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Episode 5 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats!

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Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor-related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor 41.

Reward/Immunity Challenge – ”Losing Face”

  • A version of this challenge was previously used in South Pacific, Millennials vs. Gen X, Game Changers, David vs. Goliath, Edge of Extinction, Island of the Idols, and Winners at War
  • Yase and Luvu won the immunity challenge.
  • Luvu still hasn’t lost an immunity challenge so far this season.
    • They’re the 6th tribe to win the first five immunity challenges in a season.
      • Koror in Palau*
        • *Episode 5 had a double tribal council and no immunity challenge.
      • Moto in Fiji*
        • *Moto gave up their immunity in episode 4, but they initially won the challenge.
      • Tandang in Philippines
      • Aparri in Cagayan
      • Kama in Edge of Extinction
        • Luvu is the first blue tribe to do this.
  • Yase is the first four person tribe to sit out a player during a challenge.


  • This is the first season since Blood vs. Water to have at least 6 people voted out/eliminated before a tribe swap.


  • Genie found the three way idol beware advantage.
    • She’s the first woman to find it.
    • She’s also the first person to find it and not open it.
      • Shan ended up opening it instead and received the idol.
  • Naseer also found the three way shared immunity idol.
    • All three immunity idols are now activated as each person has said the phrase.
    • Nadiya Anderson is the only Sri Lankan player in Survivor to not find a hidden immunity idol.
      • Natalie found idols on both San Juan del Sur and Winners at War.
  • Shan and Liana were sent to the summit.
    • Liana risked her vote and Shan protected hers.
      • Liana is the first person ever to receive the “Knowledge is Power” advantage.
  • Each tribe has exactly two people with an idol or advantage.
    • Luvu: Deshawn has an extra vote and Naseer has a hidden immunity idol.
    • Ua: Ricard has an extra vote and Shan has a hidden immunity idol.
    • Yase: Liana has the Knowledge is Power advantage, and Xander has an extra vote and hidden immunity idol.
  • JD’s extra vote has changed hands more times than any other extra vote.
    • It started with JD, went to Shan, then back to JD, then back to Shan, then to Ricard.
  • This is the first time every member of a tribe has possessed an advantage/idol.
    • Shan and Ricard are the only remaining members of Ua and they both have an advantage/idol.

Tribal Council

  • Genie was voted out 2-1.
    • The only tribe to vote out women is Ua.
    • Shan is the highest ranking woman on Ua, while Ricard is the highest ranking man.
    • The only other times a 2-1 vote has happened in Survivor was when Ibrehem was voted out in Palau and Russell was voted out in Philippines.
  • Genie has only voted for Ricard and JD at tribal council.
  • Genie is the 23rd person to be voted out on day 11.
    • Kim Mullen in Palau was the first.
  • Ricard and Shan have voted together at every tribal they attended.
  • Ua was the 10th tribe to go down to three players before the merge. The others are as follows:
    • Maraamu in Marquesas
    • Sook Jai in Thailand
    • Ulong in Palau
    • Matsing in Philippines
    • Luzon in Cagayan
    • To Tang in Kaoh Rong
    • Soko in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
    • Jabeni in David vs. Goliath
    • Manu in Edge of Extinction
  • Ua is the third pre-merge tribe to get down to only two people after Ulong in Palau and Matsing in Philippines.
    • Ua is the first tribe to do this and not be a blue tribe.
    • All three of these tribes were made up of one man and one woman.
      • Ulong: Stephenie & Bobby Jon.
      • Matsing: Denise & Malcolm.
      • Ua: Shan & Ricard.
    • Ulong and Matsing both had the woman place higher than the man.
    • Upolu in South Pacific is the only “U” tribe that didn’t get down to two players in the pre-merge.
  • Ua now has the same number of letters in its name (2) as it does tribe members.


  • Shan had the highest confessional count this episode with 13.
    • This is the highest number of confessionals in an episode so far this season.
  • Deshawn, Erika, and Heather had the lowest confessional count with 0.
    • This is the first time Deshawn didn’t have a confessional this season.
  • Shan has the highest confessional count so far this season with 30.
  • Heather has the lowest with 2.
    • She has the same confessional count as Abraham, who was voted out in episode 1.
  • Ricard, Shan, Sydney, and Tiffany are the only remaining players with a confessional in every episode so far this season


Episode Title

  • The episode title “The Strategist or the Loyalist” was said by Shan when weighing her options on who to vote out between Ricard and Genie.


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