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Two months ago, Inside Survivor revealed information regarding seasons 33 and 34 of Survivor. Recently we revealed the entire cast for Season 33. Now we can reveal the full Survivor Season 34 Cast (Survivor: Game Changers – Mamanuca Islands) which features 20 returning players.

Andrea Boehlke
26 · Redemption Island, Caramoan · 5th, 7th
Brad Culpepper
46 · Blood vs. Water · 15th
Aubry Bracco
29 · Kaoh Rong · Runner-Up
Caleb Reynolds
28 · Kaoh Rong · 15th (Medevac)
Ciera Eastin
27 · Blood vs. Water, Cambodia · 5th, 10th
James "J.T." Thomas
31 · Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains · Winner, 10th
Cirie Fields
45 · Panama, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains · 4th, 3rd, 17th
Jeff Varner
50 · Australian Outback, Cambodia · 10th, 17th
Debbie Wanner
50 · Kaoh Rong · 9th
Malcolm Freberg
29 · Philippines, Caramoan · 4th, 9th
Hali Ford
26 · Worlds Apart · 11th
Ozzy Lusth
34 · Cook Islands, Micronesia, South Pacific · Runner-Up, 9th, 4th
Michaela Bradshaw
25 · Millennials vs Gen X · 14th
Tai Trang
52 · Kaoh Rong · 2nd Runner-Up
Sandra Diaz-Twine
41 · Pearl Islands, Heroes vs. Villains · Winner, Winner
Tony Vlachos
42 · Cagayan · Winner
Sarah Lacina
32 · Cagayan · 11th
Troyzan Robertson
54 · One World · 8th
Sierra Dawn-Thomas
29 · Worlds Apart · 5th
Zeke Smith
28 · Millennials vs Gen X · 9th

For tribe names and divisions click here. Stay tuned to Inside Survivor for information. Survivor: Game Changers will premiere March 8 2017.

Cover Photo Credit: CJ Isherwood via Compfight cc

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86 responses to “Season 34 Cast”

    • Kim was wasted on a terrible season, with the worst male cast the show has ever seen. I would love to see her getting challenged a little more.

  1. Well, well, well.. Ozzy, Cirie, J.T. and Sandra have no place here.
    Nobody needs to see them anymore. At least in my perspective if a player is part than 3 or more seasons they should not be invited again

    • I could not agree more; I’m super annoyed by that. It’s like Boston Robbing; let’s allow players to keep coming back until they win. And when Rob came back the fourth time, the game was a snooze, because everybody just handed it to him. And Sandra, a two-time winner? I hope that some of these choices are because too many other people said no.

    • It’s coz they each will bring something to the table that will be entertaining, Sandra is fun to watch. Ozzy-I think it’s more of like “has he evolved on improving his social skills” & and if he still has the physical dominance. Cirie – also entertaining, and reads well people.

    • JT and Sandra have only been in two. Sandra deserves to try to go 3/3, J.T.’s first season was one of the best showings ever, he deserves to try to redeem himself for HvV. It’ll be interesting to see if Ozzy or Malcolm is more dominant in challenges. I agree on Cirie though, idk why people like her so much, so boring.

      • Really Sandra has no business being there and if she doesn’t get voted off first is crazy . She has won twice. Nobody deserves to win 3 times because she is a goat. I love Ozzy could watch him all the time.

        • You don’t understand the social aspect of this game if you think she didn’t deserve her wins. She may have not been the most deserving in HvV. I still think Parv deserved the win. However she did manage the jury extremely well and the perception of her by the mostly “heroes” jury was that she was most like them as a player, although in reality she wouldn’t play like any of them. So many good strategic players fail at this important aspect of the game. (Stephen, Spencer, Amanda, Aubrey etc.) Russel doesn’t even grasp this aspect.

    • seriously. would love to see them go out one by one from the beginning. The worst are Cirie & Sandra (hopefully first two that go).

  2. I think Boston Rob is overated and shouldn’t have been allowed a fourth time
    Ozzy is overstaying his welcome as well.

    But Cirie and Sandra are always fun to watch, even if i wouldn’t bet on them winning: too big a threat.

