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Episode 6 Recap – Say Cheese

The race continues!

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Your chartered flights waiting for you…

Episode 6 begins with all six teams taking the aforementioned chartered flight from Lugano to the French island of Corsica.

Having finished the last leg in first and second place, respectively, Ryan & Dusty and Lulu & Lala are the first group of teams to set off from the island’s capital of Pont Altiani and begin the leg.

ROUTE INFO: Belvédère de Corte

Teams must make their way by taxi to Belvédère de Corte to find their next clue along with a canister of goat milk (!?) which they will need for the upcoming Detour.

En route to Corte, Dusty voices his growing concerns that he and Ryan may have targets on their backs. These concerns are warranted as Kim just this episode has already stated that Ryan & Dusty are the ones to beat, while Raquel & Cayla have shared similar sentiments with us along the way.

Group 2, consisting of Kim & Penn, Raquel & Cayla, and Akbar & Sheri, heads out fifteen minutes (fifteen minutes hardly seems like a justifiably time difference for those who built/deserve a lead!) after the first grouping.

Ryan & Dusty, followed closely behind by Lulu & Lala, reach Belvédère de Corte and receive their next clues.

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DETOUR: Say Cheese or Mule, Please

In Say Cheese, teams are to use their canister of goat’s milk to make cheese. In Mule, Please, teams must strap their goat’s milk canister onto a harness, and oh yeah, also onto a mule (hence the Mule, Please), and make their way through a mountainous trail to the Fromagerie

Both Ryan & Dusty and Lulu & Lala opt for Say Cheese and head off, with Dusty adding that he’s done this before and they should breeze past the cheese…

Arun & Natalia are the last team to depart, 30 minutes behind the leg leaders, knowing that they cannot afford any more directional distractions or hiccups today, with Natalia claiming this leg as their “comeback leg.”

The second set of teams arrive at Belvédère de Corte, followed behind by Arun & Natalia, with all teams now heading for the Detour, and all the duos barring Kim & Penn and Raquel & Cayla choosing Say Cheese.

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Impatience and itchy feet kick in early for Dusty, which appears to be only their second race mishap after cramp-gate in Switzerland, as he and Ryan struggle out of the gate with Say Cheese. At the same time, Lulu & Lala seemingly have fewer issues with the task. While Akbar & Sheri and Arun & Natalia arrive at Cheese, a despaired Ryan can only look on as he sees Kim & Penn make quick work of Mule and steal his and Dusty’s lead.

ROUTE INFO: Verghellu Canyon Altpiani

Teams must make their way to Verghellu Canyon Altpiani to receive their next clue.

Lulu & Lala and Raquel & Cayla have now moved into second and third place, seeing Ryan & Dusty slip into an unprecedented fourth place, with panic sinking in for the season-long frontrunners. If you thought fourth place was unprecedented, try last, the best friends are now in last place and decide to switch Detours and head up the mountain to Mule, Please.

Kim & Penn are the first team to arrive at Verghellu Canyon Altpiani and receive their clue.

ROADBLOCK: Who Wants to Make a Splash?

Teams must swim, slide, and zip line down a 1.5-mile river while looking for a clue along the way to complete the task.

As more teams arrive at the Road Block, they can’t help themselves sharing their joy in Ryan & Dusty’s blunders this leg, giving hope to the five teams in front that the best friends’ days or even this day might be numbered.

Lulu and Raquel decide to work together during the Road Block, only for Raquel to blitz past Lulu once they find the clue halfway through their river run. Penn is the first to complete the task, meeting with Kim as they read their clue.

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Teams must pump up inflatable kayaks and kayak their way to the Cardiccia Dam.

Ryan & Dusty finally complete the Detour and head into the Road Block still in last place, with Dusty claiming “it’s time to rage,” oh dear. Akbar, in fourth place, sees his lead slip as Arun is able to overtake him on the hike to the river, as another physical task is hindering Akbar & Sheri. Ryan & Dusty arrive at the Road Block looking to make ground on a struggling Akbar, and Ryan does, seeing him quickly move past Akbar and move him and Dusty into fifth.

Raquel, not waiting for Lulu, with the not waiting mentioned three times by Lulu already, finishes the Road Block second. Kim & Penn begin to work on their kayak while Lulu and Arun complete the Road Block.

Ryan took Dusty’s words to heart and raged apparently, as an anguished Sheri looks on and waits for Akbar to complete the task. Akbar completes the task; however, the anguish is far from over for Sheri as she knows they have serious ground to make up if they want to catch fifth place, Ryan & Dusty.

Kim & Penn waste no time with the kayaking task and greet Phil at the mat.

TEAM NUMBER 1: Kim & Penn

What’s rule number one of the Race? ALWAYS READ THE CLUE. Lulu & Lala fell victim to rule number one. The Pit Stop clue states to leave your backpacks and race packs in their van during the kayaking task, forcing the sisters to backtrack with the backpacks, allowing Arun & Natalia and Ryan & Dusty to move ahead of them.

Ryan & Dusty and Arun & Natalia head out to the water, leaving behind Lulu & Lala and a just-arrived Akbar & Sheri battling to avoid elimination.

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The twin sisters are the next team in the water but slip into their pre-COVID Race habits and bicker on the river as steering a kayak is causing much more trouble for them than any of the other teams. This possibly opens the door for Akbar and Sheri to make a surge into that coveted fifth spot.

TEAM NUMBER 2: Raquel & Cayla
TEAM NUMBER 3: Ryan & Dusty, and it’s rage time again, as the duo are PUMPED to be at the mat and yell for all of Corte to hear about it.
TEAM NUMBER 4: Arun & Natalia, not even these two could get lost on a one-way river and move from sixth to fourth.

It comes down to Lulu & Lala and Akbar & Sheri, with the sisters struggling to master paddling, while the Road Block fatigue may slow down Akbar & Sheri even further. In the end, paddling struggles win out over the Road Block fatigue, seeing Lulu & Lala narrowly avoid last place.

FIFTH PLACE: Lulu & Lala
LAST PLACE: Akbar & Sheri

Phil informs the married pair that this indeed is an elimination leg (it had to be after the last leg, really). Akbar & Sheri take their defeat in stride, knowing they laid everything out on the line.

An exciting leg showed this is anyone’s race, seeing the previous leg leaders Ryan & Dusty and Lulu & Lala struggle, while Arun & Natalia have a significant improvement on previous legs.

NEXT STOP: Corsica!

Power Rankings:

1) Ryan & Dusty (1, 1, 3) Average Placement of 1.66
2) Kim & Penn (2, 3, 1) Average Placement of 2
3) Raquel & Cayla (3, 5, 2) Average Placement of 3.33
4) Lulu & Lala (4, 2, 5) Average Placement of 3.66
5) Arun & Natalia (6, 6, 4) Average Placement of 5.33

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  1. The episode where Dusty’s ugly side and true colors begin to show. He made the last few episodes almost unbearable to watch. Dude needs some anger management and self awareness classes. So glad they didn’t win

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