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Episode 11 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats!

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Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor-related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor 44.

Immunity Challenge: “Last Gasp”

  • This challenge was previously used in Palau, Micronesia, Caramoan, and Survivor 43.
    • This is the first time this challenge has been used in a season with a black merged tribe.
    • Every previous season this challenge was used had a green merged tribe.
      • In Palau, there wasn’t a merged tribe, but if there was, it would have been green.
    • This challenge has also been used on international versions of Survivor, including Australian Survivor, Koh-Lanta (France), Survivor: Quebec, and Survivor: South Africa.
  • Yam Yam won his first individual immunity challenge.
  • The final two players at the end of the challenge are both from Puerto Rico.


  • Since Heroes vs. Villains, there has been a black merged tribe every four seasons.
    • Yin Yang in Heroes vs. Villains (20)
    • Tikiano in One World (24)
    • Solarrion in Cagayan (28)
    • Dara in Kaoh Rong (32)
    • Lavita in Ghost Island (36)
    • Koru in Winners at War (40)
    • Va Va in Survivor 44

Tribal Council

  • Danny was voted out 3-2-0*
    • Carolyn played an idol for Carson, negating two votes for him.
    • This is the first time an idol was played this season where the player whose votes were negated wasn’t in danger of going home if the idol wasn’t played.
      • Episode 1: Brandon negated 2/3 votes.
      • Episode 4: Josh negated 2/4 votes (this vote would have gone to a tie if Josh didn’t play his idol.
      • Episode 8: Danny negated 6/10 votes for Frannie.
      • Episode 11: Carolyn negated 2/7 votes for Carson, but Danny had the majority of votes against him with 3.
  • Danny is the second player to be voted out 3-2-0 after an original 3-2-2 vote.
    • The first was Jeremy Collins in Winners at War.
  • Carolyn successfully voted out both players who went to the summit with her in episode 5.
  • Danny is the fourth player to be eliminated in the same episode where they cast a vote for someone whose votes were negated.
    • Episode 1: Maddy voted for Brandon.
    • Episode 4: Sarah voted for Josh.
    • Episode 8: Brandon voted for Frannie.
    • Episode 11: Danny voted for Carson.
  • Jaime Dugan in China is the only woman to be on a black merged tribe and be voted out on day 21.
    • Survivor 44: Danny Massa.
    • Winners at War: Wendell Holland.
    • Redemption Island: Matt Elrod.
    • Panama: Austin Carty.
    • Pearl Islands: Andrew Savage.
  • Heidi has received at least two votes at the last three tribal councils.
  • With Danny being voted out, none of the remaining players have a perfect voting record.
    • Carson is the first player that Danny voted for who didn’t go home.
  • The voting music when Carolyn was taking a long time to vote was the same music that was used in episode 2 of Millennials vs. Gen X when Hannah took a long time to vote.
  • The oldest woman of the season (Heidi) and the youngest man of the season (Carson) both received votes in this episode.
  • Carson received his first votes in this episode.
  • Heidi is the last player remaining from the original Soka tribe.
  • Lauren is now the only player left that hasn’t received any votes against her.
  • The final 6 consists of exactly two members from each swapped tribe.
    • Ratu: Carson & Lauren.
    • Soka: Heidi & Jaime.
    • Tika: Carolyn & Yam Yam.
      • Tika is the only tribe where both of the members left are original members, as Jaime was originally on Ratu and Carson was originally on Tika.
  • Carolyn is the only player left who found the birdcage idol, as Brandon and Danny have been voted out.


  • Carolyn had the most confessionals this episode with 7.
  • Lauren had the lowest number of confessionals in this episode with 1.
  • Yam Yam has the most confessionals this season with 58.
  • Lauren has the lowest number of confessionals of the remaining players, with 22.
  • Matt, Frannie, and Danny were voted out in the episode where their confessional count hit 30+.
    • Matt was voted out in an episode where he had 8 confessionals, going from 22 to 30 confessionals.
    • Frannie was voted out in an episode where she had 7 confessionals, going from 24 to 31 confessionals.
    • Danny was voted out in an episode where he had 6 confessionals, going from 29 to 35 confessionals.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “I’m Not Worthy” was said by Carolyn in a joking manner after finding a lobster shell on the beach.

Survivor Birthdays

  • This week’s episode aired on the following player’s birthday:
    • Bobby Jon Drinkard- Palau & Guatemala
    • Mick Trimming- Samoa
    • Elyse Umemoto- South Pacific
    • Andrea Boehlke- Redemption Island, Caramoan, & Game Changers
    • RC St Amour- Philippines
    • Romeo Escobar- Survivor 42
      • This is the highest number of Survivor players to share a birthday, with six players being born on May 10th.


Written by

Rob Brodeur

Rob hails from Boston, MA. He studied Architectural Engineering at college and has been following Survivor since the first season. Rob is married and has a dog named Snoopy. He also used to host Survivor ORGs (Online Reality Games) on Facebook. Rob writes Inside Survivor’s weekly Survivor Stats feature.

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  1. So many people I know labeled Carolyn as weird…..she fooled them all!! She is smart, witty, kind and warm…. I hope she wins!!!

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