PETE’s Fantasy ‘Heroes v Healers v Hustlers’ Picks make their fantasy picks for Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

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It’s that time again – and with one episode of Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers under our belts, it’s time to make our Survivor fantasy draft picks. Who will be a challenge beast? The pro idol locator? The master manipulator? And, most importantly, who will be the Sole Survivor? Check out PETE’s picks for this season:

  1. RYAN: Being well aware of your weaknesses in the game can be a major asset, and Ryan seems to know exactly where he falls short. Acknowledging the fact that he weighs “125 lbs soaking wet,” he secures a physically dominant ally (Devon), which I think is a smart play. Ryan seems to have a good understanding of the game and an ego that’s in check; I expect he’ll be around for a while.
  2. ALI: I feel that Ali’s job as a Celebrity Personal Assistant has prepared her well for Survivor, as she can likely take a lot of s**t. In the first episode, she took initiative when it came to making alliances and strategizing, but she didn’t go overboard with it.
  3. BEN: I’m putting Ben in my draft for no major reason – he just seems likeable. In the first episode, he came off as a team player who gelled well with his tribe, and he won the respect of the entire cast when they found out he’s a Marine.
  4. ROARK has some feistiness to her that I think will do her well in the game. She comes off as very serious, but admitted to her love of The Bachelor and cited Blue Ivy (Beyoncé’s daughter) as her inspiration in life. She’s an interesting one to watch out for!

So, what do you think – can you beat me? Head to and submit your own draft to prove it!

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2 responses to “PETE’s Fantasy ‘Heroes v Healers v Hustlers’ Picks”

  1. King Ben has his pawns and followers and will ride them all the way to the end. He is playing a mindblowing social and strategic game, Ben FTW!

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