Survivor: Cambodia Player of the Week – Episode 7 (Fan Poll)

In Episode 7 we saw the elimination of Kass McQuillen, as she became the first member of the jury. Again, we will be running a fan poll first before we give the Inside Survivor verdict on the player of the week for Episode 7 of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance. This way the poll is not influenced by our opinions.

Vote below on who you think was Player of the Week in Episode 7 of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance.



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2 responses to “Survivor: Cambodia Player of the Week – Episode 7 (Fan Poll)”

  1. A deep bit of strategy in the episode is the fact that Spencer (the perceived swing vote between the 3 ladies expected to get votes at Tribal Council) was assigned to vote in the minority vote of the voting block of 9. Had he voted against Tasha, the votes would have come out 5-3-5 for Tasha, Ciera and Kass respectively. On the revote, presumably the voting block would have piled on Kass and she’d have been ousted regardless.

    The player of the episode is whoever assigned the voting. Who it was and whether it was intentional is impossible to know, but it was a seemingly small detail that could have and likely did make a huge difference in how the vote shook out ultimately.

  2. Ciera’s thrown vote was completely pathetic and she doesn’t deserve a single vote for player of the episode. Right after criticizing others for “not playing to win.” Entitled piece of shit.

    Jeremy is continuing to impress me with his savvy gameplay and I’m please by how Savage is becoming more well-rounded. Tasha and Keith had decent episodes. Joe being a crucial swing vote rather than instant target was mostly luck, but somewhat funny to watch.

    I think there will be many “shifts” in the game but in the end, Jeremy Savage and Tasha will sit pretty for all of/most of the votes and for that, I think one of them should always be player of the week. With that long term thinking in mind, it comes down to who I think will cut the other two throats and that is Jeremy for sure!

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