    • #2 was Gabler’s immunity win in episode 7 of Survivor 43 – 18 minutes, 57 seconds
    • #3 was the 11-mile hike in episode 1 of Guatemala – 18 minutes, 55 seconds
    • #4 is the immunity challenge in this episode – 17 minutes, 37 seconds

Hidden Immunity Idol

  • This is the first season since Edge of Extinction to have three successful hidden immunity idol plays.
    • This is the first season since Worlds Apart where all three idols were played by different people.
  • The most recent player to nullify more votes than Danny’s idol for Frannie was Karishma who nullified 7 votes against herself in episode 10 of Island of the Idols.
  • Danny holds the record for most votes nullified in the “new era” with 6.
    • The previous record was Brandon and Josh earlier this season who both nullified two votes.
  • This is the first time since David vs. Goliath where a player successfully played an idol for someone else.
    • Davie played an idol for Christian in episode 8.
    • Both of these idol plays happened in episode 8.
  • Carolyn is the only player left that has a hidden immunity idol.
  • Brandon is the first player to be directly eliminated by a hidden immunity idol after successfully playing one and canceling votes earlier in the season.
    • In Winners at War, Denise saved herself with an idol when Sandra was voted out, then was voted out after a re-vote in which all original votes were nullified (leaving Sarah and Denise vulnerable).


  • Yam Yam had the most confessionals this episode with 6.
  • Jaime is the only player this episode who had 0 confessionals.
  • Yam Yam has the most confessionals at this point with 45.
  • Lauren has the least amount of confessionals with 13.
    • The only players with less confessionals than Lauren are the first four players that were eliminated (Bruce, Maddy, Helen, & Claire).
  • The three original Tika members that are left in the game (Carolyn, Carson, & Yam Yam) have the top three confessional counts this season.

Tribal Council

  • Brandon was voted out 4-0.
    • The original vote count was 6-4 but 6 votes for Frannie were nullified by an idol.
    • This was the second 4-0 vote of the season (the first was when Claire was voted out).
    • Brandon is the 17th player voted out 4-0.
  • He’s the first Ratu player to be voted out since Maddy in episode 1
    • Coincidentally, they were both eliminated due to an idol being played.
    • Brandon’s sole vote eliminated Maddy in episode 1.
  • Brandon is the first player in the “new era” to be voted out on day 15.
    • Natalie Cole in David vs. Goliath was the most recent player eliminated on day 15.
  • This is the first season where three players were voted out back-to-back on days 13-15.
  • This was the first tribal council that Brandon was vulnerable this season.
    • He used his hidden immunity idol in episode 1, won group immunity in episode 6, and won individual immunity in episode 7.
  • None of the tribal councils this season have had a typical vote (all votes counted, everybody voted, etc.)
    • Episode 1: Brandon used his idol and negated 2 votes for him. Matthew and Jaime used their Shot in the Dark and didn’t vote. Lauren banked her vote using her double vote advantage.
    • Episode 2: Sarah could not vote due to losing her vote at The Summit.
    • Episode 3: Claire used her Shot in the Dark and didn’t vote. Matt lost his vote at The Summit.
    • Episode 4: Josh used his idol and negated 2 votes for him.
    • Episode 5: No Tribal.
    • Episode 6: Matt was unable to vote due to him losing his second vote at The Summit.
    • Episode 7: Half of the tribe was immune and unable to vote.
    • Episode 8: Danny played an idol for Frannie and negated 6 votes for her.
  • The last tribal council where everyone had a vote, no idols were played, no advantages were used, and the only immune person was the Immunity Challenge winner was when Noelle was voted out in Survivor 43.
    • When Sami was voted out, Cody used his “choose your champion” advantage and was immune along with Carla & Owen.
    • When Cody was voted out, Jesse & Karla used their idols.
    • When Karla was voted out, Jesse used his idol.
    • Jesse was eliminated due to the firemaking challenge.
  • This is the first time since Edge of Extinction where at the final 10, there were 10 players that voted.
    • Seasons 41-43 had split tribal councils at final 10.
    • Winners at War final 10 tribal council had Jeremy play his “safety without power” which had him leave tribal before the vote.
    • Island of the Idols had split tribal councils at final 10.
  • Danny, Frannie, and Heidi (coincidentally all original Soka players) are the only players with perfect voting records this season.
    • Brandon is the first non-Soka member that they’ve voted out.
  • This is the first episode with Tika tribe members present where none of them received votes.
    • Episode 2: Helen & Carolyn received votes.
    • Episode 4: Sarah received votes (Josh who was swapped to Tika also received votes at this tribal).
    • Episode 6 & 7: Yam Yam received votes.
  • This episode continues the streak where one Soka player at tribal council received votes.
    • Episode 3: Claire received votes.
    • Episode 6: Josh received votes.
    • Episode 7: Matt received votes.
    • Episode 8 Frannie received votes.
      • Danny and Heidi are the only Soka members without any votes against them so far.
  • With Brandon’s elimination, there are three original players from each tribe remaining.
    • Ratu: Kane, Jaime, & Lauren.
    • Soka: Danny, Frannie, & Heidi.
    • Tika: Carolyn, Carson, & Yam Yam.
  • Both jury members so far have been voted out by less than half of their tribemates.
    • Matt was voted out by 3 out of 11 tribemates.
    • Brandon was voted out by 4 out of 10 tribemates.
  • Brandon is the sixth player to make it to the jury and be immune at every previous tribal council prior to being voted out. The others are as follows:
    • Marcus in Gabon
    • RC in Philippines
    • Nick in Kaoh Rong
    • Chris in Ghost Island
    • Joe in Edge of Extinction
      • If you count players in the edge of extinction twist, Aubry in Edge of Extinction and Amber in Winners at War would be included in this list.
  • This is the first time since Bruce’s medevac that the women outnumber the men.
  • Original Tika is the only tribe that hasn’t had anyone voted out in the merge portion.
    • However, Josh was swapped to Tika, so every swap tribe has seen one person voted out in the merge portion.
      • Ratu: Brandon
      • Soka: Matt
      • Tika: Josh
  • This is the first time in the “new era” where the first three players voted out during the merge portion were men.
  • Starting with Maddy, four women were eliminated in a row, then starting with Matthew, four men were eliminated in a row.
  • This is the first time since San Juan del Sur that the first two jury members are men.
    • In Kaoh Rong, Neal and Nick were the first two jury members, but Neal was eliminated from the jury in the jury removal twist.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “Don’t Get Cocky, Kid” was said by Kane about his strategy coming into the game.
    • This is a variation on a quote from Star Wars: A New Hope that was said to Luke Skywalker by Han Solo.

Survivor Birthdays

  • This week’s episode aired on Cassandra Franklin’s (Fiji) birthday.

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