Big Brother Canada 9

The Round-Up (Week 6)

What went down in Week 6?

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Each week, Gia and Garrett will round-up the week of Big Brother Canada 9 as they list their top 3-in-3 important categories. This includes the most essential information, the most stand-out houseguests, and the key moments from the week.

Here, Gia and Garrett break down all the action in week six and the latest eviction of the season!


1. HOH: Beth

Gia: Prior to the eviction night, the houseguests were subjected to hours of the BB Calendar, where they had to memorize details of each month displayed to them. Of course, this was all relevant to the HOH competition, where they were asked questions about what they saw. After outlasting almost all of her housemates, Beth secured her first win of the season after Jedson threw the tiebreaker to her. Regardless of how she obtained the win, Beth wanted to make this week count for her and her alone.

2. Noms: Tera and Rohan

Garrett: These nominations were ultimately used as two pawns so that Victoria could be backdoored. If Vic had managed to avoid the block this week, Rohan would have been the backup target. While Beth wanted to take control (and she did), I think that these nominations may end up helping Ty and Jed more than they helped her. While Victoria was directly going after Beth, Beth is losing pieces on the board that she could use to make a move against Ty/Jed. That trio is running the game, but it feels like Beth is coming in third given how the house generally regards her.

3. Veto: Rohan, Victoria Renom

Gia: Our latest Veto King did it again! The Veto competition was a whole lot and required a combination of hand-eye coordination and memorization. Only Tychon came even remotely close to Rohan, but it wasn’t enough to prevent him from saving himself once again. Once it was obvious a renom would be needed, Beth decided now was the perfect time to follow through with her plan to backdoor Victoria.

Bonus: Double Eviction Overview

HOH: Kiefer, Noms: Rohan and Breydon, Veto: Tychon, Veto not used

Garrett: Unfortunately, not the most memorable Double Eviction as far as the game goes. With Rohan being the backup target for weeks and Kiefer winning HOH, there was very little chance that the flow of the game was going to be upset by this Double Eviction.

Photo: Global/BBCAN


1. Beth

Gia: As the weeks have gone by, it has become increasingly clear that the house regards Beth as a follower of the Tychon-Jedson duo. Knowing this, Beth has become determined to set herself apart from her alliance members by making big moves that specifically benefit her. After Breydon spilled to her that Victoria was planning to target her next, she got to work on a backdoor plan. She went back and forth with Tychon and Jedson about whether this was actually a good idea, but Victoria’s fate was sealed once Rohan won the Veto.

2. Victoria

Garrett: OK, that’s it. Cancel the season. It’s over. We are so sad to see Victoria go. If you’ve been reading our round-ups, Victoria has been our biggest star of the season. Providing constant entertainment and gameplay, Spicy V surviving six weeks of the game while playing this hard is impressive. The perfect combination of savvy and messy, she will be missed on our screens (maybe we will see her on BBCAN 10!).

3. Rohan

Gia: Unfortunately, Rohan’s fate was basically sealed when Kiefer won the double eviction HOH, and he had no more cards to play when he couldn’t win the Veto for the fourth time (but how cool would that have been?!). Rohan was dealt a rough hand in the game’s early stages and was treated as a potential target right from the beginning. He saved himself multiple times through his Veto wins and came up short this time around. Now he’s the second juror, and we too would like to thank his parents for creating a legend.


1. Successful Backdoor

Garrett: Everyone loves a good backdoor; too bad Victoria had the be the victim of it. Ultimately though, this was the right way to handle Victoria’s eviction. If Victoria sees it coming, she is only getting more opportunities to start building a coalition for her to stay. There was a lot of waffling amongst the trio already; if Vic had 2-3 more days to put in work and an opportunity at the Veto, she is much more likely to stay.


Garrett: Every iconic Big Brother houseguest has one moment that sets their legacy in stone; for Victoria, it was her screaming at Tera at the hot tub. That hot tub has been the setting for some of BBCAN’s best moments (see Sabrina’s “They want good TV? IS THAT WHAT THEY WANT!?), and the showdown between Vic and Tera was heated.

Vic was coming for Tera for complaining about missing home and pointing out that “YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS!”. Victoria really wanted to stay, and she had Tera pressed. Tera’s reaction was… less than perfect, but it made for great TV. Tera threw her sunglasses off in a moment of exasperation, and Vic was going off, all while they were surrounded by giant colored pencils.

3. Double Eviction

Gia: With so much air time spent on Victoria’s campaign to save herself (honestly, a wise decision in hindsight), the double eviction went by fast. Kiefer won the Before or After HOH comp and chose to nominate Rohan and Breydon. Then, Tychon won the Veto during a sliding maze game and decided not to use it. With nominations the same, the house voted unanimously to evict Rohan. We didn’t get any hints to the next HOH competition, so we’ll just have to wait and see what becomes of Week 7.

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