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Episode 5 Recap – You Don’t Strike Me As A Renaissance Man

The race continues…

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ROUTE INFO: Fly to Paris, France

Once landed, teams are instructed to make their way by car (self-drive) to Domaine De Chantilly, where they will receive their next clue.

Leg 4 leaders, Will & James, are the first to depart the mat, where it’s Will giving us insights into his driving stick prowess; much like every time Eswar & Aparna mention their engineering background, I feel as though this too will not fare well for the pair.

En route to the airport, Alana mentions that she went to Paris when she was just 13 and had a crush on a boy named Stephen; unbeknownst to Alana, Stephen will be the fellow mat-greeter with Phil at the Parisian Pit Stop (if only).

FIRST FLIGHT: 7:50am Arrival

Leo & Alana
Will & James
Michelle & Victoria
Maddison & Riley

SECOND FLIGHT: 8:05am Arrival

DeAngelo & Gary
Eswar & Aparna
Hung & Chee
Kaylynn & Hayley

The first flight touches down in Paris. We immediately see the inevitable stick-shift shenanigans playing their part, as Will has stalled exiting the car park, with Michelle & Victoria and Leo & Alana stuck behind them. Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed “fluent in stick shift” Riley finds himself capitalizing on the other teams’ misfortunes and manages to avoid the stall-inflected car pack traffic jam, courtesy of Will. Leo bolts to the stalled Will & James as if he’s seen Alana with Stephen and is trying to separate them and assists/drives Will & James’ car out of the way so everyone can pass them. To quote the great Michael Scott: Well, well, well, how the turntables…

James reminds Will to be one with the car, as frustration seeps in for Will. Amazingly, James’ words of wisdom work wonders with Will, as he works out the issue, and they are good to go!

The second flight with the remaining four teams lands, seeing the stick shift again wreaking havoc with another team in an already disadvantaged-having-to-do-a-speed-bump, Kaylynn & Hayley.

Riley, who’s mastered the stick shift, along with brother Maddison are the first to arrive at Domaine De Chantilly and receive their next clue.

ROAD BLOCK: Who has an Eye for Art?

Teams must find a match between a person attending a party at the Domaine De Chantilly with a painting displayed in one of its galleries. Once matched successfully, teams will receive their next clue.

Riley opts in for this Road Block, making relatively quick work of the task while still managing to throw in a French friendly “excusez-moi” along the way.

ROUTE INFO: Cream of the Crop

As Phil describes, this is not your average whipped cream; thus, teams must whip a bowl of non-average Chantilly cream to perfection, with enough to fill four pies.

Meanwhile, James is fuming with Leo’s apparent lack of empathy while coming to the aid of he and Will in the car park (I hope we get a season-long rivalry between these two teams). Kaylynn & Hayley continue to be plagued by the stick shift, while Michelle & Victoria ask anyone and everyone for directions to Chantilly.

Riley & Maddison arrive at Cream of the Crop and proclaim that their father owns a cookie restaurant… umm… how is THAT not in their title cards? That’s far more interesting than “Volleyball Brothers,” which doesn’t even make sense, as it implies they are volleyballs who are brothers. Rant over.

Stephen’s ex, Alana, is next up at the gallery seeking her matching painting and partygoer. While waiting for Alana to complete the Road Block, Leo says to camera that he is hoping for Will & James to have continued car struggles. And wouldn’t you know, a cameraman’s dream comes true as Leo preps his verbal voodoo doll, Will & James stroll into the gallery and into Leo’s shot; Leo is stunned.

Chefs TAR32
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Alana is quick to put her art degree to fair-use and is able to complete the task, ensuring no need for anymore forced small talk between Leo and Will while they wait for their Road Block-ing partners. James is next to complete the Road Block, followed closely behind Hung (who was on the later flight, seeing herself and Chee passing first flightees, Michelle & Victoria).

Riley & Maddison whip their pies into shape at the bakery and deliver them to the judges, not before being bombarded by an unsuspected avalanche of pie from pastry chefs turned pie-throwing bandits.

Before leaving the bakery, the Cookie Restaurateur’s sons inform their alliance members about the impending pies to the face, leaving Leo & Alana out of the loop.

ROUTE INFO: Proceed to Musée Des Arts Forains to receive your next clue, warning Yield ahead.

Meanwhile, back at the Gallery Road Block, Victoria is next to complete the task, leaving a struggling Aparna behind, while DeAngelo & Gary finally arrive.

Michelle & Victoria arrive at the bakery, where they, along with Leo & Alana, Will & James, and Hung (who is nearly beheaded-by-pie) & Chee complete their whippings and deliveries.

Riley & Maddison arrive at Musée Des Arts Forains and opt not to utilize the Yield (SPOILERS: no one uses it).

ROAD BLOCK: Who Wants to Step Right Up?

The team member who did NOT partake in the episode’s first Road Block must complete three carnival games at this Road Block to receive their next clue.

