Onkore: Survivor Fantasy Gaming on a Mobile App

Check out a new Survivor Fantasy app from Onkore that allows you to make weekly Survivor predictions and play along at home.

For years, fantasy sports-like gaming for reality tv fans has been gaining popularity amongst super fans who want to show-off their knowledge of their favorite shows and compete in the same way sports fans get to do with fantasy sports. Unfortunately, the experience provided for these reality tv fans hasn’t been the best, as platforms have been confined to rudimentary web-based sites that provide players an underwhelming gaming experience limited to predictions made before the start of the season. Onkore is now changing how the game is played!

They are the creators of the first fantasy gaming app (currently on iOS only) for all of us Survivor fans that have been seeking that perfect game where you can play with new and old friends, chat and talk strategy in your selections and even win prizes like Amazon giftcards and Buffs! The layout is fairly easy to navigate with the completion of a tournament taking less than 2 minutes and can be done with one hand. For all of us Superfans that are worried about spoilers, Onkore works hard at being up to date on the gossip in the community so no one can game the system.

Launching just days before Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X started airing, the company has amassed a popularity on social media with live-tweeting the episodes for the East and West Coast (www.twitter.com/SurvivorFntys). Not only are they quickly becoming popular with fans, but former Survivor players like Abi-Maria Gomes and Cristina Coria are hosting private tournaments for shoutouts, while Millenials vs. Gen X star Mari Takahashi chats with fans in the chat room!

Join the INSIDE SURVIVOR tournament using code A872 (50 players max).

Below you can find the instructions on how to play this ultimate fantasy game and you can get the game by clicking the link to the App Store below:


How To Play Survivor Fantasy

  1. Choose a Tournament and Join a Room. Once signed into the app, players can choose different types of tournaments to join for Survivor’s weekly episode. Players can choose between joining a Public 10 player tournament or creating/joining Private tournaments where they can play in a head-to-head battle with their best friend or play in one against their 50 closest friends! There are High and Low Stake tournament offerings as well, where users can decide how many oKoins (Onkore’s virtual currency) they want to risk. Every now and then users can join a game hosted by a former Survivor contestant as well!

  2. Select Contestants and Answer Prediction Questions. Before each episode, players are asked to select one male and female Survivor and Casualty to add to their team. Your Survivor selections will rack up points for your team every time they win a challenge and survive the night’s episode. Casualty selections will give you points each time they lose a challenge, cry, and are told by Jeff Probst “The Tribe has spoken.”  Each game you will also be asked to answer 8-12 prediction questions about what will unfold in this week’s episode. Which tribe will win the Reward Challenge? Will Zeke tell another tribe member about Adam’s idol? Answer accurately, and those points are added to your team score.

  3. Dominate the Leaderboard and Win Prizes. Winners of tournaments will earn more oKoins.  oKoins can later be redeemed for cool gift cards, show merchandise, and backstage passes & memorabilia to future show tapings!

  4. Former Survivor Contestant Passionaries. Former contestants are joining in on the fun. Abi-Maria Gomes hosted her very own tournament for Episode 7, where the winner got a shout-out from her on all her social media feeds. Other contestants have also expressed interest in hosting their own tournament as well. Mari Takahashi has joined in on the fun as well, chatting away in our chat rooms and playing in public tournaments each week.

Rob Ryan is the Director of Marketing at Onkore Inc.

Written by

Rob Ryan

Rob is the Director of Marketing for Onkore Inc.

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