Survivor Season 32 Contestant: Darnell Hamilton

Darnell Hamilton is 28 years old from Calumet City, a city in Cook County, Illinois just outside of Chicago. Very little is known about Hamilton at this point; he has very little online presence. It is believed that Hamilton may work in some capacity for the United States Postal Service although that is unconfirmed as of this moment.

Hamilton will be a member of the Brawn tribe on Survivor Kaôh Rōng – Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty 2. Keep visiting Inside Survivor for the latest Survivor spoilers and news regarding upcoming seasons.

If you have any more information on Darnell Hamilton, please get in touch or leave your comments below.

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  • Zach Irons

    “May work in some capacity for the United States Postal Service..” Not another Dan Foley..

  • Walrus

    He lives alone in Calumet City in an average home, showing he is neither rich nor poor.
    Will try to get more info asap.

  • Jeff

    He’s exactly how I pictured him to be!

  • José Zepeda

    Only time will tell, there’s 50 days before premiere!

  • TGK

    Darnell, you got the shaft, it was an accident that you loss the mask but they should have sent Alecia home because she is useless she don’t do anything, they will regret that you went home. They are going to need muscle on there team and Alecia don’t have it, it will come back and bite the team in the A##.