Survivor: Cambodia Episode 6 Press Photos

Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance aired Episode 5 this past Wednesday, October 21, on CBS. Click on the gallery below to view the official Survivor Second Chance Episode 6 press photos. Episode 6 airs next Wednesday, October 28, on CBS.


Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Episode 6

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4 responses to “Survivor: Cambodia Episode 6 Press Photos”

  1. This confuses me. Does this indicate a tribe swap? Joe, Tahsa, Jeremy, Stephen, Kimmi and Keith are wearing Bayon buffs again. I thought this might have been a picture from before the first swap until I saw Kelley with Bayon. I thought there would be a swap at 14, not 15. If they are switching them up into two tribes, there would be an uneven number, which is impossible, but if they were to swap them across three tribes then there would be five per tribe. However there are six people in one photo (Stephen, Jeremy, Kimmi, Tasha, Keith, and Kelley). However then we see Joe is also Bayon which means that there are seven on Bayon, which makes sense, if they swap at 14. Were these pictures from episode 6 or 7? I think I must have made an error, because this doesn’t make sense.

    • From the preview of episode 6, it seems like a person will quit or be medically evacuated. What I thought is that this person will leave at the beginning of the episode 6, and then they switch with 14 people to 2 tribes of 7. Ta Keo would be all of the people that are not on this pictures minus the person that will quit. I’m completely not sure about this, but I think it makes sense.

      • I must say this is the only outcome that makes sense, and it disappoints me that such a great season will be damaged by a quitter or medieval (probably the latter). I guess we know which 7 contestants it won’t be. Now I’m nervous for Kass, Spencer, Ciera and Abi (Im my defense Abi has made this an interesting season). I wouldn’t mind seeing Wigglesworth, Terry, or Andrew evacuated as much though.

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