Two Former Survivor Winners To Feature On Season 39

Coached by champions?

Two of Survivor’s most iconic winners will apparently feature on the upcoming thirty-ninth season, according to Inside Survivor sources. Those two former champions are “Boston” Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine, who between them have competed on seven seasons of the hit reality-show.

While details remain scarce at the moment, it’s believed that Rob and Sandra will be acting as “advisers” rather than active players in the game. The Survivor veterans are there to offer advice and guidance to the crop of new castaways competing on the season currently filming in Fiji. Unlike John Cochran in Game Changers, who shared advice with Debbie Wanner as part of an Exile reward, this is expected to be a season-long twist, not just a one-off appearance.

It’s currently unclear exactly how this concept will work or to what extent Rob and Sandra’s role is in the season. However, we don’t believe either returning player will be living at camp with the new castaways, at least not on a permanent basis. That would suggest the past champions are being kept separate from the cast and will only appear when called upon to give advice (perhaps as part of a reward or some sort of Exile twist).

We also don’t know how this will affect season 40 and the recently rumored “all-winners” theme. Does that mean Rob and Sandra are now out of the running for the clash of champions? Or will they be participating in both? With the fortieth season set to begin filming just a few weeks after season 39 wraps, it would mean almost three months spent in Fiji should the pair choose to do both.


Rob and Sandra are multiple time Survivor players who both made it to day 39 on two separate occasions; Sandra winning both Pearl Islands and Heroes vs. Villains, while Rob finished as runner-up in All-Stars before claiming victory on his fourth attempt in Redemption Island. The duo have also been former tribemates and allies as part of the Villains tribe on the legendary Heroes vs. Villains season.

Season 39 will air in fall 2019. Stay tuned to Inside Survivor for more information in the coming weeks.

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23 responses to “Two Former Survivor Winners To Feature On Season 39”

  1. Ugh. They’re literally the two players I want to see the least. Can’t we just have a normal season with no returnees, no gimmicky twists and no stupid themes?

  2. Wow! Thanks for the heads up. I will be looking forward to it. I hope they have a chance to enter the game for real. Big Brother did something similar a while back and the ‘advisors’ entered the game.
    Should be fun!

  3. We know that Jeff Probst’s hosting contract has expired. Do we know if his contract has been renewed? Could Rob and Sandra be acting as the new host?

    • Jeff basically owns Survivor. Mark Burnett gave the show to him and made him Executive Producer. He has full creative control. There is no more “hosting contract”… Jeff is Survivor. Literally and figuratively.

    • Renier is right Jeff OWNS the show , Jeff makes every decision, he already said their will not be an all winners season for season 40

  4. Love both the players, but not sure I like this idea. Couldn’t personal bias effect who they give better advice to? I guess it depends on exactly what role they have with the twist. Will they have any skin in the game? Seems weird no matter how they spin it.

  5. Urggh. Ugh. Gurgle. Fart. Such whining before we even have so much as a premiere date.

    My mind is open until the final result. Bring it!

  6. I love both these players. That gif is one of my favorite scenes in Survivor! If Season 39 is them sitting on the beach, mocking Coach (or someone else mockable) and Sandra making bets with “Boston Bob” – I would watch that all day long.

  7. Although I love Sandra, I’m so over Boston Rob. I mean, we all know he’s Survivor Royalty. How many times will Jeff and Matt van Wagenen use him to up the numbers?

    Season 38 received rather dismal ratings, because the “promise” of Edge of Extinction didn’t meet our expectations. Yes, it’s been an interesting season, but so much was lost this time around. And honestly, although I appreciate watching the post-traumatic emotional experiences the Edge castoffs go through, it’s getting a bit overdone and tired. This is really not a good season and 39 sounds like it could be another disaster.

    Did Survivor jump the shark? God, I hope not. It’s my life.

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