The Amazing Race 33

Episode 5 Recap – Stairway To Hell

The race continues!

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The more things change, the more they stay the same as Arun & Natalia struggled with directions, the already-eliminated Michael & Moe were again eliminated, and Ryan & Dusty reclaimed first place after a 19-month layoff. Arun & Natalia go into episode 5 hoping to avoid their ongoing direction debacles, while Ryan & Dusty look to maintain their frontrunner status.

Episode 5 begins with the six remaining teams setting off from Alstatten, Switzerland and heading straight to the Road Block.

ROAD BLOCK: Jump at the Opportunity

One member of each team must complete the world’s second-highest bungee jump at Verzasca Dam, accompanied by every Race fan’s favourite sidekick—The Travelocity Roaming Gnome.

Ryan & Dusty and Kim & Penn are the first two teams to begin the two-and-a-half-hour drive to the dam, allowing plenty of time for the nerves to seep in.

Lulu & Lala and Raquel & Cayla are the second group to depart Alstatten, intending to follow each other to the dam. However, the intentions were for naught, as Raquel & Cayla quickly find themselves taking a much-maligned scenic route, opening the door for the last two teams of Akbar & Sheri and Arun & Natalia to make up ground.

Ryan & Dusty and Kim & Penn are the first two teams to arrive at the dam, with Dusty being the first to take the plunge, bravely followed by Kim.

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Teams must drive to Piazza Carlo Battaglini to receive their next clue.

Back at the dam, Lulu & Lala are the third team to arrive, leaving Raquel & Cayla in their dust and nowhere in sight. Lala completes the Road Block, while Akbar & Sheri leapfrog Raquel & Cayla into fourth place and arrive at the dam.

After justifiably yelling out 16 “Oh My Gods/Goodnesses” (I re-watched the tape), Sheri too took the plunge and completed the Road Block. A much-surprised Raquel & Cayla arrived at the Road Block in an unexpected fifth place. Cayla makes seemingly quick work of the bungee, with Arun & Natalia in a distant sixth, only arriving at the dam after the other five teams had completed the task.

Back at the front of the pack, we find perennial frontrunners Ryan & Dusty, the first team to arrive at Piazza Carlo Battaglini and receive their Detour clue.

DETOUR: Bartender Race OR Sausage Encase

In Bartender Race, teams must gather twelve bottles of wine and twelve bags of chestnuts from local vendors and race to the top of a 400 ft. flight of stairs to drop off their goods at a local cocktail party. In Sausage Encase, teams must make 9 feet of sausage, divide it up into four perfectly-coiled portions and have it pass inspection by a local Swiss butcher.

Ryan & Dusty opt for the physically-demanding Bartender and begin trekking up and down the 400ft staircase. Lulu & Lala continue to move up the leaderboard and pull ahead of Kim & Penn into second place. The twins opt for Sausage Encase, which will prove far less time-consuming than Bartender if done correctly.

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The aforementioned Kim & Penn slip into third place and partake in Bartender, where even self-proclaimed fitness fanatics Ryan & Dusty voice their frustrations and struggles with the task.

Akbar & Oh My God’s own Sheri arrive at the Detour in fourth place on a high from the Road Block. That high is short-lived as the married pair grow frustrated with one another while bickering and bottle-breaking their way through Bartender.

Ryan & Dusty are again the first team to complete the task and receive their next clue.

PIT STOP: Parco Ciani

Teams must meet Phil on the mat at Parco Ciani, where the last team to arrive may be eliminated.

Lulu & Lala make quick work of Sausage Encase and continue their surge towards the top of the leaderboard. For the first time the entire race, Ryan & Dusty appear to have the most minor of setbacks when Dusty suffers a leg cramp, halting the best friends temporarily. However, the duo ultimately powers through, and wouldn’t you know…

TEAM NUMBER 1: Ryan & Dusty

Kim & Penn continue to hold onto third place and complete the Detour; meanwhile, a well-deserved new team number 2 emerges:

TEAM NUMBER 2: Lulu & Lala
TEAM NUMBER 3: Kim & Penn

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Throughout the whole leg, we find Raquel & Cayla in fifth place amongst the detoured teams, while Arun & Natalia have yet to arrive, further widening the gap between the father/daughter duo and the rest of the racers.

Frustrations continue to flare for Akbar & Sheri as they continue to battle the stairs in Bartender, with Raquel & Cayla breathing closely down their necks, hoping to move into fourth place.

Akbar & Sheri and Raquel & Cayla complete their Detours fourth and fifth respectively, with Sheri also being derailed by one of those dreaded leg cramps that Dusty suffered, allowing Raquel & Cayla to narrowly edge out the married couple into fourth.

TEAM NUMBER 4: Raquel & Cayla
TEAM NUMBER 5: Akbar & Sheri

Not even the editors of The Race could hide this one. Arun & Natalia are once again at the back at the pack and far behind the others, so far behind that even the customary country-greeter with Phil at the Pit Stop’s shift was over and left before the duo arrived.

TEAM NUMBER: 6 Arun & Natalia

With a classic Phil tease, the duo is safe and is informed that this leg was a non-elimination leg, sparing Arun & Natalia once again.

Arun & Natalia know they have had the breaks of all breaks this season of The Race and will have to quickly sharpen their directional skills. Will the father/daughter duo be able to rebound and perhaps pip the ever-bickering Akbar & Sheri into fifth place?

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NEXT STOP: France!

Power Rankings:

1) Ryan & Dusty (1, 1)
2) Kim & Penn (2, 3)
3) Lulu & Lala (4, 2)
4) Raquel & Cayla (3, 5)
5) Akbar & Sheri (5, 5)
6) Arun & Natalia (6, 6)

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