Survivor Second Chance Immunity Idols Twist

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We are just over 4 weeks away from the premiere of the highly anticipated Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance, in which 20 former Survivor players, who were voted by the American public, return to play again. But America’s vote wasn’t the only twist regarding the upcoming season. Today we have news about a twist to do with the Hidden Immunity Idols.

Revealed exclusively on, host Jeff Probst announced a Survivor Second Chance Immunity Idols twist. According to Probst, this season there will be two new twists regarding the idols. The first is that every idol will look different. This means that one idol could have a really elaborate, intricate design and then the next idol could literally look like “a f**king stick.” The intention is to cause confusion amongst the players over which idols are real and which are fake.

The second twist is that not only will the idols look different, but for the first time, they will be hidden within the challenge courses. Explaining to Dalton Ross, Probst revealed that clues would be hidden at the tribe camps, and the clue will include a drawing of the challenge course and instructions to the location of the idol. The question then becomes, will a player be brave enough to risk getting caught by their entire tribe looking for the idol during a challenge? As well as potentially costing their tribe a challenge win by stopping to look for it.

As far as the logistics of this second twist go, Inside Survivor has reason to speculate that each tribe will have a clue hidden at their camp. This means that there will be two idols hidden within the challenge course – one idol within the Bayon side of the course and one within the Ta Keo side of the course. If an idol isn’t discovered, then a new clue will be hidden back at camp with new instructions to the whereabouts of the idol within the next challenge.

When it comes to idols twists, I think this is one of the better ones. It adds a new element to the idols without increasing their actual power (like the Tyler Perry idol). It should also make them harder to locate, which has become one of the biggest problems regarding idols in recent years.

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Photo Credit: Ant‫‬ via Compfight cc

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