  3. This is getting ridiculous!!!! One and done! When so many people want to play. And quit filling the cast with stereotypes. Gay guy√ athlete√ model√ young punk√ neurotic female weirdo√ femme fatale√ odd single guy√….It’s getting too PREDICTABLE.

    • Agree. I don’t think there should be such a thing as professional Survivor player. #33 has been a great season, even with all newbies. This kind of stuff is lazy casting.

    • When you list that many “stereotypes”, it’s easy to get to 20 different “individuals”. I think it’s in the eye of the beholder and here’s my only question for you: Is your stereo-typewriter manual or electric?

  4. —SPOILER— (Kinda)
    I don’t get how on a season with a fairly good amount of gamers we have Michaela and ____ as the reps in a season all about ‘Game Changers’….you can say that for other seasons as well, but (just talking about girls) Jessica put her whole game on the line, she had a real ‘game changer’ moment, at least more than Michaela. If they did an all-stars Brains, Brawn, Beauty I would say add her or a HvV type theme but she doesn’t belong anywhere near this season, and same goes for the guy rep.

  5. I have wanted Ozzy & J.T. to come back for so long! I love them both so much and they are both true Survivors. I’m so sad Joe isn’t in this cast. I have wanted Joe, Malcolm, J.T., and Ozzy to play together for so long! Well, I guess three out of four will have to do.

    Can’t wait for the next season!

  6. I have some doubt this is the list. Not because I don’t trust inside survivor, but because the list is too good.

    • Sandra, Malcolm and JT have only played twice if I’m correct. I’m fine with upto 3 chances. It gets tired after that. Even though I love Cirie.

      • it will be Ozzy’s 4th time. i loved him in his first season,. now i feel like saying “guy, get a job” 🙂

  7. Think I’m just gonna give up on Survivor now. Getting sick of their bad casting choices. Too many overrated players getting too many chances.

    • Yeah but she won title of sole Survivor both of those times. Got me wondering, how many winners of the game never won a single challenge. For one thing winning challenges puts a target on your back. Maybe not winning challenges IS the best strategy.

  8. I’m so NOT missing Joe. a great guy but so boring to watch, quite honestly. WAY more sad Natalie Anderson couldn’t make it and got changed for Sierra of-all-people..

  9. I am elated with the selection of cast members for season 34. Bring it on!! Many of the players I love watching. I could watch another season with Boston Rob, Coach, Tina, Dawn, Kelly Wigglesworth and a few more. I enjoy every season and I hope Survivor lives on forever. Jeff is a fantastic host; and if he were to leave, the show just wouldn’t be the same. Thanks………….and enjoy tonight’s Finale. Any favorites to win?? 🙂

  10. I’m kinda pissed Mari and Jessica didn’t get another chance.
    Both unfair eliminations.
    They should get a chance.

    • Mari was voted out like everyone else. :p

      As for the rocks elimination, they’re unfair specifically so players will try their best to avoid them.

      • Yeah well.
        An unfair vote out, one of the worst blindsides I’ve ever seen.
        She should deserve a second chance, even her fans would vote her back in.
        I’m more pissed that Mari is out of the game because she was my favourite.
        A total missed opirtunity.
        And this is my opinion, not yours.

      • I know now that the whole thing is rigged and just a marketing stunt. They didn’t get the viewers they wanted (like Mari’s fans), so they voted her out. It’s all rigged. Screw the series. I hate reality tv shows.

  11. What about Joe? I’ve watched every season of Survivor, and he is absolutely my favorite player. I threatened to stop watching after he was voted off for the second time. I wish they still rewarded the viewer’s favorite player with $100,000. I know he would have won that.

    • I was wondering about joe to I was sad when he got kicked off twice I was hoping he be on to And I was wondering. Why they asked zek to come back and not Jay from season 33 ? Zek is boring rather have had Will or talyor come back I hope they bring back the voting for fan favorite award they didn’t have that last time that to bad Jay could have walked away with that

    • Personally, I’d love to see an all-winners season! I know that Danni Boatwright has said that she would only play on one. Hopefully, they could get at least 18 of the previous 32 winners to compete. As much as I’d love that, I have to admit that some of the best seasons all-time were newbies only.

