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Episode 3 Recap – Thrown Out

What went down in Episode 3?

The Titans and Rebels of Australian Survivor’s latest season might have (supposedly) different ways of life, but the two tribes have had strikingly similar approaches to gameplay so far. The third episode of this excellent first week saw the Rebels mirror the Titans’ first tribal council, so much so that you could have mistaken it for a tribute performance.

You’d think after 24 years and countless versions of Survivor all over the world, players would have learned to dial down the cockiness a little by now. Never get too comfortable is practically the game’s motto at this point. But they never learn. And thank the Survivor gods that they don’t because there is nothing more satisfying than seeing smug smirks turn into dropped jaws and frowns of disappointment.

In this episode, the Rebels got their first taste of tribal and all the brutality that comes with it. Much like the early days on the Titans beach, a small but tight clique of the fit and strong types had come together. Bar manager Peta and her late-night snuggle-buddy, maths teacher Alex, headed up the alliance, with fellow snugglers Sarah and Tobias making up the foursome.

As this episode begins, Peta and Alex show obvious signs of comfortability, and not just in their sleeping arrangements. They feel like they have control over the tribe, are part of the popular crew, and have easy targets in the form of Kelli and Raymond, the “annoying” outcasts of the tribe. And their cockiness only increases after Peta finds an idol and shares it with Alex.

Just as we saw with Frankie, Nathan, and co on the Titans tribe, this group of four already thinks they have the game locked up and have no qualms about flaunting their closeness. Whether they think it’s because they’re invaluable to the tribe and therefore untouchable, or they simply think their fellow tribemates are dummies, I’m not sure. But, the fact is, their tightness has not gone unnoticed.

This episode introduces us to Kirby, who must have spent the first two episodes on Forgotten Island because I’m pretty sure this is the first time we hear her speak. The AFLW Coach notes that she’s been playing a quiet and observant game, and she has clocked exactly what’s going on with Peta, Alex, Sarah, and Tobias.

Kirby isn’t the only one showing off her observation skills. Feras and Garrick are also onto the tight four, whom they soon dub the “Cuddle Crew.” And with that, the supposed strong four quickly become the minority in the tribe despite having zero awareness of what’s going on around them.

In fact, the four are so oblivious that they suggest throwing the next immunity challenge just so they can start trimming the fat. Alex, in particular, is sick of Kelli and wants her gone. Given her boisterous personality, I can see why her tribemates find Kelli grating, and her awkward lusting over Nathan at the challenges doesn’t help her cause. But throwing a challenge this early into the game is rarely a good idea.

For one, intentionally throwing challenges can give momentum to the opposing tribe. The Titans, who have been on a losing streak until this episode, manage to secure a victory in the Reward Challenge, though their (tinned) meat feast is hardly worth celebrating. But it does give them renewed spirit, which is only increased further after an Immunity win (even if they did almost lose to a tribe trying to throw the challenge).

As for the Titans tribe dynamics, there isn’t much change since the Jessica vote-out. Eden and Mark (aka The Invisible Hand) reaffirm their alliance with Caroline and Kitty, dubbing themselves The Middle-Aged Mafia. Meanwhile, Nathan and Jaden hash out plans in case of a tribe swap, with Nathan intending to use his good looks to get in good with the flirtatious Rebels.

But back at the Rebels beach, it’s all going down. The Cuddle Crew believes everyone is on board for a simple Kelli elimination, with a few votes thrown onto Raymond in case of an idol play. However, Garrick and Feras know something is up. They can tell something dodgy went down at the challenge, and it doesn’t sit well with them. In their mind, it’s time to teach the foursome a lesson, with Feras relishing the moment to wipe some smiles off faces.

As with the Titans’ first tribal, it’s, unfortunately, the strong woman of the alliance who becomes the target. The tribe quickly agrees to vote for Peta, noting that she’s so comfortable that even if she does have an idol (which she does), she won’t bother playing it. It’s a shame that these plans always target the women first; I’m not sure why Alex wouldn’t have made just as viable an option here.

Meanwhile, Kirby, who is also ready to take a hit at the Cuddle Crew, begins to think things over and comes up with a new idea. Right now, everyone trusts Kirby, so she could theoretically vote with the foursome against Kelli, knowing that Peta would go home regardless, given the nature of the split vote. This way, she keeps her hands clean and maintains the trust of Alex, Sarah, and Tobias going forward.

Kirby brings Rianna in on the plan, and they agree to vote with the four, knowing full well that Peta is going home anyway. It’s a nifty idea, but I worry it’s a little too fancy for this stage of the game when people are still building trust and forming alliances. Did Kirby let anyone else in on this plan? If not, her self-interested vote could break the trust of those who stuck their neck out and voted for Peta.

Either way, Peta is toast, even though she does begin to have those pre-tribal jitters. She senses that it’s all a little too calm and simple; something feels off, especially with Kelli really hamming up her “poor me, I’m going home” act. Even Feras and Garrick start to worry about Kelli overplaying her hand.

But when it comes time for tribal, Peta remains steadfast in her plan, even after Alex urges any potential idol holders to play the damn thing if they are feeling concerned. Just like Frankie in the first episode, Peta got way too comfortable in her position and confused a physically strong alliance for strength in numbers. Even though it’s a shame to see her go so soon, the look of confusion on the faces of Alex, Sarah, and Tobias was well worth it.

And so ends a stellar first week of Australian Survivor. So far, these Titans and Rebels are delivering and giving me hope that this season can follow up on the electric Heroes vs. Villains. There are still the usual issues with editing and what have you, but when the cast is this strong and gameplay this hectic, there’s very little to complain about.

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  1. What issues do you have with editing? I think it’s better than USA version with the Kelli hitting on other trucks being fully shown.

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