Australian Survivor Episode 4 Recap – A Kat With Nine Lives

“That was intense…”

Those were the words of a deflated Aganoa tribe as they returned to camp following a rather dramatic elimination of Evan last night. It seemed like another well-executed blindside, and that was confirmed when it was revealed that Evan didn’t even bother to take his possessions to Tribal Council. Oops!

Phoebe takes the credit for the elimination, and certainly, she seems to be in control of things at Aganoa, while over at Saanapu, Peter ponders his liability in the game. Things are a little more complicated at Vavau with Nick still trying to spins webs of confusion. He finally gets the chance to chat to his alliance in private to explain his decision last night to lie about the clue to the hidden immunity idol. He tells the truth…or was it a lie…who knows anymore! His drivel is all just a blur, and no one believes a word that comes out of his mouth. Even Grandma Sue has decided she can’t trust Nick, so it seems that his days are numbered.

Speaking of idol clues, it’s finally time for some rummaging around in the woods to find the elusive and all powerful hidden immunity idol. “X” marks the spot for Phoebe and Rohan who somehow locate two trees that loosely resemble a cross. Rohan digs around at the base and, low-and-behold uncovers the first immunity idol of the season. Despite previously agreeing that Phoebe would be the one to hang on to the idol, Rohan quickly stuffs it into his pocket and Phoebe, for some reason, doesn’t object.

Peter and Kylie’s search for the idol at Saanapu seems to have hit a wall, so to speak. Their clue mentioned a fallen tree and a wall, with the edit clearly implying that the two were standing right on top of the spot where the idol was buried at the foot of the wall of a fallen tree!


The focus at Vavau is not so much the search for idols but more the search for a flame. With a broken flint, the Vavauians have been without fire for three days, and the effects of little food and water are starting to take their toll. Yet somehow, Vavau have been rising to the challenge at the challenges, and they say they are feeling confident of avoiding their first loss of the season as they prepare for this week’s immunity challenge.

It’s a classic swimming challenge that sees teams swim in pairs out to a cage where they drop a grappling hook to grab a treasure chest and bring it back to shore. When all three chests are returned and opened, a puzzle will once again decide immunity. Peter again sits this one out for Saanapu, for reasons “he’ll tell us later” apparently.

Vavau is slow out of the gates, and it’s Saanapu with the early lead thanks to Sam and Brooke. However, Aganoa reclaims the lead, once again thanks to Lee who is proving to be a beast in challenges. Host Jonathan LaPaglia describes it as “half swimming, half running…like dolphins”. Not sure what dolphins JPL has been watching, but clearly the heat is getting to him.

Lee and Rohan hit the water twice for the Aganoa tribe to try and see if their lungs will explode, while Kat and Kristie watch on hopelessly with no involvement in the challenge whatsoever. When Lee returns, he collapses on the beach exhausted, while Rohan jumps into the puzzle with Phoebe. It’s neck and neck with Saanapu who have puzzle whiz kid Matt and Kylie in action, while Vavau is trailing well behind.


Matt is flying through the puzzle as Nick and Kate try to get Vavau back into the game. Phoebe and Rohan are struggling to get a feel for the puzzle, and before they know it, Saanapu is celebrating yet another immunity victory. The other two teams are fighting to avoid a visit to Tribal Council, but that doesn’t inspire Rohan and Phoebe. They ignore pleas for a substitution to take their place, and it’s Vavau who rise from the dead to complete the puzzle first, sending Aganoa back to Tribal once again.

As JPL is handing out the rewards of the battle, Vavau throws up a unique proposition. In a move that reeks of desperation, they request a trade of their souls for some new flint (because they were so good with it the first time) to restart their fire. JPL deems the price to be everything that they have won at every challenge ever. Perhaps it would’ve been easier just to lose the challenge and get fire at Tribal, but they accept the deal, and the swap will go down at the next challenge.

It’s back to Aganoa now with the scramble among the tribe. Phoebe is again the one in control as she rallies troops while confronting Rohan about his loyalty to her. It seems an unnecessarily aggressive move by Phoebe, perhaps testing his trust one last time, and Rohan was understandably threatened.

It appears that it’s down to either Kat or Rohan who will be leaving. Will the four girls align to oust Rohan or will Rohan and Lee be kept in the loop to remove Kat once and for all? But this Kat might just have nine lives as she is spared from elimination by a unique situation.


Over on Saanapu, Peter has had enough and will be quitting the game. As JPL visits the island for the last rites, Peter reveals that he caught a bug two days before the show and hadn’t really eaten anything substantial in 12 days. True or otherwise, seeing someone quit the show is as devastating for viewers as it is for the tribe mates who shed a tear over Peter’s departure. “I’m leaving. I’m finished. I wish you all the best,” was all Peter could muster as his game is brought to a sad end.

The show continues to a Tribal Council with Aganoa put under the microscope for the third time this season. While appearing physically strong on the back of Lee and Rohan, they fell at the puzzle portion of the challenge yet again. Rohan puts his hand up to take responsibility for the loss, but it’s Kat who is clearly upset and on the chopping block.
However JPL delivers the news of Peter quitting the game, so they are spared elimination tonight.

El gets asked a question which was awkward, and she awkwardly responds with something about awkwardness. Kristie was also there apparently, but you wouldn’t know it. Kat’s mood turns from agony to ecstasy as she goes on a mind-numbing rant about knowing she was gone and overhearing a conversation that said as much, perhaps just to remind everyone to vote for her next time around.

Next time, more idol hunting!

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