Australian Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Episode 23 – The Jury’s Out

What went down in Episode 23?

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The finale week of Australian Survivor Heroes vs. Villains is upon us, and with only two episodes left to know who will win it all, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Against all odds, King George has made it to the final four, alongside his besties, former Villain Liz and former Heroes Matt and Gerry. With Nina getting voted out at the last tribal, it seems Liz is now the odd one out, as she was the only one that voted against Matt. Only two tribals are left before the final one, which is shaping up to be one of the most intense endgames Survivor has ever seen.

On night 44, right after tribal, Liz feels extremely upset that George again blindsided her. When George tells Liz that their plans haven’t changed, Liz scoffs and tells him she knows she’s going out next unless she wins immunity. George is unconcerned as he feels he did the right thing for his game and would rather go to the final three with Matt and Gerry. To make Liz feel calmer, George tells her they’ll vote out Gerry if Matt wins immunity. Liz, however, doesn’t trust George at all but knows she has to play nice to have a shot of remaining at the game.

Gerry says he feels he played the game well, as he managed to overcome his being sent to the Villains tribe and managed to overrule the former OG Heroes’ majority. As his plan for revenge worked, Gerry now feels ready to focus on the last few days ahead. Gerry and Matt reinforce their final two as well, with Gerry commenting that just as he lives his life with trust and loyalty, he’s proving this is also a way to play Survivor. Liz continues to pep-talk herself into winning immunity, as she’s entirely on the outs of the Gerry-Matt-George alliance, which she also labels borderline weird.

At the next challenge, JLP asks the final four their thoughts on getting to day 45. Liz can’t believe she’s the last woman standing and is grateful to have gotten to this point. George, as the last remaining returning player, says he couldn’t feel prouder but says that it proves the “cream rises to the top.” JLP then shocks everyone by saying that immunity is not up for grabs this time, and instead, they are competing for an extra vote in tonight’s tribal. With stunned faces, the players know that this extra vote could make or break anyone’s game.

From the beginning, to no one’s surprise, Matt pulls away and starts commandeering the challenge. Though the other three do their best to keep up, Matt ultimately wins the challenge and the extra vote. And as if an immunity challenge without immunity wasn’t enough of a twist, JLP drops the next one on the final four. He tells them that the extra vote won’t be used to get someone out but rather to remove someone from the jury. The jury member with the higher number of votes will leave the game immediately and won’t be able to have a vote at the upcoming final tribal council.

A similar twist was seen in the US version of Survivor (Kaôh Rōng), where Michele Fitzgerald voted Neil Gottlieb out of the jury. And it was also used in Australian Survivor Season 2 when Jericho Malabonga used the power to remove Tessa O’Halloran from the jury. However, this is the first time in Survivor history that several players are involved in booting a jury member. JLP finalizes by announcing that this season will have a final three with a jury of seven, highlighting that every vote is crucial from here on out.

The jury so far consists of Flick, Sam, Shonee, Shaun, Hayley, Simon, and Nina. While everyone wants someone they know won’t vote for them out, George’s “target” starts to centre on Simon. George and Liz discuss that Simon will most likely vote for either Matt or Gerry before either of them, which would take a vote away from them. George wants Matt and Gerry to remove Simon but has to convince them stealthily, so they don’t realize that a vote against George is for the duo.

While the four are hiding under the shelter due to the rain, George starts to pull at the OG Heroes’ heartstrings in a way, by telling them that it would be a right fit for Simon to be removed, as Simon had repeatedly called them pawns and doesn’t deserve to a juror.

As nothing is clear-cut in Survivor, Gerry mentions Nina. Before getting her torch snuffed, they all overheard Nina telling Liz she couldn’t sit at the end with George. Liz starts defending Nina by saying she will vote for the person that played the best overall game rather than personally like Simon. However, Gerry isn’t convinced and says everything is about “girl power” for Nina. Rightfully, Liz immediately calls him out on that comment, for which Gerry is apologetic.

Matt, for his part, wants to have control instead of George and wants to remove Shonee. He knows that Shonee will vote for Liz whatever the outcome is and tells this to George; the latter knows Shonee is a potential vote for him and insists that the removed juror is Simon, though Matt feels manipulated and wants to pull one over George. Matt tells Gerry that either of them would have Simon’s vote and that they must concentrate on removing Shonee instead.

George and Liz start plotting as they realize Matt is coming into his strategic senses, and George goes to break up their conversation. Gerry says in a confessional that even though his ideal final three is with Matt and George, he’s starting to think of the possibility of getting rid of George. Better late than never, hey Gerry.

At tribal, JLP shocks the jury members when he announces what will unfold. Matt says that though he has an extra vote, he needs another person to vote to have a majority. Gerry reveals there’s no consensus on who should leave the jury. While Gerry and George are deciding who to vote for, Gerry tells him that the women on the jury will vote for Liz. George remarks that Liz won’t be there anyway, which Liz overhears. Gerry presses that he wants a woman out of the jury, Liz is wholly opposed to this plan, and Matt and George are still deciding on Simon.

The final four finally cast their votes, with Liz voting for Simon, Matt placing both of his votes on Shonee, and George and Gerry casting two more fatal votes for Shonee. With a 4-1 vote and a smile, Shonee takes it in stride as she’s once again eliminated from the game.

Everything is set up now for the final battle. Gerry’s odds of being at the final tribal are the best, as no one in their right mind would vote him out. Liz’s only chance of getting to the end is if she wins immunity. Matt is another one with great odds of being at the end. George is on the verge of becoming the Sole Survivor, though if Liz wins immunity or Matt and Gerry finally come to their senses, he’s most likely to become the final jury member. All in all, the odds are we will get a final three of Matt, Gerry, and either Liz or George. This will be a fight to end, and in honour of the season’s theme, a true Heroes vs. Villains finish.

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Mariana Loizaga

Mariana is a lawyer and a writer from Mexico City, Mexico. She has a masters degree in International Relations from the University of Surrey. Her hobbies include reading, blogging, and of course watching Survivor. The first season of Survivor she ever saw was Survivor: Philippines and she became so fascinated with the game and its many layers that she went back through the archives and watched every single previous season.

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