Jeff Probst Highlights the Survivor 44 Final Five From ‘On Fire’ Podcast (Episode 12)

How to the final five stack up heading into the finale?

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On the latest episode of the On Fire podcast, Jeff Probst, Brittany Crapper, and Jeff Wolfe reunited to discuss the latest Season 44 episode. The producers unpacked the journeys of the final five (Lauren, Heidi, Carson, Carolyn, and Yam Yam) and discussed their voting records, paths to the end, and their assets to win it all. Probst also revealed an interesting clue for next week’s finale and answered the “Why Jeff sucks” segment.


  • Probst reveals following next week’s two-hour finale and after-show, the final three will be interviewed on the podcast. 
  • Crapper talks about what happens during what production calls “The Fallout.” Two crews are waiting for players after tribal to film them entering their camp, to do follow-up interviews, and to act as backup for the segment producers in case players decide to do an idol search at night. 
  • Wolfe comments about the four remarkable women in the final six. Probst and Crapper say they don’t notice things like age, gender, or ethnicity regarding who’s left in the game, as their focus is more on the gameplay.
  • Wolfe asks Probst what he thought when he saw the players bringing their supplies to be tribal as they expected to be switched to a new camp for the last stretch of the game. Probst replies he was surprised, though not shocked, and he expects new players to do the same thing from now on. 
  • What happens to a player after being voted out? After a player’s torch is snuffed and they walk a path, a producer and camera crew will wait for them to do their exit interviews and confessional. Afterwards, the player would meet a psychologist and head to Ponderosa to shower, eat, and rest. 


  • The producers discuss each of the final five’s journeys up until this point and what they need to do to win.

Lauren Harpe

  • Lauren is a hard-working mom with a hard-shell exterior, which she uses to protect herself after everything she’s been through. Lauren is also seen as a threat due to her social and strategic gameplay. 
  • Voting record: Lauren hasn’t received a vote so far, though she’s only voted correctly twice. 
  • Path to the end: Lauren would first need to win immunity at the final five to advance, as she’s the only one who voted against the Tika three plus Heidi coalition left. Secondly, Lauren must win the fire-making challenge in the final four.
  • Assets to win: two individual immunities, a quiet yet ferocious game; her warrior mentality, valuable number to make a move, and has proven she’s there to win since she played the bank-a-vote advantage on her first tribal. As the last member of Ratu left, Lauren has several former Ratu members on the jury that could vote for her if she makes it to the end.

Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt

  • Heidi is a successful and resourceful mom that has fought for what she wants and has. Heidi has managed to survive after being constantly targeted and even after losing her number one ally. 
  • Voting record: Heidi has seven votes against her so far, and out of seven tribal councils, she has correctly voted six times. 
  • Path to the end: Heidi would need to work with Tika to vote out Lauren and get to the final four or form a coalition to eliminate Tika members to get herself to the end. It would be a plus if Heidi could win individual immunity to secure her place.
  • Assets to win: As the last member of Soka left, Heidi has several former Soka members on the jury that could vote for her if she makes it to the end. Heidi has been involved in several crucial decisions throughout the game and also played the “control-a-vote” advantage, proving she was willing to make moves. Heidi also found an idol that she played to protect herself.

Carson Garrett

  • Carson is a tenacious, self-described nerd who’s the ultimate fan of the game. He has played a double-sided game where he’s been seen as a calm, yet chaotic at times, player. Carson has also garnered a reputation for 3D printing challenges back at home, giving him an edge in the game. 
  • Voting record: had two votes against him that were nullified by an idol, and has voted out correctly at six out of seven tribals.
  • Path to the end: Like Carolyn and Yam Yam, Carson would need to stick with the Tika three and make it to the end together and/or win the following two immunities. Carson would also need to win the final four fire-making challenge.
  • Assets to win: has won individual immunity, he’s been in control in the post-merge phase of the game as part of the Tika three, has well-established relationships with the jury members, has shown prowess when it comes to puzzles and his strategic game has been repeatedly praised.  

Carolyn Wiger

  • Carolyn is a devoted mother willing to go the distance for her son. Carolyn is outspoken, emotional, and has no filter, yet she’s endearing, tenacious, and inspiring to those who meet her. 
  • Voting record: Carolyn has three votes against her and has voted correctly in six of eight tribals. 
  • Path to the end: Like Carson and Yam Yam, Carolyn would need to remain with the Tika three to make it together or vote out her two allies alongside Lauren and Heidi. Carolyn could also win the following immunity challenges and the final four fire-making challenge if it came to.
  • Assets to win: She has the perfect underdog story and has been shown as extremely self-aware despite being perceived as “kooky.” She has been in control of the game alongside the Tika three. Her personality has allowed her to form social bonds with the jury; she has made moves throughout the game, including playing her idol while also keeping it secret from anyone. Carolyn also convinced Sarah the latter had found the idol and voted out correctly Brandon and Danny after targeting them before the merge.

Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho

  • Yam Yam is charismatic, funny, and has a contagious zest for life which has helped him throughout the game. Yam is considered a huge social threat, and he has eliminated the people who have previously targeted him first.
  • Voting record: Yam Yam has five votes against him and has voted correctly in seven tribal councils out of nine. 
  • Path to the end: Remain with the Tika three with Carolyn and Carson or win the following immunity challenges if he decides to vote with Heidi and Lauren.
  • Assets to win: won individual immunity, tight social bonds with the jury due to his personality, has been in control of the game alongside the Tika three, has remained “untouched” by the backlash the Tika three have received, survived being constantly targeted, and his speaking manner could sway the jury in his favour.
  • The producers say there’s not a clear winner this season, and it will come down to the combination of the final three and their performances at the final tribal council. 


  • Probst reveals there is a hidden immunity idol at the new beach, which could change everything. 
  • Why Jeff sucks? Probst is told he’s gaslighting the audience by saying Survivor will change your life as a player or a viewer, as Survivor has always been presented as the most incredible adventure and is now deemed only “just a game.” People who leave the game are now portrayed as happy to have been just part of the game instead of angry or upset about having just lost Survivor. Probst replies Survivor is still a life-changing adventure while its nature is still a game. Probst says he’ll clarify both aspects of Survivor in the future. 

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