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Give Me Five! Episode 3

Welcome to Give Me Five! Each week, Brent Sullivan will look at the top five moments from the latest episode that could influence the rest of the season.


1. Let’s jump right into it this week. In the first few minutes of the show, Hannah immediately went to Zeke and Adam to try to explain herself, but Zeke wasn’t having any of that! She clearly wanted to explain herself and both Zeke and Adam told her to give them some time and they could talk later. The amazing part to me was that she just couldn’t leave them alone. Her inability to let them think about what happened before they discussed it with her may come back to haunt her later. Yes, they need her now, and they will most likely vote together for a bit, but I don’t know how this relationship can last at this point.

2. The Survivor Summit. I think that most people will agree with me when I say that this was a little confusing, I was just certain that there was going to be some sort of a tribe switch up. So kudos to CBS for throwing us off the scent for sure. However, as meaningless as it appeared, you almost have to assume that something will come from this later after a swap or merge. David was really quick to try to align with Taylor and mentioned how he’d vote out his former Gen X tribemates at a swap/merge. Depending on the numbers down the road, this may end up being a good move for the both of them.

3. Adam’s conversation with Michaela. I think that Adam made the right decision in approaching Michaela. Both he and Zeke desperately need her vote (along with Hannah’s) and the only way they are going to gain it is by trying to convince her to swap without coming off as loud or angry. We should know pretty soon whether or not she sticks with the Triforce foursome or votes with her former mates, but either way, she has options and could have a big impact on the direction of this season.

4. I cannot help but point this out for this week’s article, but what happened to Will? I had such high hopes for him coming into this, but in just a few short days he has somehow aligned himself with the “popular kids.” I will give him a pass though since he is only a high school student and I am sure that he can be easily manipulated to do or follow…I just don’t think that he is playing the long game.

5. Sometimes when a vote is made, and certain people are voted off, there isn’t really a big impact on the game, it was their time to go, and the game moves on. Other votes, like the one this week, have the potential to make an immediate and lasting impact for the next 30 days. David, Ken, and Cece all clearly benefitted from Paul leaving, but outside of that…where does that leave Bret and Chris? I could see them being upset and joining in with the three on the bottom and voting out all three of the ladies, or they could stay where they are at and accede to the ladies group to vote off Ken, David, and Cece. Or do the others now just pick off Bret and Chris? Plus, with the six alliance being broken up, I can see everyone scattering come merge time and it being a free-for-all. Now, the only question is…which one of those is going to happen? I am excited to see how it plays out.

There you go. What moments from this week do you think made an impact?

Written by

Brent Sullivan

Brent is a 39-year-old Survivor super fan from Muncie, IN. He is married with two kids and does IT work at a local non-profit organization. He has been running in-person and online Survivor contests since season 7.

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