Australian Survivor: Titans vs. Rebels

Episode 6 Recap – It’s Sabotage!

What went down in Episode 6?

Titans vs. Rebels just soared to new heights as its latest episode left us all watching the beginnings of Hurricane Kelli hitting the Titans’ beach. Kelli, having been just voted as the saboteur of the Rebels tribe, arrives singsonging to the beach, where the Titans greet her half asleep and without knowing what just hit them.

According to the plan, Kelli begins her tale of how the Rebels voted her out despite her being in the majority alliance. Even with no food and sleep, the Titans start unravelling Kelli’s half-formed story quicker than the cuddle alliance lasted in the game. Kelli is oblivious to her getting caught, as just as she’s saying she’s in the clear, Eden is saying on another that he isn’t buying what Kelli is selling.

Nathan, who still is playing catchup in the game, is happy that Kelli is now part of the Titans tribe, as he is aware he’s next on the chopping block and Kelli might be the reprieve he’s been seeking. For his part, Mark is on his quest to find the mysterious box in the Titan’s camp. After Kelli’s information verifies the box’s existence, Mark finds it, acquires the hidden immunity idol within, and relays this information to Viola and Valeria.

Meanwhile, the Rebels awaken in a Kelli-free environment, feeling joy due to her absence. However, not everything is peachy keen, as Kirby is reeling after failing to target Feras at the last tribal council due to the saboteur twist. Scott further incenses Kirby by telling her about Feras’ countermove to target Rianna, Kirby’s closest ally. With Feras and Kirby fully aware of each other’s attempts to get the other out, it is now time for who will strike first.

At the reward challenge, the tribes must compete in pairs in an endurance challenge where the last pair standing wins coffee and food for their team. The Titans’ pairs are Jaden and Nathan, Kelli and Caroline, Charles and Kitty, and Viola and Valeria. Aileen and Rianna, Alex and Scott, Sarah and Kirby, and Garrick and Raymond are also paired up for the Rebels. In the end, the Rebels are again victorious as they have three pairs competing for most of the challenge against only one from the Titans.

As the Rebels enjoy their lovely food and much-earned coffee, Feras decides to go idol hunting. With Raymond’s help, he locates his second idol and plans to use it against Kirby as soon as possible. As he returns to camp, Feras tells a surprised Alex about his idol, who doesn’t hesitate to retell this information in a heartbeat to everyone else. As everyone wonders if he has an idol, Feras is just giddy about the chaos he has created around camp for his benefit.

After a gut-wrenching loss, the Titans must be content to eat rice and beans. Caroline is furious that Nathan doesn’t ration food, and if she had her way, she would vote him out at the next tribal council. For her part, Hurricane Kelli is still deciding whether to unleash her damage at the next immunity challenge in the Rebel’s favour to complete her mission while still contemplating her options to perhaps change course and ultimately betray her original tribe.

At the immunity challenge, both tribes must untangle enough rope to unlock a chest of paddles. Then, they set out into the water to collect puzzle pieces, bring them back to shore, hoist them at the top of a tower, and lastly, form a puzzle upon a wobbly shelf held up by the rest of the tribe.

To the shock of the Rebels, Hurricane Kelli decides to sit out at the challenge, and all rebels are visibly in shock at Kelli’s apparent betrayal. However, in a funny twist of fate, even without Kelli, the Rebels are victorious in snatching the victory. Thus, they send the Titans tribe to tribal council.

As Kelli is gathering her bearings after deciding not to sabotage the Titans, Caroline targets Nathan once and for all due to his selfishness regarding the tribe’s food. Alongside the other members of the middle-aged mafia alliance, Mark, Eden, and Kitty, she decides to split the vote between Nathan and Jaden in case Nathan has an idol. As it is Survivor, a second plan emerges, with Mark pinpointing a rift in the Titans tribe due to Caroline and her perceived bossiness.

With both plans in action and most tribe members on board (minus Jaden, who only wants more rice and beans to enjoy the show), the Titans tribe prepares for what sure seems to be yet another upcoming blindside.

At tribal, Eden tells JLP he knows why Kelli was sent to the Titans tribe, as Kelli has the perfect coverage to be a mole. As the Titans are at tribal, Hurricane Kelli can now rejoin the Rebels, much to her (and Alex’s perhaps) chagrin. Back to the original Titans… JLP continues to question several members regarding the upcoming voting plan. Jaden lets out he doesn’t know what is happening, and Kitty intercedes he does and he should stick to it.

In the end, Nathan is voted out after a 6-3-1 vote between himself, Jaden, and Caroline, leaving the Titans with one less meat shield to feed.

As the second week of this Survivor season wraps, we see what is coming next in the season: a tribe swap! With Hurricane Kelli set loose once again in the Rebels camp, the war forging between Feras and Kirby, the middle-aged mafia alliance crumbling, and Jaden perhaps learning he’s on Survivor rather than at a beach retreat, we are for sure in for a fun ride for next week.

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Mariana Loizaga

Mariana is a lawyer and a writer from Mexico City, Mexico. She has a masters degree in International Relations from the University of Surrey. Her hobbies include reading, blogging, and of course watching Survivor. The first season of Survivor she ever saw was Survivor: Philippines and she became so fascinated with the game and its many layers that she went back through the archives and watched every single previous season.

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