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Episode 5 Recap – Here Comes Hurricane Kelli

What went down in Episode 5?

Australian Survivor’s Titans vs. Rebels continues to deliver entertainment in the fifth episode as dynamics shift and new battle lines are drawn, especially on the Rebels tribe. Unfortunately, a dreaded non-elimination twist gets in the way of a potentially explosive tribal council.

We all knew a non-elimination twist was due, as is the Australian Survivor tradition. However, it comes in an episode where a war is brewing between Feras and Kirby, depriving us of what could have been the biggest blindside of the season so far. Instead, we get another edition of the Kelli Show, as the talkative psychologist is sent on a mission to sabotage the Titans.

As far as non-elim twists go, this one is fine. It doesn’t damage the integrity of the game, and at least the Rebels are given a heads-up by JLP ahead of the vote. The only issue is timing. Still, in the long run, perhaps this will work out for the best. After all, we could have potentially seen the end of Feras’ game, which would have been a blow to the overall season, given he’s one of the biggest characters and players on the island.

Fresh off playing his idol at the last tribal, Feras returns to camp with a smile on his face and a target on his back. Even if the vote didn’t go down quite as planned due to Kelli’s wildcard vote for Tobias, Feras still has control of the tribe. Or so he thinks. Kirby has other plans, and even though she thinks Feras is a great guy, he’s too much of a threat to keep around.

Surprisingly, Feras spends the majority of this episode unaware of the plotting going on around him. Perhaps all the birthday cake from the Rebels’ reward win clouded his judgment, or maybe the loved one’s photos lulled him into a comfortable position. Either way, Feras is completely unaware that Kirby has flipped until deep into the episode.

Instead, Feras’ eyes are set on Kelli, who tanks another Immunity Challenge for the Rebels, sending them back to tribal council. This time, Feras, and especially Garrick, are sick of Kelli’s ineptitude. They’re ready to just cut her loose and have a nice and easy vote. But, of course, nothing is ever that easy on Survivor.

Kirby doesn’t see the advantage in sending Kelli home; in her mind, it’s a wasted vote when there are much bigger threats still in the game. So, while the rest of the tribe is at the water well, Kirby brings Kelli in on a potential blindside on Feras. Naturally, Kelli is on board, knowing she’s the alternative for tonight’s vote if it’s not Feras.

As the rest of the group scatters, satisfied with the Kelli plan, Kirby makes the rounds to shore up numbers. She approaches Alex, Rianna, and Scott (who, it turns out, is a cast member in this season) and broaches the idea of taking out Feras. The more Kirby talks, the more Rianna and Scott come around to the idea, and before long, it looks like the numbers are on for a Feras blindside.

However, Alex decides to snitch on Kirby’s plan to Feras. An odd man out after losing two close allies back-to-back, Alex is looking for a way forward, and he chooses to build some trust with Feras. For a moment, Feras looks genuinely gutted to learn Kirby has flipped, further evidence he had no clue what was coming his way.

After taking stock, Feras springs back into action and plots a counter attack. Talking with his trusted ally Garrick, the pair decide taking out Rianna would be the best move, as it cuts off Kirby’s closest ally and effectively neuters her game. Others, like Alex and Raymond, appear to be on board, with the likes of Scott floating in the middle.

As I said earlier, we sadly don’t get to see the outcome of these two opposing plans. At tribal, JLP drops the bombshell that the Rebels won’t be voting to send someone home but rather to send someone to the Titans with a specific mission. That mission? Sabotage the Titans to make them lose the next Immunity Challenge and then return to Rebels camp.

All of a sudden, the plan is off Feras, as Kirby whispers to her allies that sending him to the enemy is too dangerous, especially as he has the key to the Titans’ treasure box. Based on the chat here and Scott’s reactions, I do think the majority of votes were going toward Feras.

Luckily for Feras, the attention immediately switches to Kelli, who everyone agrees is tailor-made for the role of saboteur. I mean, her tribemates have literally referred to her as a grenade and a hurricane. Kelli argues why sending her would be a bad idea and tries to sell Feras as a better option. For his part, Feras seems open to the possibility.

But the deed is done way before the debate gets underway; Kelli is realistically the only option. She can sabotage without even having to try. And so her entire tribe votes her out, instructing her to keep the Titans “up all night” as her first line of business.

This was definitely a Rebels-heavy episode, as the action on the Titans was minimal. Mark and The Vs found the treasure chest but still need a means of opening it. But the fact Mark kept this secret from the Middle-Aged Mafia tells you where his true loyalties lie, and so things could get interesting if Titans return to tribal. And, of course, the Titans have a hurricane heading their way in the form of Kelli, so, hold on tight!

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