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Episode 27 Recap – Tyler Strikes Out

Who won the Veto?

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Every week I wish for The Committee, the main alliance of Big Brother 22, to dismantle. It’s hard to hide my disdain for an alliance that has seemingly controlled every move of the season, leaving little surprise or drama in each episode. After last week’s triple eviction, my wish came true, but only because there’s no one left besides Enzo—who was in direct affiliation with the main alliance to begin with. With Cody winning Head of Household this week, we will see another Committee member go unless Tyler or Christmas win the Power of Veto and save themselves.

The episode starts off with the reassurance that Tyler or Christmas leaving is best for the majority. Cody has strong alliances with everyone left. Enzo and Memphis are doing their best to keep their gameplay alive, and Nicole has proven she is against Tyler and Christmas, keeping her useful for at least this round of the game. As for the initial target, Christmas has annoyed the houseguests the past few weeks, as her confidence has been construed as cockiness, leaving little wiggle room for sympathy towards her current position. It is not surprising that Nicole and Cody want her to leave after the nomination ceremony, deeming her unfit to continue playing the game.

Christmas starts to go to work on staying in the game and recognizes her path may be through Memphis. She focuses on making him believe that he is the next target if she goes and that they could be a great duo if they work together. I do think Memphis would be smart to work with Christmas, as he can’t beat Enzo or Cody in the long run. However, Memphis is dead-set on working with the boys and wants nothing to do with her pitch.

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While Christmas is doing this, Tyler pitches to Enzo on why he could be a valuable ally for Enzo moving forward. Enzo is the last remaining player not in The Committee, and Tyler decides to expose that alliance to Enzo. Unbeknownst to Tyler, Enzo has already known about this alliance for weeks. Cody was once again a few steps ahead of Tyler, making Enzo even more committed to not using the Veto on Tyler if he wins it.

Speaking of, it is now time for the Veto competition. In this comp, the houseguests must arrange pictures of their former competitors in chronological order, based on the different attributes of each picture. The houseguest that successfully arranges these pictures in the fastest time will win. This is a must-win for Christmas or Tyler, and they know it. Tyler surprisingly does poorly in this competition, with him timing out and being disqualified from winning. Christmas does the worst of those who completed the task, leaving Cody to win another comp, giving him all the power this week.

Christmas sees the writing on the wall and once again tries to pitch on why she should stay. She starts to throw Tyler under the bus, showcasing how schemey and sneaky he can be in this game. Enzo also tells Cody that Tyler told him about The Committee, leaving Cody to think harder about who he actually wants to eliminate this week. Tyler tries his best to pitch to Cody, but it’s falling on deaf ears. It’s clear that Cody does not want to make anyone else upset, and it wouldn’t make any sense for him to use the Veto on either Christmas or Tyler. At the Veto ceremony, Cody decides to leave Christmas and Tyler as the final nominees.

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So who goes? Christmas has worked really hard to convince people that she is the right person to stay. She is focused on going after Nicole, and Tyler has proven time and time again that he has lied to Cody and Enzo. Unless Christmas annoys her houseguests once again, I do believe the target has firmly shifted onto Tyler, and he will be evicted come Thursday’s eviction.

At this point, I believe this is Cody’s game to lose, but if Memphis or Enzo decides to make a move, they could uproot his game and make a run for it. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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