Big Brother Canada 9

The Round-Up (Week 7)

What went down in Week 7?

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Each week, Gia and Garrett will round-up the week of Big Brother Canada 9 as they list their top 3-in-3 important categories. This includes the most essential information, the most stand-out houseguests, and the key moments from the week.

Here, Gia breaks down all the action from week seven and the latest eviction of the season!


HOH: Jedson

This HOH was basically one big popularity contest, and Jedson was a shoo-in for the win. Though the competition wasn’t without any drama (check out our Moments section below), Jedson had the endgame in sight and was looking to take out any opposition. Admittedly, his gameplay has wavered throughout the season, and this week proved that Jedson thinks with his heart as well as his head. He decided not to follow through with his backdoor plan, but what a wild ride it was to get to that point.

Noms: Tina and Tera

After weeks of flying under the radar and avoiding the block, the duo of TnT found themselves nominated. Jedson had Tera in his sights as the target for the week, especially after she called him out for being a frontrunner to win the whole game. Not even her role in The Sunsetters could save Tina from being collateral damage this week. She was nominated next to her bestie in order to minimize the chances Tera was saved in Veto.

Veto: Tera, Kiefer renom

Tera was a dead woman walking for the first half of Week 7, but she bested everyone else in the TikTok Veto competition and managed to save herself. With their primary target off the table, the assumption was that Breydon would be the replacement nominee. However, the trio decided to turn on the biggest threat to win the game, Kiefer, and Jedson nominated him instead.



Jedson had a pretty solid week, but it could’ve been better. As I stated before, Jedson’s been having a battle between his head and his heart, which isn’t the battle to have while you’re in the most powerful position in the game. He probably could’ve ended the week relatively unscathed if his initial nominations of Tera and Tina stuck, but once it came time to make the replacement nominee, things fell apart.

He nominated his ally Kiefer in the name of making a big move… only to decide to save him and push to evict Tina instead. Now his threat level is exposed, and Kiefer is aware that he’s not a priority to him. However much time he has left in the game, I worry for him.


Tera had a rollercoaster of a week, that’s for sure. After her outburst at Kiefer and the other houseguests during the HOH competition, it seemed like her fate was sealed. To make matters worse, she was next to her closest friend Tina. Then things turned around for Tera when she won the Veto, guaranteeing herself safety.

She couldn’t save Tina from being evicted, but the week ended with her winning HOH. The Fake Double Eviction may spell some serious trouble for her, but she’s definitely safe for the first round at least.


Kiefer’s confidence finally caught up with him this week when he found himself on the wrong end of the trio’s backdoor plan. Kiefer’s been setting himself up as the biggest threat to win the game, and pretty much everyone in the house agrees that they can’t beat him in the end.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost, Tychon and Jedson had a change of heart and decided to split up TnT instead. It was a shocking turn of events and quite possibly a mistake for the Undercover Brothers as the final six is seeing yet another power shift. Kiefer seems to be a forgiving guy, but is he really that forgiving?

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Tera’s Blow Up

Like I said, the HOH comp this week invited everyone to air out their loyalties and see who was in the best position. The six players eligible to compete had to run to the ball pit to find white balls that granted them points and use the balls with red X’s to negate their competitors’ points.

Tera got the raw end of the deal as other players worked to cancel as many of her points as they could. Once it was clear Tera had no shot at winning, she called out the houseguests for giving Jedson an easy win when he’s never been on the block. She even went as far to say that she would vote for Jedson if he makes it to the Final 2. Most of her rant was directed towards Kiefer, who would find out a few days later that Tera was sort of right.

The backdoor that almost was

It’s no secret to anyone inside the house that Kiefer is a huge threat to win. In fact, the person that talks the most about it is Kiefer himself. When initial target Tera won the Veto comp, the assumption was that Breydon would be the replacement nominee. But the trio saw this as an opportunity to take out the biggest threat and tearfully told Kiefer that he would be going up instead. A day or so later, the plan had shifted yet again, as Ty and Jed both agreed that Kiefer would be a more loyal number to them than Tina. A messy ending to a mess of a week.

The Spicy Pepper Challenge

On a lighter note, the houseguests’ task for this week turned up the heat (I’m assuming production planned this as revenge for voting out Spicy V herself). Seven different peppers were lined up on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 being the mildest and 7 being the spiciest. If each houseguest ate their assigned pepper, they’d win their reward.

Tera got the easiest one, the pepperoncini, while Breydon and Tychon took one for the team with the Thai Chili and the Habanero, respectively. They completed their task and won a party (but also, why did they make Ty read the announcements after eating the Habanero!?). Breydon’s confessional while eating ice cream provided some extra laughs as well.

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