Everything You Need To Know About Australian Survivor

Inside Survivor breaks down all the details and gossip to prepare you for the all new Australian Survivor.

Last November, Australia’s Network Ten announced that it would be broadcasting a brand new series of Australian Survivor. Produced by Endemol Shine, the new Australian Survivor is the third attempt at a local version of the popular reality-show format, after previous versions, in 2002 and 2006, failed to draw ratings. Filming of the new version is currently underway and is set to air soon.

Here is everything you need to know about Australian Survivor:

  • The show is currently filming on a remote island in Samoa.
  • The Australian actor, Jonathan LaPaglia, known for his roles in Seven Days and The District, will host the show.
  • Over 15,000 people applied.
  • The cast is made up of 24 people from across Australia.
  • The series will last for 55 days. 16 days longer than the standard 39 days of US Survivor.
  • In the cast are a former soldier, a criminal prosecutor, and a teacher. The cast is made up of a mixture of superfans and novices.
  • Over 250 Australian crew members are working on the show, with an extra 180 Samoans. The team also includes members that have worked on the US version of Survivor.
  • The Tribal Council set took seven weeks to build and includes props and carvings handcrafted by artists from the local Samoan School of Fine Arts.
  • There is an art workshop near the Tribal Council set where all the props and sets are made. After production is finished, this warehouse will be turned into a recycling plant.
  • 16 cameras are involved in the production, including GoPro cameras and drones.
  • The show will be produced by Endemol Shine Australia, in association with format creator Castaway Television Productions. It will air on Network Ten.
  • Network Ten have a big digital extension planned for the show when it begins airing. There will be a big focus on social media and interactive fan involvement.
  • Australian Survivor is expected to air later this year, although no airdate has officially been announced.

Listen to Network Ten Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, talk about what we can expect from Australian Survivor (courtesy of MCN):


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      • The show will be broadcast on Network Ten in Australia which means everyone can watch online for free from tenplay.com.au

        • People in America will NOT be able watch it on tenplay.com.au. Tenplay can only be viewed by Australians. You can get things to allow you to watch it though.

  1. We need cool features to handle the dead time between the seasons!! Like the 50 best episodes. Martin please help us get through the months until season 33 with your great features

  2. I’m wondering if SurvivorOz (Ben Waterworth) will by in the cast? I know he has denied it, but he has disappeared from the SurvivorOz show.

    It’s also interesting that Beverley McGarvey thinks everyone will be mates and there will not be a lot of trickery.
    I’d say good luck with that. They still have to vote people off.

  3. Hi Martin! We should totally do like a fantasy online Survivor on your website! You could host applications and then do some types of challenges etc? It could unite a lot of users on your website and give us something entertaining to do during the dead time between seasons?

  4. We were able to catch Big Brother on You Tube the day after it aired in Australia, so hopefully we can do the same with this. No idea why we an do that with the UK and AUS , but not Canada, but I am pretty sure we will have that option.

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