CBS Confirms 90-Minute Episodes for Survivor 46, Sets Premiere Date

Plus, the first two episodes to be 2-hour specials.


It’s great news for Survivor fans as CBS has confirmed the show will continue with 90-minute episodes next season, which is set to premiere on Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the first two episodes of Survivor 46 (on Feb 28 and March 6) will actually be two-hour feature-length episodes. The show will then return to regular 90-minute episodes for the rest of the season beginning on March 13, followed by new 90-minute episodes of The Amazing Race.

The currently airing Survivor 45 is the first season to air regular 90-minute episodes, something host and executive producer Jeff Probst has been campaigning for for years. However, while Survivor 45 was specifically filmed with the 90-minute runtime in mind, Survivor 46 was shot before knowing how long the episodes would be.

“I was optimistic that 45 would work and that maybe CBS would say, ‘Okay, we like it. We wish we had shot 46 for 90 minutes,” Probst told EW back in September.

He continued, “So all of the producers in every department knew to just be thinking of 90 minutes while we’re out there, and if you see an opportunity for a deeper story or you have an idea that we could add into something that’s already in our game design, let’s talk about it, and if we can pull it off from a production standpoint, let’s do it.”

However, due to not knowing whether the episodes would be 60 or 90 minutes, Probst explained that the production team couldn’t add in new ideas while filming in case they’d have to end up cutting them from the broadcast.

“The challenge became: We can’t create things and put them in the show without the possibility that we can then cut them out of the show,” he shared. |So we have to reverse engineer in the other direction. What can we do if we don’t have time to show it where we could lose it and it wouldn’t impact the central dramatic question of who is going home.”

“We had a lot of fun with that,” he added. “So that’s my way of saying if CBS comes and says, ‘Okay, maybe we will keep it for 46,’ we’d be ready to take that on.”


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7 responses to “CBS Confirms 90-Minute Episodes for Survivor 46, Sets Premiere Date”

  1. Survivor is lacking something this season. Maybe a reward and seperate immunity challanges on each episode would help break up the monotony of the the chatter of the cast members. 90 mins is a long time to watch people just talk.

  2. Please let’s next season be returnees! It’s mindblowing we haven’t seen some favorites back : Angelina, Christian, Nathalie Cole, Chrissy, Domenic, Devens and Elaine.

    Shan, Cody and Carolyn would be locks too

  3. I think the 90 minutes are fine. It works well this season. There are just too many boring players this season (and throughout all the new era). I really wish they would hire a new casting team.

  4. I’m probably in the minority here but I’m not a fan of the 90-minute episodes. I get kinda bored with it & can’t wait for tribal to be over before it even starts.

  5. Wow I’m just really surprised to see people are saying the 90 min episodes are boring for them and must say I really enjoy them!!
    Season 45 has been a delight until now

  6. I like the 90-minute episodes. However, I have to agree with the others about all the talking. I’d like to see more challenges and immunity idol searching.

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