  12. Same here, luvmy5guys! (Grin) Yup, I about peed my pants in excitement when Ozzy’s name was announced! I now have two events in 2017 that I can look forward to viewing. The first fun event is being able to watch Ozzy next March on Survivor. But the second event, is being able to stand directly in the path of a spectacular mind numbing ‘TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE’ that will arrive here next August! Yeah baby!

  13. Happy about: Aubry, Ciera, Cirie, Malcolm, Michaela, Sandra, Tony, Zeke
    Not happy about: Ozzy, Tai, Troyzan, Sarah

    Ozzy always plays the same game. Sure, it’s fun to watch him climb trees, but he’s desperately one-dimensional.

    Tai is adorable, sure, but ultimately, his gameplay sucked. He found an idol, adopted a chicken and got lucky. That’s pretty much it.

    Troyzan was one of the worst parts of an already terrible season. I can’t stand him. His only good move was trying to warn everyone that Kim was going to murder them in the finale.

    The only reason I remember Sarah is because of how much she disappointed me. She deserved her blindside.

  14. I hate it when they bring back past contestants multiple times (one previous time is ok). Especially winners. Sandra already won TWICE. Ciera again? Ciri for her fourth time? Ozzie’s fourth appearance, too. C’mon, bring in some new blood. I liked the Fans v. Favs season because at least they had half new contestants. But recycling the same folks over and over is like watching Survivor reruns.

  15. I’m cool with most of these players returning. I could’ve done without more Brad or Tai. Sierra Dawn-Thomas and Hali are odd picks, but I’m alright with seeing them again. It should be a good season with some solid game play!

  16. Couldn’t agree more. Really curious to see how they spin them as game changers. I think they were desperate for a theme, that they could shoehorn everyone into. Originally it was supposed to be Winners vs Jury vs Pre-jury, but something happened with a couple of the winners last minute, or so I read somewhere.

  17. OMG Tony Vlachos in. He is definitely best survivor player ever, i am so happy.
    But he is biggest threat so everyone will want to take out him.
    sad,Russel is not here.

    and why the hell Ozzy?
    he is boring, no brain,who has no chance

    • We will get to watch Ozzy catch fish, all challenges will be swimming challenges to give him a Producer’s advantage, we will watch him climb trees, and cuddle. You’re right boring….as all “heck”.

  18. I’m so excited to see malcolm,ozzy,tony,tai and zeke again
    i cant wait until ozzy and malcolm and tony become the three amigos

  19. Okay I hate to buy into the hype, but I’m doing it: Parvati simply MUST play Survivor again. I know, I know. She’s become almost a mythological figure such is the level of worship she has received from some in the Survivor fandom. Now, I’m not one of the “YASSSSSS QUEEN!!!!!!” fans of Parvati, but she is the Queen of Survivor. It seems even more disappointing as game changer is literally how I would describe Parvati’s legendary Survivor CV. Home girl formed the most brilliant alliance in the history of Survivor, proved that you CAN flirt your way to victory, and then pulled off the impossible by making it to the final tribal council in HvV despite being the biggest threat from day one. That’s a game-changer all in one there.

    Yes, I’m bummed she’s not returning. Also, where the **** is Jay from season 33? He was easily the most intriguing character from that season, and was just a way more captivating figure than someone like Caleb, or even Ozzy. The best part about Ozzy was watching him dominate challenges. He’s facing a very different set of opponents this time around who won’t allow him such dominance, so therefore he doesn’t really bring much else to the table.

    Cirie and Sandra were excellent choices. We’ve never seen a multiple winner play Survivor before, and Cirie is just self-explanatory. She’s amazing TV and an amazing Survivor players, and I’m perfectly fine with players returning for a third, fourth or fifth time if they are genuine legends of the game.

  20. Not going to lie, I absolutely LOVED Hali in Worlds Apart. That random speech she did about American history at tribal council is one of my favourite moments in Survivor history. I mean, the girl surfed with driftwood!

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