Fingers crossed for Eswar & Aparna that this is an engineering carnival; come on! Maddison is shown to be struggling with some of the carnival games. However, I believe these struggles are only being exaggerated by the producers to build up a sliver of suspense. These two are so far in the lead this episode, hardly putting a foot wrong; they needed to show SOME blemishes.

Unintentional comedy moment of the night: DeAngelo’s reaction, both verbal and non when his partner, Gary, enlightens us on his passion for art.

Gary’s love of the arts is validated, as he too passes Aparna at the Road Block, vaulting himself and DeAngelo into sixth. Finally, last-placed sisters, Kaylynn & Hayley, arrive at the gallery, having to complete their speed bump first.

SPEED BUMP: Hold Your Horses

The sisters must clean the riding gear for two of the Chantilly’s horses. This task appears to be relatively quick, as Kaylynn & Hayley are able to get rapid approval from the judges. The speedbump probably took even less time than cleaning out the pies from Riley & Maddison’s beards.

Stating the obvious quote of the night award: “I’ve never cleaned a saddle.” – Kaylynn (again, as per last week when saying she never built a cello; that is such a specific act to have never done).

After more than a dozen attempts, Aparna sticks with it and completes the Road Block, leaving Kaylynn & Hayley behind in last.

Leaders Riley & Maddison maintain their leg lead and complete the Road Block and receive their next clue.

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ROUTE INFO: Go to Pit Stop – Pont Des Arts

Riley & Maddison make their way to the Pit Stop, passing Leo & Alana, who are only just arriving at the carnival.

Leo’s partaking in the Road Block between him and Alana as he played baseball in middle school—let’s see if that rigorous middle school training pays off. Going with the middle school experience meets the Road Block strategy, please sign me up for all future Road Blocks that involve pogs, Pokémon cards, and avoiding my crushes.

Hung & Chee are next to arrive at the carnival, seeing Chee making quick work of the games and passing Leo & Alana, leaping into second place.

Last placers Kaylynn & Hayley look set to complete the gallery Road Block, while brothers Riley & Maddison are greeted by Phil (minus Alana’s ex, Stephen) at the mat.

  • Team Number 1: Riley & Maddison

Michelle & Victoria are lost again as they try and make their way to the carnival, while Will & James look to stay near atop the leader board amongst their fellow carnival-goers. Gary & DeAngelo and Eswar & Aparna complete the pie-whipping, while Kaylynn & Hayley are en route from the gallery. Blood rivals Leo & Alana and Will & James both complete the Road Block and make their ways to Phil.

  • Team Number 2: a resurgent Hung & Chee
  • Team Number 3: Leo & Alana
  • Team Number 4: Will & James – (just going to avoid the license-revoking “joke” by Phil)

Michelle & Victoria are having no luck with the Paris streets. Their directional difficulties continue to push them towards the brink, leaving little breathing space between them and fellow sisters Kaylynn & Hayley as they arrive at the bakery. DeAngelo and Eswar complete their carnival tasks and make their way to the pit stop with teammates in hand.

  • Team Number 5: DeAngelo & Gary
  • Team Number 6: Eswar & Aparna

Two teams of two sets of sisters remain in Michelle & Victoria and Kaylyn & Hayley. Michelle & Victoria’s continued downfall this leg has been the elongated drive (nearing 7 hours) between the bakery and the carnival, whilst Kaylynn & Hayley have been derailed by a tricky stick shift and speed bump combo platter. Both backseat drivers/sisters are encouraging their teammates to keep pushing as they race to the carnival, and remarkably it’s the duo of Kaylynn & Hayley who arrive first!

I must admit, I was completely thrown off guard by the edit of this episode. Much like the edit of Riley & Maddison struggling, I thought this too was the case for Michelle & Victoria, as I believed their struggle-edit was only added for the dramatic effects in the battle for seventh. Relieved yet adamant they’re last, Kaylynn & Hayley complete the Road Block and head to meet Phil.

  • Team Number 7: Kaylynn & Hayley – perfectly played by Phil, making up for his Will’s driving snafu of a “joke” earlier, psych’s out the sisters and reveals they indeed are NOT the last team to arrive

Lastly, Michelle & Victoria arrive at the Road Block, where they are sure they are the last team to arrive. The sisters complete the task, not before a few tears, and make their way to the Pit Stop.

  • Last Team to Arrive: Michelle & Victoria – unfortunately, the sisters are eliminated.

I admittedly was rooting for Michelle & Victoria, so this was an additional punch to the stomach/pie to the face for yours truly. That one blunder did the sisters in. I hope that CBS gives them another chance in a returnee season; these two certainly have the charisma for the camera and the chops for the competition to do some serious future damage.

Power Rankings Based on Placement Average:

Hung & Chee (1, 1, 2, 6, 2) 2.4
Riley & Maddison (3, 3, 4, 4,1) 3
Will & James (4, 6, 1, 1, 4) 3.2
Alana & Leo (6, 7, 8, 3, 3) 5.4
Eswar & Aparna (7, 4, 6, 5, 6) 5.6
DeAngelo & Gary (10, 2, 5, 7, 5) 5.8
Kaylynn & Hayley (8, 8, 3, 8, 7) 6.8

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