Jeff Probst Says Survivor 41 Is “Like The Monster In A Horror Movie”

Will this be the toughest season ever?

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Survivor 41 is only a couple of months away, and the show’s host and executive producer, Jeff Probst, has promised not just a brand new game but the toughest season yet.

The Emmy winning host took to Instagram to share some insights into the upcoming season. “I just wanted to check in and let you know that Survivor 41 was tough… for the players,” he said in the video. “Think about it; we had an entire year where we weren’t shooting, so all we had was time to think. And that’s a dangerous thing.”

Survivor production in Fiji shut down in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and couldn’t get back up and running again until earlier this year. With strict COVID-19 safety protocols in place, the crew returned to Fiji in March 2021 to film two seasons back-to-back.

“It led to us creating a new game that is much more dangerous,” Probst continued. “You could refer to it as Survivor 2.0. You could call it the dawn of a new era, which it is. You could refer to Survivor 41 by saying ‘drop the 4, keep the 1’ because this is a brand new game. All of these are true.”


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Inside Survivor previously reported that Survivor 41 will see significant format changes, including a shortened length, dropping from the usual 39 days to 26. The season will also forgo a theme or location title, instead being referred to simply as Survivor 41.

“But here’s the best way to think of this new version of Survivor,” Probst added. “Survivor 41 is like the monster in a horror movie, and if you’re a player, it’s coming for you. So either you devour the monster, or the monster will devour you.”

It’s safe to say that Survivor 41 will be upping the stakes in terms of extremeness. For those that are members of the Inside Survivor Patreon, you will know that we previously reported that the challenges in season 41 are expected to be far more demanding and brutal than ever before.

The rewards next season are also said to be minimal compared to recent seasons (gone are the feasts and banquets of the past). Even basic necessities like flint will be hard to come by, with tribes having to give up their flint every time they lose a challenge. A big theme of the season is expected to be “everything comes at a price” (though this is not tied to fire tokens, which are not a part of the season).

Survivor 41 premieres Wednesday, September 22 at 8 PM on CBS.

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17 responses to “Jeff Probst Says Survivor 41 Is “Like The Monster In A Horror Movie””

  1. Gosh. I didn’t want a brand new game. I liked the old game. It’s fine to grow and change things up but to say it’s survivor 2.0. That it’s a brand new game. That worries me. That is like a monster in a horror movie. My favorite show changed forever into an entirely new beast. I sincerely hope that it still contains the things I enjoy. We will see. If not then it’ll be time to find something new to watch. Not a big deal but damn. Please still be a good show.

    • I love this show but I don’t like the seasons where the contestants are starved and dying of thirst. Give them decent food and clean water. Otherwise we are just watching people barely able to compete and unable to strategize. This undermines the whole point of the game.

  2. Love the idea of loosing the flint, but need to see the season unfold to decide if Survivor 2.0 is just as good. Only time will tell.

    • I love the game just dont know about the changes. I also hate that the season is shorter. I’m gonna have to wait and see.

  3. Saying the challenges are more extreme kind of eliminates the players with weaker physiques….I needs to be more mentally challenging.

    Why do entertainment people always have to be changing things? Most of us, us being the audience, don’t like it. We don’t want different actors in a established role, we don’t want old songs with the melody changed, we don’t want actors that we have loved an watched suddenly showing up looking like a reflection in a fun house mirror and I can almost bet you, that at the very least, we aren’t going to like a shortened show. As for what else you have changed….the jury’s still out

  5. Cutting it from 39 days really sucks. As is seasons already drop sooo much details. We see it time and time again when people come out about how they’ve been portrayed wasn’t how it was. With shorter days, editors will really not have much to play with and only show what they feel makes their story. Not what really happened.

  6. Looking forward to this season. Been a fan since Season one. Also sorry the season will be a fraction of what was before.

  7. Often times you try to fix something that’s not broken and break it.
    The worst part of the previous seasons is when a person can sit on your fat ass not compete in any of the competitions and still win.
    We all know who that is!

  8. Please let it still be a 13-15 episode season? And I don’t want any more fundamental changes. None of them have improved the show. The horrible new final jury question setup. There used to be epic moments during the individual final jury question session. We don’t want to hear the 3 layers of survivor. I want them to walk up there and ask something they want to get off their chests. No single epic moment since it changed. Bring it back Survivor producers. Please

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