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Episode 30 Recap – Who Is Playing Nicole’s Game?

Who won the Veto?

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The world revolves around Cody Califiore, at least, according to Cody himself. So far this season, that seems to be true—he’s gotten everything he’s wanted and continues to never be in danger despite winning the most competitions and being the most connected socially among those remaining in the game. This season has been catered to his strengths, so it is no surprise that when Nicole, seemingly an outsider of Cody’s main alliance, wins Head of Household, she does whatever Cody wants her to do, despite her knowing he will be harder to beat at the end.

After the nomination ceremony, Nicole is confident in her ability to get Memphis out this week. She wants to ensure he gets eliminated before Christmas, simply because he annoys her more than Christmas does. Memphis thinks that the boys have his back and even laughs at Christmas in the Diary Room, thinking that she is the target this week, not him. Either way, Cody and Enzo know they have the power since they are the ones who are voting, not Nicole. If they want to get rid of Christmas, they can.

Christmas doesn’t help herself, as she tries pitching to Enzo that if he wins the Veto, he should use it on one of the nominees so Cody can be the only option as the replacement. Enzo, of course, runs and tells Cody and Nicole this, but frankly, neither cares. They know that they can win the comps to stay in the game, and whatever Christmas’ agenda is, they have always seemed to play their game despite that. In fact, Nicole uses this as a way to get even closer to Christmas, creating a Final 2 alliance among the two remaining women left in the game. This is even though both of them have continuously targeted the other women the majority of the time.

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It’s now time for the Power of Veto competition! The houseguests will be competing in the BB Comics comp, where they’ll zipline to retrieve comic book covers representing each houseguest on this season. Cody and Nicole spend their time bashing Kaysar and Janellen, despite both of them being out of the game for over a month now. Regardless, this is Nicole’s third time playing this comp (she placed 2nd in Big Brother 16 and won in Big Brother 18), so it is no surprise that she ends up winning the BB Comics Veto once again.

Nicole does think about using the Veto to potentially backdoor Cody, but only for a brief amount of time. At this stage of the game, she’s too afraid to send out Cody, who is a big shield for her, especially over someone like Memphis and Christmas, who have both tried to get her out. However, Nicole makes it a point to pitch that Memphis should be the one leaving over Christmas and says so after she decides not to use the Veto.

So who goes? The vote has changed a few times this week. Christmas clearly wants Cody out next round, but Memphis has proven to be a better competitor throughout the season. To keep Nicole happy, Enzo and Cody are more than likely going to evict Memphis in this Thursday’s eviction.

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