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Streams to pass the off-season…

With no new Survivor season in sight, you might be wondering how to feed your Survivor cravings for the rest of the year. You’ve rewatched your favorite seasons, you’ve exhausted the international editions, maybe you’ve even done a deep dive into fan-made college Survivor. Now what? Well, did you know some of your favorite Survivor players are streaming on Twitch?

From live-action board games to online poker to tried and trusted video games, here are what the Survivors are streaming and where you can find them.

Peih-Gee Law – Twitch.TV/PeihGee

Two-time Survivor veteran Peih-Gee Law (Survivor: China, Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance) is killing it on Twitch right now with her weekly live-action board games. Peih-Gee is usually joined by other former Survivors to play popular strategic roleplay games such as Secret Hitler (recently rechristened Secret Hantz) and Werewolf. When she’s not playing group games, you can find her streaming League of Legends or hosting Survivor watch parties.

Ken Hoang – Twitch.TV/LiquidKen

Survivor: Gabon castaway and pro-gamer Ken Hoang is a regular Twitch streamer, often playing games such as Melee, Project M, Dota 2, Starcraft 2, and a whole lot more. Sometimes he also streams live illustrations/drawings. More recently, the King of Smash announced a potential live stream with his former castmate Crystal Cox to discuss all things Survivor: Gabon!

Mari Takahashi – Twitch.TV/AtomicMari

Survivor: Millenials vs. Gen-X‘s Mari Takahashi is no stranger to online streaming having spent several years as a host of the popular YouTube channel Smosh Games. Now branching out on her own, Mari frequently streams video games and fun chat hang-outs on her Twitch channel.

Nick Wilson – Twitch.TV/KentuckyNick

Survivor winner Nick Wilson has become a big Twitch streamer in recent months—he was even streaming during Winners At War, where he would sometimes chat Survivor with his viewers. The David vs. Goliath castaway is usually found playing Pokemon GO and Settlers of Catan.

Adam Klein – Twitch.TV/SoleSurvivorAdam

Nick isn’t the only Survivor winner to jump into the world of Twitch, Millennials vs. Gen-X champ Adam Klein has also recently taken the plunge. The two-timer Survivor castaway usually hosts live online poker games, although he recently streamed an enjoyable home edition of The Floor Is Lava, which is still available to view on his channel.

Davie Rickenbacker – Twitch.TV/ITwitchDavie

Survivor: David vs. Goliath castaway Davie Rickenbacker is pretty new to Twitch and still building his channel. There are currently no past broadcasts available, but keep an eye out for future streams of Davie chatting and playing video games.

Hannah Shapiro – Twitch.TV/HannahLilNessen

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X runner-up Hannah Nilssen is another Twitch newcomer. Like Davie, there are no past broadcasts available right now, but stay tuned for future streams.

Dr. Jill Behm – Twitch.TV/DrJillz

Survivor: Nicaragua‘s Dr. Jill Behm is an occasional Twitch streamer, usually talking Survivor while playing Fornite. She also sometimes hosts Survivor game nights.

Shane Powers – Twitch.TV/TheShanePowers

When not hosting his popular podcast, The Shane Show, former Survivor: Panama castaway Shane Powers can be found on his Twitch channel, where he regularly streams Destiny 2 with that trademark Shane Powers commentary.

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