Survivor Second Chance: Ryan Opray Talks Andrew Savage

Ryan Opray chats to us about his former tribemate Andrew Savage.

Ryan “Ryno” Opray was part of the Morgan tribe on one of Survivor’s most beloved and popular seasons, Survivor: Pearl Islands. The Morgan tribe struggled early in the game, losing back-to-back challenges, and not only had to vote people out but constantly had their tribe looted by the rival Drake tribe. Ryan formed an early bond with Andrew Savage, who was named as the tribe leader, and the two worked together throughout the game. While Ryan was perhaps under-edited in comparison to Savage, the two of them were on equal footing, making most of the Morgan tribe’s decisions together. It is a friendship that has lasted long after the game and the two remain close to this day. We do not know whether Ryan’s friendship with Pelican Pete has had the same lasting effect.

Since Pearl Islands, Ryan has kept up with the show and can often be found giving his Survivor based opinions on Twitter. While he was disappointed not to get the call for Second Chance himself, he is excited to see his good friend play again and has plenty of thoughts on how he’ll do. Ryan Opray talks Andrew Savage and his chances on Survivor: Cambodia.

“What was your overall perception of Andrew’s game in Survivor: Pearl Islands? Pros and Cons?”

PROS – Andrew was a true competitor and a never-say-die type of person. We made all the decisions at the Morgan camp and never wavered. He was solid by his word. The game was more of a test for him to see if he could handle the environment. If you needed a morale boost he was there.

CONS – We had an opportunity to mutiny that wasn’t aired on TV, and in numerous interviews, Andrew has denied this mutiny. I believe it was the fifth episode. We had an opportunity to sway Shawn Cohen and Michelle Tesauro from the Drake tribe to come over to Morgan. Osten and I said they were more than welcome and Andrew says loud enough to hear “Anyone coming to Morgan will be first out if we have to go to Tribal Council.” Thus the official first mutiny was in Pearl Islands. Unaired of course!

“How do you think Andrew will change his game on Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance?”

His game won’t be much different this time around. Andrew will do great because he will have more of an opportunity to align with strong players and move effectively towards the end of the game. People will trust him because he is just that kind of guy. His word is his bond and it is gold. I’d be shocked if he ever flipped on an alliance member. That is unless it’s down to the final group – then that is a given.

I believe he will make it to say sixth place but not much further because his moral compass won’t let him screw people over. He had an opportunity to take all of Drake’s rice at one point (in Pearl Islands) and instead he took a diplomatic route and took what Rupert told him to take. Andrew is like an older brother to me and if he’s on your tribe you wouldn’t have to panic or worry about him period. This dude doesn’t need babysitting and would give you his heart if you played with him!!

“Who on the Second Chance cast is Andrew’s biggest threat?”

My guess is Terry. He likes Andrew and they get along, but I’m sure if Terry gets an opportunity, even if they are in an alliance, Terry will cut him. This will crush Andrew because he’s an emotionally driven guy. I see them aligning and when Terry needs to he will move on from that alliance.

“Who on the Second Chance cast do you see Andrew potentially aligning with?”

I honestly think Andrew will be looking for another Ryno. I would if I was on Second Chance. Someone who will give 1000% and never write your name down. I can’t give any names because it might out a certain alliance I created [wink emoticon].

“What is the major thing Andrew needs to avoid this time around?”

Stop being so diplomatic, it’s Survivor and the new version is all about drama and cut-throat game-play! Play the game hard and leave it out there in Cambodia. Forget moral compasses, this doesn’t work in the game anymore unless you win every Immunity challenge. Also, I would say please please buddy, don’t let your ego take the leader role. Just go with the flow and enjoy the game.

“What is Andrew’s secret weapon to win?”

Jeff Probst need I say more??!

“What kind of animal/player will Andrew be this time – Fox (cunning strategist), Bear (strong and loyal), Goat (no jury votes), Dead Fish (dragged to the end)?”

He is definitely the Bear, just not a big bad bear like a Grizzly, more of a strong Teddy Bear! He’s gonna bust my chops for that one!!


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  1. These guys are both amazing so I was so happy that this is a thing. However, the highlight of this for me was the “Pelican Pete” reference.

  2. Ryno!!! They should have brought Ryan back on Micronesia instead of Johnny Fairplay (who for all intents and purposes, quit). He’s one of those classic players I would love to somehow return one day.
    I hope Andrew does really well! He is one of my faves along with Varner, Vytas, & Peih-Gee!
    And Pelican Pete. Loved the reference!

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